Best Outdoor Blankets – Top 5 Rated For 2022

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outdoor blanketThe best outdoor blankets will have several qualities that set them apart from that old sheet you have been using. When searching for a reliable blanket to use outside you need it to be durable. Things lock rocks, branches and dirt will greatly reduce the lifespan of a common indoor blanket.

Outdoor blankets are designed for people who enjoy being out in the open air. Whether that be hiking, camping or hunting. The point is even if you only intend to use it at picnics and concerts, protecting yourself from the elements is essential.

The best outdoor blankets will be waterproof, sand-proof or wind-proof. Some may even have all three features. Something you will not get from grandmas old quilt you have been using.

That said picking the best outdoor blanket for you will come down to what activities you plan to use it for. If you are using it for picnics something that is comfortable yet easy to clean will be best for you. If you are using it for camping or hiking, you will need a blanket that can withstand wind, rain, and snow. Knowing what features and materials are best for what environment is essential. You do not want to bring a fleece blanket to the beach after all. Nor do you want to bring a sand resistant blanket into the snow. Not all outdoor blankets are created equal.

Not only should you want a blanket that is durable you will want one with some style as well. Luckily most outdoor blankets are not only practical but offer a myriad of different styles to choose from.

Unfortunately, picking from the hundreds of different offerings online can be a pain. Lucky for you we have compiled a list of the five best outdoor blankets available today.

Best Outdoor Blankets

1. Scuddles Handy Mat Outdoor Blanket – Dual Layered Comfort

The Scuddles outdoor blanket is a durable blanket that can handle the soft grass at a park to the rugged terrain of the mountains.Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket With an elegant striped design not only will your blanket be rugged in design it will turn heads with its unique style.

At 60” X 60”, the Scuddles blanket can fit up to four seated adults at one time. Transporting the Scuddle is a breeze. The blanket can be folded into a small portable size equipped with a handle for ease of use. The handle even has two pouches, one on each side, in case you need some extra storage. When folded the Handy Mat is easy to store in your car or office making it ready for whenever you need it.

The Scuddles blanket is also waterproof. With a PEVA line back, there is no need to worry about water getting through when sitting on damp grass or ground. The Handy Mat is also mold and mildew resistant thanks to its Polypropylene weave. The Handy Mat is built to last with reinforced edging around the border of the blanket. This feature will help keep the edges from frying and tearing over time. The Handy Mat is easy to clean. You can hose it off outside and leave it out to dry or throw it in the washing machine for a more thorough cleaning.

While the Handy Mat is tough and durable this waterproof outdoor blanket is soft to the touch. If you are in the market for a durable yet comfortable blanket, the Handy Mat is one of the best outdoor blankets available. Check Price.

  • Can be folded into and stored in a compact space
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to clean material
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • A little thin

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2. Teehome Waterproof Blanket Extra Large Outdoors – Multi-Functional Comfort and Feel

The Teehome waterproof blanket is not your grandmother’s quilt. While it has the comfort you should desire in any blanket, the Teehome outdoor blanket can withstand a blizzard mixed in with a diving session. TEEHOME Waterproof Blanket

This outdoor blanket features dual proof technology. To start the Teehome outdoor blanket is waterproof at up to 10 feet of water. So if you trip into a lake or pool with this outdoor blanket should be nice and dry when you get out. The backing of the blanket is constructed with a nylon material which makes it great for windy weather. There is also a radiant heat lining to help retain your body heat in cold windy weather. This outside blanket is built for whatever harsh weather mother nature can throw at it.

If the weather is on the warmer side the Teehome outdoor blanket can double as a picnic blanket that you can use at the park, concerts or sporting events. This blanket comes with a compact carrying case making it highly portable. And weighing in at just under two pounds there is no need to worry about becoming over-encumbered by this durable blanket.

The Teehome is one of the best outdoor blankets for a true outdoors person. It will be reliable in the rain, snow or sunshine. Check Price.

  • Wind and waterproof thanks to the dual proof technology
  • Lightweight at just under two pounds
  • Carrying case makes it easy to transport
  • Fabric may bunch up when machine washed

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3. Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket – Insulated Comfort with a Rugged Build

The Oceas outdoor blanket takes so much pride in its waterproof and outdoor abilities they named this blanket after the ocean. The Oceas is an extra-large size at 79” by 58” fitting up to three adults.Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Warm Fleece The Oceas is available in three different colors blue and grey, black and grey, and red and grey.

Oceas claim to fame is its doable coated surface ensuring that your blanket stays 100 percent waterproof. There are two distinct sides to the Oceas, an insulated fleece that will keep you warm on chilly nights, and the waterproof polyester backside. The polyester side is double-coated with polyurethane to ensure your butt and body stay dry. This style is perfect for a number of outdoor conditions. Whether you are at the beach or a damp campground the Oceas is sand-proof,  waterproof and windproof.

The Oceas comes with a 100 percent waterproof carrying case so transporting one of the best outdoor blankets an afterthought. And at just over two pounds you can easily add this to your hiking pack. The Oceas is machine washable so do not be worried about getting this blanket dirty. Afterall this blanket is designed for the outdoorsman/women. With a 1-year replacement warranty do not be afraid to try out the Oceas. Check Price.

  • Large blanket compared to other outdoor competitors
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Soft insulated fleece
  • The polyester can be a bit noisy when moving around

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4. CGear Sandlite Outdoor Blanket – Sand-Proof Elegance

The Sandlite is the first outdoor blanket on our list specifically made for the beach and sand-filled environments. In fact, the Sandlite has the only patent in the U.S. with sand-free technology. CGear Sandlite, Patented Sand-Free Beach Mat

CGear achieved sand-free technology by designing a blanket that allows sand to essentially fall through the blanket. This is done with a two-layered weave that allows the sand to fall through the top of the blanket without the ability to travel back up.  Any larger pebbles or rocks can be shaken off with ease when your activities are done.

This CGear blanket is also built to be ultra-durable. The same technology in the Sandlite was originally engineered to be used by the armed forces. So you can count on the Sandlite toast for years to come. The Sandlite is also water-resistant so keeping it dry should not be a problem.

If the style of your outdoor blanket important to you there is some good news. The Sandlite comes in 10 different colors and designs. So if a lobster covered beach blanket is your thing, you are in luck. There are also three sizes to choose from as well. The small is 3.2 feet by 6.6 feet, making it a long and slender version. The medium is 5.1 feet by 6.1 feet, a more traditional size, and shape. Lastly the large is 6.6 feet by 6.6 feet, so if you are bringing the whole family this the large should get the job done.

If you are looking for variety the CGear Sandlite has got you covered. Check Price.

  • Multiple designs and sizes
  • Dual-layered and water-resistant
  • First patented sand-proof blanket
  • Durable design and build
  • Sand Proof mesh moves can move around
  • Heavier sands may get stuck between the dual layers

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5. Zomake Waterproof Extra Large Outdoor Blanket – Super Tough

The Zomake outdoor blanket takes everything other outdoor blankets do and turns it up to 11.ZOMAKE Picnic Blanket

With a three-layered design, you can be sure the waterproof backing will keep out any moisture on the other side. The top side of the blanket is polyester making it soft to the touch. Below that there is a layer of foam creating a cushion between you and the cold hard ground. The bottom layer is constructed with a PVC, this will ensure you keep dry in wet environments. Waterproof material for insulation. The top layer of polyester is designed to be sand resistant making beach cleanups quick and simple. The Zomake is also machine washable making tougher cleanup jobs

The Zomake Outdoor blanket comes in three different designs and two different sizes. The smaller size is 60 inches by 80 inches with the larger version being 80 inches by 80 inches. The larger size can fit up to three to four adults at one time. Equipped with a handle, this blanket can be folded into a compact package that can be easily transported.

With an aluminum backing, the Zomake is great for all kinds of activities and environments. Whether that be camping, a beach trip, or a picnic in the park, the Zomake is great for all lifestyles. Check Price.

  • Built-in Waterproof backing
  • Three different designs
  • Easy to clean material
  • Rigid design can make the blanket stiff

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We hope our list had something that piqued your interest. These are truly the best outdoor blankets on the market right now. With that, we gave you five examples of a diverse selection of outdoor blankets. Many of them are made of several different materials and are designed for different settings. Below you will find a buyer’s guide that can help you get a better understanding of the blankets we just listed.

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Picking The Best Outdoor Blanket

Selecting the best outdoor blanket for you is not as easy picking out your favorite color. There are many factors you will need to consider when picking out your new outdoor blanket. Everything from the material to the weight will impact what your intended use for the blanket is. If you plan to use a blanket while long-distance hiking, the weight will greatly impact its practicality. If you decide to use the blanket for a Sunday picnic, overall comfort will be important.

Here are the features you will need to consider when purchasing your outdoor blanket.


Do you ever wonder what happens to your plastic bottles when you recycle them? Well, some are used to create this man-made fiber. This process includes breaking down the plastic from a bottle, to thread, and ultimately clothing and blankets. Polyester is the perfect material for outdoor blankets. This is due to its high resiliency and hydrophobic capabilities.

Outdoor blankets will need to be washed more regularly than a common indoor blanket.  Luckily Polyester is shrink and resistant. Polyester will also last longer than other common fabrics like cotton. The reason for this is that the material is resistant to abrasions. Which is great is you are using this for hiking where there are a lot of rocks and branches that you can get snagged on. Polyester is also mildew resistant, so if it does happen to get wet mold and mildew are unlikely to build up. This may be due to the fact that this man-made fabric dries very quickly.

Polyester is a great material to look for if you need a water-resistant and durable blanket.

PEVA: This material is\similar to polyester but has major differences in what it is made of and how it is manufactured. It has a lot of the same qualities as polyester. PEVA is waterproof, mold proof and tear-proof.

PEVA is just an alternative to other man-made fabrics.

Fleece: Fleece originated in the 1970s as an alternative for wool. Fleece is another man-made fabric that is typically made with a form of polyester. Fleece is different than your average polyester fabric. Again it is made to mimic wool, so it is meant to be soft and warm to the touch. Most fleece will have a fluffy feel to it. This is in order to trap heat when a person is using their jacket or outdoor blanket.

The great thing is unlike wool, fleece has the ability to withstand the elements. Fleece is far more water-resistant. Instead of absorbing moisture or water it instead sits on the surface of the fleece that can easily be shaken or wiped off. This makes fleece great for camping or environments that or damp and cold. So if you are a photographer lying in wait for the perfect photo or backpacking the pacific crest trail, fleece is a fabric you will want in your outdoor blanket.

Nylon: Nylon is another synthetic material that is far more resilient than any organic fabrics. The main difference for nylon is its elasticity. Nylon is much more stretchy and malleable than PEVA or polyester. It does this while allowing things like sand and dirt to fall through it without collecting on top of it.

Nylon has all of the waterproof and grim proof abilities as all of the other synthetic materials.


Being able to transport an outdoor blanket is important when using it for a backpacking blanket or even if you are just having a day at the beach. All of the blankets on our list of five are portable in their own ways. But there are two different types that are common on our list.

The first type is foldable into a small compact square that has a handle attached to the blanket itself. These blankets are great for taking to the park or beach when you have limited hands to carry your other necessities. These do not work so great if you are out backpacking though.

When out for a hike you will need a blanket that can become really compact by rolling it and attaching it to your pack. Outdoor blankets equipped with a nylon carrying case are great for backpackers. You can get them rolled up nice and tight as well as being completely protected from the elements.

There are some that are rolled that only have an attached handle as well. If these blankets are water and weatherproof you can attach them to your back without worrying about keeping it dry and clean.

Overall outdoor blankets are highly portable.


The best outdoor blankets will be extremely versatile. This means they can withstand many different environments and scenarios that you may throw at them. Getting to your destination only to find out that your blanket is not waterproof would be an infuriating experience.

The five blankets on our list are capable of handling most outdoor scenarios including rain and snow. This is because of the resilient material that they are constructed with. Just be sure buy the right blanket for the right job.

For the beach, you will want a sand resistant blanket. The number four blanket on our list the Sandlite is a perfect blanket for the job. It has a double-layered mesh that allows sand to fall right off. Sand resistant blankets work by allowing the sand to either fall through the blanket. Or they do not allow the sand to become stuck to the oftentimes synthetic fabrics.

For cold and wet a combo fleece blanket with waterproof backing is great for the job. It will keep you cold and dry when it counts.


While these blankets are made to be rugged and tough, they also need to be comfortable. Thanks to materials such as fleece and others like it, you can get both in one package.

The number five blanket on our list by Zomake is a great example. This blanket can flourish in any environment you put it in. It has a fleece topper that is soft and natural feeling to the touch. A foam center to keep you comfortable no matter what surface you are laying on. And a 100 percent waterproof backing to keep you away from the damp and wet ground.


Most of the blankets to make our list are 2 pounds and under. This is thanks to the innovative materials that are used to construct these beautiful blankets.

That being said, the weight of your outdoor blanket will be important depending on what you will use it for. While most of the blankets on our list do not weigh more than two pounds, some like the Zomake 80” by 80” outdoor blanket is a bit on the bulkier side, not so ideal for a weekend of backpacking.


Even though all of the outdoor blankets on our list are built to resist dirt and grime, they will still need to be washed. Luckily many if not all of the blankets on our list are machine washable. So when it comes time for a deep clean feel free to throw them in the wash. Just be sure to make sure they are actually machine washable.


Do I need an outdoor blanket?

That will depend if you need a blanket for the outdoors. If you are constantly using a normal blanket outside, then i would say yes.

How do I clean an outdoor blanket?

Most outdoor blankets can be machine washed. Just make sure they are before you throw them in the wash.

What can an outdoor blanket be used for?

Anything really. Some will be better for the beach. While some are best suited for camping or backpacking.

How big of a blanket do I need?

This will depend on the amount of people will need to use it. If it is just you a small size is perfect. Two or more people and you will want to go with a medium or large size.

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