How to Protect Yourself From The Sun When Hiking

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Hiking is a fun activity loved by many. With the holiday season now here, many people are hiking and enjoying the beautiful sceneries in the countrysides. However, despite all the fun that is present, one slight issue makes this popular outdoor activity for fun a problem for many individuals. It is none other than sunburn. A scorching sun can damage your skin, especially if you have a susceptible skin and ruin your hiking experience to a great extent. To help you avoid sunburns as a result of hiking in hot weather, we offer you these 5 simple tips. By implementing them, you can be sure that the intense heat from the sun will not damage your skin even as you hike to explore nature:

1. Put On Appropriate Clothing

Do not put on your usual clothing. Instead, look for a set of clothing that is appropriate for walking in hot weather. A UV protective t-shirt and short pants are a great way to start. If you cannot find those, look for a t-shirt and a pair of shorts with white or lighter colors to reflect the hot sun. Avoid those with dark colors, as these will absorb the heat and worsen things. Finally, pay attention to the fabrics of the clothing you are about to put on. The fabrics should be able to wick away sweat. Ordinary fabrics that are used in the outdoor clothes we wear lack this ability.

2. Wear UV Protective Sunglasses and a Cap

Apart from your body, you will also need to protect your face from UV. Otherwise, your face may succumb to sunburn, especially if you have a susceptible skin. So how do you safeguard your face from the brutal sun? Do you put on a mask such that you look like a ninja or find another way to do this?

UV protective sunglasses and caps can go a long way in this case. Look for some comfortable glasses and a cap that will protect your face from the brutal sun.

3. Apply a Sunblock

Sunblock creams prevent sunburn when applied on the skin. They physically block out UV radiation, which may otherwise damage your skin. Look for a good cream and apply it over your entire skin from head to toe. Contrary to what you may think, sunblock creams will not make you sweat more in hot weather. Instead, they will make boost your inner cooling effect, thus making you cool down when you should otherwise be hot.

4. Use a Parasol

Parasols are types of umbrellas that are designed to provide protection from the sun. Using a parasol beside the UV protective clothing and gear above will go a long way in protecting your skin from developing sunburn. Look for a lightweight umbrella that will not add much to the overall weight of your stuff though. Make sure it is a strong and quality product that will not be destroyed by the strong countryside winds you will likely encounter.

5. Carry More Drinking Water in Your Backpack

Drinking water more often during the hot weather hike will protect your skin from sunburn. Water hydrates and moisturizes your skin alleviating the effects of UV on your skin. It also improves your inner cooling system and thus boosts the much needed cooling effect even as you hike in hot weather. Drink water more frequently than normal to protect your skin from sunburn. Drink it even when you are not feeling thirsty to hydrate and moisturize your skin in scorching hot weather.

6. Set Off Early in the Morning and Wind Up in the Evening

Begin your hike early in the morning when the sun’s rays are less intense. Then when the heat becomes too high and unbearable around noon, take a break from hiking. Now is the time to find a cool spot in the countryside to nourish and continue hydrating yourself. Then start your journey back to where you become in the evening at the onset of sunset. In other words, try to avoid walking under the scorching sun even if you have taken adequate protective measures against sunburn.

Final Thoughts

A hot weather should not prevent you from doing that outdoor activity you enjoy the most, which is hiking. Employ these six easy tips and you can go hiking in hot weather without worrying about getting sunburned. Let us know how your hiking in hot weather with these easy tips turned out.

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