Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Super Quiet, Portable Inverter Generator Review

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Westinghouse has been a household name for decades, producing a wide range of electronics and appliances ranging from hot water systems and TVs, to monitors and generators. And, the Westinghouse WH220iXLT is one of those generators. It is both one of the smallest and quietest in their extensive line of generators, and scores high marks for being dependable, quiet and competitively priced among its peers.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Portable Generator

The WH2200iXLT run solely on gas and has an output of 1800 watts (2200 peak watts). This small, handled portable inverter generator is a great choice for camping, use around the home, or to be taken along in an RV or overlanding adventure. Weighing it at a mere 43 pounds, it’s one of the lightest generators we’ve reviewed.

When Westinghouse says quiet and fuel efficient, they mean it. Running in Economy Mode with a full 1.3 gallon tank, it will run for up to 13 hours at 25% load. Noise level in Economy Mode is 52 dBa.

Electronic Outputs

There are two 120 volt AC 5-20R outlets on the side of the generator as well as a single 12V output (light a vehicle cigarette lighter). For increasing wattage and amperage output, the WH200iXLT is parallel capable, meaning it can be chained with another Westinghouse WH200iXLT. Running two units in parallel does require a special cable from Westinghouse which is not included.

While the parallel operation is a nice touch, we would have loved to have seen a pair (or more) of USB outs on the panel, too, allowing charing of cell phones and other small electronics while leaving the two 120V outlets for larger electronics. But, at this price point, it’s a nice-to-have, not a must have.

Inverter Generators and Sensitive Electronics

Where inverter generators are concerned, the amount of fluctuation in current flow is important, especially with sensitive electronics. The fancy term is Total Harmonic Distortion, or THD. Getting THD right is a balance. When THD is too low, it compromises power output. When too high, it risks damaging sensitive electronics, such as televisions, cellphones, a hunting GPS, computers, tablets or mobile phones.

As far as THD goes, the Westinghouse WH220iXLT is rated at less than 3%. This is more than acceptable for any electronic device that one would want to use with it.


This model also comes with a low oil shutoff feature that automatically switches the generator off when a low oil level has been detected. This is a great safety feature to have because it can prevent the generator from overheating, causing serious damage or it can even fry the motor. This feature can prevents users from having to closely monitor the oil level, which will come in handy if you want to run the generator during the night.

Unfortunately, not all models come equipped with this important safety feature.

Usability and Access Panels

This generator is in housed in a molded plastic shell which protects the motor and inner-workings of the unit. The side panel has an easy-to-read, clear panel with a circuit breaker, choke, engine shutoff and recoil handle. Lower on the panel are indicator lights for low oil, overload and output ready.

On the opposite side of the generator there is a small door at the top for access to the engine’s spark plug. Toward the bottom there is an oil reservoir cap. Finally, in the middle of the unit there is a fuel drain port.

Staring the Westinghouse WH220iXLT

The WH220iXLT is a pull-start generator, much like a pull-start lawnmower. The start-up procedure is straightforward, and a youth or young adult will have enough muscle to start it.

  1. Open the fuel vent on the top of the generator
  2. Turn the fuel switch to the on position
  3. Pull the choke on the side of the generator out
  4. Pull the recoil handle to start the generator
  5. Push the choke back in to its original position

Final Verdict

Westinghouse’s WH220iXLT is a well-priced, well featured portable inverter generator. The price to performance and weight to performance are both admirable, and this is a good entry-level generator. While there have been some intermittent fuel issues, it seems like those are now a thing of the past.

But, for our dollar, we recommend any of the units in our Smallest 4 Stroke Generator shoot out – including a competing Westinghouse generator which has a higher output, more features, but as you’d expect, a higher ticket price to match. We’re also bullish on the if you are in the market for an ultra-portable with 2200 watts running power. It was our first pick in our review of the Best Ultraportable Generators.

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