Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas and Cabins (2021)

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outdoor tv antennaLiving in a secluded area is a dream for some. But if you like watching TV you know it can be more than a struggle if you do not have the best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas.

You can’t just stick a basic antenna on your roof and expect to get a clear signal. You will need equipment specially designed to pick up long distant signals. Distance is not the only issue either. You could have trees, hills or even mountains between you and your television. So that small antenna on the top of your TV just won’t cut it.

Luckily this is not a new issue in a world where TVs have been in homes for upwards of 70 years.

There are countless outdoor rural antennas on the market, but only a few are worth your time and money. Luckily we have assembled a list of the five best outdoor rural antennas available to you.

Best Outdoor TV Antenna For Rural Areas

1. RCA Outdoor Yagi 4K HD TV Antenna – Compact and Adjustable Design

The RCA Yagi outdoor TV antenna can pick up signals from 50 miles away up to 70 miles depending on which model you pick up.RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

This beast uses the renowned and all-new RCA signal finder app in order to find the best tower in your area. This is essential in helping you in finding the optimal placement of the outdoor antenna. With a fully assembled design installation is easy. Just find the proper placement and mount the device. This outdoor digital antenna can be adjusted to fit into tight places or expanded when installing outdoors. Built with durable materials, the Yagi can withstand harsh weather conditions while bringing you the crystal clear picture you desire.

It can pick up 1080i HD signals from up to 150 miles away. This antenna is so effective you can mount it in your attic, and it will still pick up a crystal clear signal The Yagi receives two signal types. It is compatible with UHF and VHF channels, which means more content for you.

The Yagi meets and often times exceeds the Consumer Electronics Association standards. This means RCA outdoor antennas are not only reliable, but they are also safe for you and your family. Check Price.

  • Adjustable to fit in smaller spaces like an attic
  • Receives both UHF and VHF channels
  • Easy to place and install
  • Does not come with Smart Boost amplification

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2. Vansky Outdoor 150 mile HD TV Antenna – Remotely Adjusted HD Quality

Vansky has outdone themselves with this digital outdoor antenna. With built-in features that are usually an afterthought with competing outdoor antennas, other manufacturers will need to step up their game.Vansky Outdoor HD TV Antenna

To start the Vansky antenna supports up to two TVs with no splitter needed. This model supports a 1080p signal at up to 150 miles. It can also support both VHF and UHF signals offering more free channels for you to enjoy. This is all possible because of the built-in, low-noise amplifier.

The Vansky is built to withstand harsh weather. Whether it is rain, snow, or direct lighting strikes, the Vansky is grounded and constructed to withstand extreme weather.

Set it is quick and easy. Just find your preferred spot and mount the antenna. To find the best placement and direction to point your antenna, you can access the Vanskys website that helps you find the closest and strongest signal. If for any reason the signal you use becomes weak or unreliable you can easily adjust the direction of the antenna. This is made effortless thanks to the built-in 360-degree motor which is controlled by remote.

This package comes with a power supply, position remote, and a 33-foot coaxial cable. At an exceptional price, this package is one of the best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas. Check Price.

  • Supports up to two TVs
  • Comes with built-in 360 position motor
  • Can pick up HD signals at up to 150 miles
  • Coax cable may be too short for some setups

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3. McDuory Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna – Solid design, Rugged Build

This digital outdoor antenna by McDuory seeks to simplify everything with one of their best outdoor tv antennas to date. And if you live in a rural area this may just be the one for you.McDuory Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

This digital antenna supports two TVs out of the box. No splitter is necessary. It supports both VHF and UHF signals, giving you the best lineup of free HD programming available. This digital antenna supports both 720p and 1080p HD resolutions. It can pick up HD signals from up to 150 miles away.

No tools are necessary for installation thanks to the snap-on assembly. After installing the McDoury antenna you can adjust its positioning with its built-in 360-degree motor. The antenna comes with an infrared controller so you can adjust the antenna without needing to climb on your roof or in your attic. Whether it be wind, rain or snow, this rural antenna can withstand some extreme weather, including lightning storms. This is due to the antenna being grounded.

This package comes with a receiver that connects the antenna to your two TVs. There are three lights that indicate a few different things.  The red light indicates if the box has power. The green light tells you if the antenna is rotating. And the yellow light indicates if the box is experiencing a power surge. You will also get a 40-foot coaxial cable for installation.

If you are looking for an easy to use rural TV antenna, the McDuory may be the one for you. Check Price.

  • No-tool assembly
  • Supports up to two TVs, no splitter needed
  • Comes with a receiver that gives vital information
  • Can be positioned remotely
  • Controllers may change the position of the antenna if they are using the same frequency

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4. Fardalo outdoor TV antenna 4K/1080p – 4k Capable Technology

The Fardalo outdoor TV antenna has everything you can desire in a reliable rural TV antenna and more.

With the ability to support up to two TVs and pick up a signal from 150 miles away, this TV antenna will bring you the free HD entertainment you desire.Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna In fact, the Faraldo supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 4k outputs. So no matter what resolution TV you have the Fardalo will support it.

Set-up is easy and no tools are required. This is made possible by Fardalos snap-build technology. You just snap pieces into their designated space and it is ready to go. The only thing that needs to be installed is the mount that the antenna will be secured to. The Faraldo has a rugged weather-resistant design. This outdoor antenna is built to withstand what mother nature can throw at it.

As for the features the Fadalos is packed with them. To start, it comes with a built-in motor you can change the direction the antenna is facing for optimal reception. This package also comes with an amplifier for an even clearer picture and sound experience. It receives both UHF and VHF channels bringing you even more channels and options to choose from.

Overall this package offers a lot. If you have a 4k TV the Fardalo is the best option for you. Check Price.

  • Supports up to four HD resolutions including 4k
  • Can be attached to two TVs
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Durable build and design
  • Must be installed 30 feet or higher

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5. Antop Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna –  Modern Design, Pure Reception

The Antop omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna is probably the most technologically advanced antenna to make our list.

The first thing you will notice is the Antops unconventional design. The flat squared surface is designed to get optimal reception.ANTOP Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna Unlike traditional antennas that need to be adjusted and pointed in the right direction, the Antop has 360 coverage. This means no adjusting once you have got it set up.

Aiming to give you pristine reception, the Antop has a 3G and 4G signal blocker. This feature ensures that any outside interference is blocked, giving you crystal clear entertainment. And lastly, the smart-pass amplifier will boost your signal to pick up any broadcast towers at longer ranges. You can turn it off to pick up anything close to your location.

The Antop comes with all the basic features you will expect from a quality outdoor antenna. It supports both VHF and UHF signals bringing you more quality content. It also supports most HD TVs as well. This antenna can withstand both moderate to extreme weather conditions.

If you are looking for an antenna that does not stick out but packs a lot of technology within its frame. The minimalist design keeps the Antop from being an eyesore while also improving its reception quality. There is no doubt that the Antop stands out as one of the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas. Check Price.

  • 360 omnidirectional design
  • Sleek low-profile design
  • 4G and 3G signal blocker offers minimal interference
  • Supports both VHF and UHF digital signals
  • Only a 65-mile range

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How To Get The Best Outdoor TV Antenna For a Rural Area

Now that you have seen our list of the five best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas it is time to pick the best one for you. But picking the right antenna may not be as easy as it seems. There are many different factors that will determine what you need to be. Fortunately, we will run through everything you need to consider before you make a final decision.


The range at which an antenna can pick up a signal will depend on a few different things. Some limitations will be due to the technology of any given antenna. Others will be due to more natural elements that may cause interference. Lastly, signals from other technology such as radios and cell phones can disrupt your television viewing experience.

Let’s start with the range of most antennas. Most of the antennas on our list have an effective range of 150 miles. This is the distance between the broadcast tower and your antenna. Some channels will come from one broadcast tower, while many will come from their own individual towers. The bottom line is the further you are from heavily populated areas the harder it will be to pick up crystal clear reception.

Also, some antennas can only pick up UHF and others only pick up VHF. There are differences between the two that are notable. VHF signals are old school and have been around since TV signals have been broadcast. VHF signals are great at traveling great distances for overall better reception. One downfall is they are prone to be obstructed by buildings, trees, and mountains. That being said VHF signals are still being used today. UHF is a newer digital signal that comes with its own advantages. Most notably UHF signals are much better at penetrating materials like wood and steel. This is great for a TV antenna that is further away from broadcast towers. With that, UHF signals do not travel as far as VHF signals, so the further you are the poorer the reception can become. As stated earlier some antennas pick up only one of the signals or the other. With this new information, we can conclude that the best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas will pick up both signals.

Natural obstructions can also get in the way and impact the effective range of your antenna. Anything from trees or buildings can greatly impact the quality of your reception, even if your antenna can pick up UHF signals. The best outdoor antennas will have amplifiers that boost the effective range of the antenna.  The number two antenna on our list, the Vansky, is great if you are deep in the backwoods. It picks up both VHF and UHF signals, has an effective range of 150 miles, and comes with a built-in amplifier.

The last aspect that will have an impact on your outdoor TV antenna will be other digital signals that can interfere with your reception. With the proliferation of cell phones, there are countless cell phone towers popping up everywhere, It does not matter if you are on the top of Mt. Baldy or walking on the Santa Monica Pier, cell phone towers will be present. Unfortunately, the 4G and 3G signals can and will interfere with your TV antennas range. Luckily some antennas like the number five antenna on our list come with filters that will block the pesky cell phone signals. Other electronic signals from everyday items can also affect the range of your TV signal. Anything from blow dryers to fish tanks can impact your signal.


Assembling your new outdoor TV antenna will be the easiest part of the unboxing process. Most if not all of the Antennas on our list require no tools to assemble. They have parts that simply snap into place or fold out. Some antennas do require minimal assembly with tools and most of the time you will need nothing than a screwdriver. Be sure to look through the instructions that are included with your new outdoor antenna. That being said the best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas will have a toolless assembly. We should note that this is for the assembly of the antenna itself, not the installation and set-up process, which we will cover next.


Installing your outdoor TV antenna will be the trickiest part of the whole process. There are many things you will need to take into consideration before you set out to install your unit. First of all the placement of your antenna needs to be free of any obstructions such as trees or chimney stacks. Finding the perfect placement for your antenna has been made easier by the internet. There are countless websites that show you the closest broadcast towers to your location and conveniently give you the direction and heading to point your antenna.  Once you have picked the optimal position the mount will need to be installed next. This usually will require at the very least a screwdriver. That being said if you have any power tools they are recommended. After installing the mount, you will need to insert the aluminum poll into its slot. It is important not to screw it in so tight that you cannot easily adjust it in the future.

Now that you have the antenna mounted and pointed in the most optimal direction, the next set is running the coaxial cable from the antenna to your TV set. If you are a neat freak this will require the most attention to detail. Even if you are not a perfectionist, it is important to make sure your cable is not loosely hanging from the side of your house. It is best to measure out the amount of cable you will need and securely attach it to your home using a cable staple gun. If there is not an existing cable port you will, unfortunately, need to install one. The good news is most homes will have an existing hole leading into the living room. Once you have a cable leading to your TV simply attach the coax cable. The fun part is programming the TV to find all of the available channels.

So you set up your new outdoor TV antenna for rural areas, you’re done, right? Wrong. There are some safety concerns that you will need to think about in order to keep you or your potential family safe.

You will need to ground the antenna to eliminate the threat of electrical shock. This can happen during electrical storms if lighting were to strike your antenna. The last thing you want is your TV to explode and take out little Johnny while he is watching Saturday morning cartoons. Most modern outdoor TV antennas are weather-resistant and come with their own grounding technology. That being said you need to be 100 percent sure your new antenna is grounded and safe before you start enjoying it.

While most people will be installing their outdoor antennas OUTDOORS! Many of the antennas on our list can be installed inside of an attic if you so choose. Installing inside of an attic is a bit of a different process Firstly make sure your antenna is capable of being used inside. Second is to be sure there are no other electronics installed in the attic that can cause interference. Lastly positioning your antenna indoors will be tricky. Be sure you find the best spot before you install the wall mount. Be sure there is ample space around the antenna to reduce overall interference.

As you can tell the installation process is not as cut and dry as it might seem. There are definitely safety concerns that will need to be addressed. Not only while installing your antenna, like climbing on the roof or drilling through walls. But keeping the antenna grounded and your family safe from electrocution.


Are outdoor antennas better than indoor?

Yes, this is mainly because when your antenna is outside, there is no wood or walls for the VHF or UHF signals to move through.

What is the best outdoor omnidirectional antenna?

The best outdoor omnidirectional antenna is the Antop, the number five antenna on our list. Its unique design makes it much more efficient at picking up signals in different directions.

How can I boost my outdoor antenna signal strength?

An amplifier will be your best bet. Fortunately, most of the antennas we recommend come with built-in amplifiers. Amplifiers help to greatly improve your signal.

How high does my TV antenna need to be?

The optimal height off of the ground is 30 feet.

Is a bigger TV antenna better?

In short, No. In the past, bigger antennas were able to catch more of the signal. But with today’s technology, it is no issue.

How do you ground your TV antenna?

If your set does not come with one, you will need to install a grounding block to the foundation of your house.

Are there antennas that pick up cable channels?

An outdoor TV antenna can only pick up over the air tv channels.

Do I need a UHF and VHF antenna to get HD TV?

Yes, VHF and UHF are the only signals available.

What is the best 150-mile antenna?

Of the five we have on our list four of them have a 150-mile range. Finding the best 150-mile antenna for you will come down to your needs.

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