Roaring Fire Military Tactical Assault Backpack Review

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Roaring Fire Military Tactical Assault BackpackThe Roaring Fire Military Tactical Assault Backpack is a great medium-sized EDC backpack. Its smaller size may fool you at first, but Roaring Fire packed a lot onto this tactical pack.

The backpack stands at 17 inches in height and 8.6 inches in width. Its total capacity is 30 liters. The build and material itself feels strong and sturdy but is still comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. With a padded mesh on the back and shoulder straps sweating was kept to a minimum and the backpack was comfortable to wear all day.

Even at full capacity, the padded shoulder straps did a great job of keeping my shoulders comfortable and rested. The material on the outside of the pack is made of water-proof canvas but is overall soft to the touch. The colors are pleasing with a tan body and military green straps.

There are four zippered compartments altogether. Two smaller pouches in the front, along with two larger pouches. A first glance I did not think I would able to fit all of the gear that I needed for the day. That being said I was wrong, the size of the empty pack was deceiving. For one hunting trip, I thought I’d leave my deer spotlight at home. But, there’s no shortage of room. 

I was able to pack a day’s worth of provisions into it. That’s including snacks, survival equipment and even a change of clothes. The smaller pouches in the front are great for small snacks and survival gear like matches or toilet paper. While the larger pouches were able to hold a couple of MRE’S and my change of clothes. On top of that, I still had room to spare. 

And if the internal storage is not enough, the bag has MOLLE webbing on the exterior of the pack. I used it to strap a flashlight and pocket knife for easy access. There is a pouch just behind the mesh back support that can easily hold a camelback. 

Each pouch is lined with a rubber coating on the inside to further the pack’s waterproof capabilities. It was tempting to dunk the backpack in some water to test out its ability to deflect water, but I trust its hydrophobic abilities.

There is an adjustable compression strap the runs along the front of the pack. When my pack was not at full capacity I could tighten the strap to keep it compact and free fro bouncing around freely. There is also a sternum strap along with a waist strap to keep the pack close and tight to the body.

This was great as it kept me from wasting energy trying to control a bouncing backpack during my long hike. There are very few complaints with this pack. In fact, none really come to mind.

This roaring fire pack is small but capable. The pack is great for shorter expeditions rather but is adequate for long-distance hikes. This pack could be used for a day at an amusement, a two-day hike or even a day of paintball. Either way, it is comfortable,  it will hold all of your gear and keep your belongings dry.

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