Do You Really Need a Camping Knife

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If you grew up hunting, fishing or being in the woods, then you would be fascinated by knives. As you are going to a camp, you will need to carry some knives along; this is where you will find yourself in a position of looking for the best camping knife that would please you and match with the activities for your camping. Once you get to understand their features and uses, you will be in a position to choose the knife that best suits you. Now let’s look at a variety of things about these backpacking knives.

The Uses of a Backpacking Knife

One can use a backpacking knife to cut moleskin, cut blisters, and clean and cut nails.
It can also be used to split wood, to make fire sticks and to prepare to kindle by using the knife as a striker.
When working with cord, a backpacking knife is just the best idea; you can use it to cut a cord.
While preparing food, you can use it to peel fruits and the other basic cooking tasks like opening packets of food.
Lastly, it can be used to make a spark with the fire steel.
You might be planning an outdoor trip, but you are undecided on which backpack knife to choose, worry no more, because the solution is just here, below are the variety of knives that you can choose from.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian

These knives are always of high quality, their craftsmanship is of high level and more so they are affordable. It has a fine edge with a gentle taper; it also has an excellent wide angle that makes it a perfect knife for camping. Its handle is very simple; it has a 3-rivet micarta handle.

Fallkniven AI Survival Knife

This knife looks so modern although it is plain, getting this knife will not be a good idea for those looking for a leather feel or a classical wood. It has a wide blade length, it also provides significant relief to the finger and bolsters. It has tang extends at the end of its handle.

Spyderco Delica4 Plain Edge

This is also a high-quality, affordable knife, it is a pocket folder that comes along with a pocket clip, it has a low profile, and its blade is fine-edged and lacks serrations. Lack of serration is a good idea because the knife has a short length, and having serrations will only make it look overcrowded. It has a slim handle that provides less finger relief and minimal bolster; it has a texture that provides an excellent grip, the design and shape of this knife points to its function of slicing and peeling than other functions like stabbing. This knife is highly recommended for camping.

Swiss Army Knife

It contains some tools that are useful for wood crafting. It has a sharp, and a handy folding pocket saw, it also has scissors that always work better; their blades are very sharp and ready to work. It performs some roles, starting from the kitchen to screw driving. This is the best knife one can choose when planning for hiking.
Tips for choosing the best knife for camping

Material: one should look at the type of material the knife is made is made from, is it good steel or bad, does it easily rust or not; it is advisable that you get a stainless knife.

Blade design: Blade design should be put into consideration when you want to buy a knife; this is because the size, shape, the taper, and the entire blade’s design have a significant impact on its general performance and entire characteristics. It is recommended that you go for the one with a full bevel because it is the best for wood splitting.
Handle design: it is essential that you choose a knife with a wide bolster since this will help in the prevention of the hands from falling off and also helps to improve grip.

Handle material: check whether your camping or backpacking knife has a rugged material because that is how a camping knife should be. Although some people prefer synthetic handles, it does not matter, as long as it is rugged and durable.

Knife or multi-tool: There or no limits on whether one should choose a single knife or a multi-tool, all of them at least have a role to play in your outdoor trip, but you can also choose to take a multi-tool if you are on an outdoor trip with a family because you will need many things with the knife.

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