Best Spotlight For Hunting and Camping – Top 5 For 2021

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hunting spotlightWhether you’re a veteran or beginner hunter, hunting in the night always comes with its peculiar challenges. Accordingly, you’ll need to be more proactive about everything that happens in the night. One equipment a hunter must have while hunting in the dark is a reliable handheld spotlight that features a lot of essentials.

The sensibilities of many of the wild animals can render an inferior spotlight useless and inefficient for the purpose for which you carry it along. Ideally, the best spotlights for hunting would be one that is capable of illuminating large areas. It should also come with a battery that has a long life expectancy. Needless to say, a typical hunting spotlight must be handy, rechargeable, lightweight, and bright. What about being water-resistant? That’s no brainer.

In this post, we will be showing you the 5 best spotlights for hunting. Each of the rechargeable spotlights discussed here comes with all the features listed above. They even have more than you can ever bargain for when thinking or talking about owning the best rechargeable spotlight. You’ll also equip yourself with relevant information about all the buying considerations for a rechargeable spotlight.

Best Spotlight For Hunting

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1. NoCry Waterproof Rechargeable Spotlight – Most Powerful

If you want the best rechargeable spotlight, then the great-looking NoCry Waterproof Spotlight is your best choice. A great handheld option when it comes to hunting, this lightweight and less-than-a pound spotlight is built for hunters to carry around anywhere they go.NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight

With features that include an unparalleled voltage capacity of 7.4-volt and 18,500 lithium-ions, you can be sure that the equipment has a long-lasting battery. Based on its specifications, the spotlight’s battery can last up to 20 hours before you recharge it.

And just when you think the device’s weight and battery longevity are enough to push potential buyers, its manufacturers again include an 18-watt LED light that gives the super brightness and multiple brightness setup. Essentially, you have the option of choosing from 100 to 1000 lumens.

Added to that is color options. With its detachable light filter, hunters can easily make choices as to whether to go with the red or white lighting controls. That alone puts hunters in the driver’s seat as to which game to hunt for.

What’s more, the NoCry Waterproof Spotlight is one portable device that hunters can perfectly trek around with. Besides, the NoCry Waterproof Spotlight is lightweight and small in size, making it seamless, cramming it in a bag even while on the trails. Imagine holding a spotlight that weighs just 15 ounces with a length and width of 6” and 3” respectively.

Another added benefit you derive using this spotlight is that it is made with an adjustable stand. This feature makes it possible for hunters while resting or idle to operate the device as a hands-free kit. Powered by a strong anti-lock braking system (ABS), the NoCry Waterproof Spotlight features huge water resistance and polystyrene that help protect the interior of the device from any form of internal scratches and other damage. Check Price.

  • Comes with removable filters
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Handy for travel
  • Long battery life (20 hours)
  • Color light range: red and white options
  • Waterproof
  • Low (standard) lumens
  • Soldering tailback

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2. GOODSMANN Rechargeable Hunting Spotlight – Best For Brightness

If you want an ultra-bright light for all your nocturnal hunting, the submersible GOODSMANN Rechargeable Hunting Spotlight is truly the best pick for now. Delivering up to 4500 lumens, this spotlight is not a pushover in the market.GOODSMANN Rechargeable Spotlight

Weighing just 1.64 pounds, this spotlight is a great pick when it comes floating. Its size of 1575 feet makes it portable enough to carry around for hiking, boating, and hunting. Besides, this spotlight boasts 3 CREE led chips on the inside with a sturdy rubber and TPR-built body, featuring an antilock braking system (ABS).

On the inside, the device comes with a rope that serves as an escape strap in the event of an emergency. This is complemented by the amazing 2SIP rechargeable battery that can run for hours depending on the brightness setting mode.

There are multiple modes of lightning. It can be set in the high, low and SOS mode, making it suitable for use even when the hands are tight enough to operate it. Check Price.

  • Great sturdy body
  • Can last for several hours
  • Has a rescue strap

3. STANLEY FATMAX Rechargeable LED Spotlight – Best For Controls

Produced by the popular FATMAX company, the Stanley FATMAX spotlight is built with some exclusive features that make this pistol style-like light a sought-after pick for hunters. With a patterned trigger that takes after a pistol, the spotlight makes control easy and smooth for its handler.STANLEY FATMAX Rechargeable LED Spotlight

When it comes to light production and illumination, this spotlight has a built-in 10W LED that can potentially produce a maximum of 2000 lumens when set on the brightest mode. But you may lose the brightness after some hours if the light output is set to the highest.

Yet, the spotlight boasts of multiple brightness options, including the lower beam settings that allow for longer runtime and battery lifespan. 7 hours of runtime is guaranteed before recharge when put on this mode. You can use the spotlight for a year on a full-charged battery. That’ll mean you don’t frequently use it or that you set it on low brightness mode.

What’s more, the Stanley FATMAX spotlight can be seamlessly mounted on a tripod, giving the hunter an option to operate the device in a hands-free mode. More curiously, the absence of the on-off switch on the equipment is a blessing because it has a more flexible trigger mechanism with the help of the trigger lock. Check Price.

  • Double brightness settings
  • Long runtime and battery lifespan
  • Seamless trigger controls
  • Easy to mount
  • Lacks spot beam
  • Not water-resistant

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4. Goodsmann Tactic Pro RealTree-Xtra Spotligh – Best for Most Travelled Beam

The Goodsmann Tactic Pro RealTree-Xtra Spotlight is a great companion when you’re on a night journey to the land of the wilds.Goodsmann Tactic Pro RealTree-Xtra Spotlight Built from high-quality materials that include tough and impact-resistant antilock braking plastic, the device is capable of going for hours without any drops or bumps when in use.

Here comes some other feature that will attract hunters. The Goodsmann Tactic Pro RealTree-Xtra Spotlight is a multi-purpose functional device that boasts a comfortable handle and cohesive hand strip. The feature makes it suitable and compatible with all kinds of activities, including fishing, camping, and domestic use.

The stylish camouflage design makes the equipment eco-friendly. The 1,500 lumens help improve the system’s halogen bulb to ensure a wider beam and maximum brightness (675 yards). Check Price.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Protected against drops and bumps
  • Serves many functions
  • Beam Distance of Up to 676 yards
  • Doesn’t use a battery

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5. BIGSUN Rechargeable LED Spotlight – Best For Highest Lumen

Listing the BIGSUN Q953 10000mAh Rechargeable Spotlight as one of the best spotlights for hunting is borne out of a host of factors.

From its power to excellent style and design, no hunter will resist the incredible value the LED headlight brings to the table.BIGSUN Q953 10000mAh Rechargeable Spotlight It can stand on a pliable stand. Also, the spotlight comes with an AC charger.

It is made of top-quality materials, including the sturdy and impact-resistant antilock braking system. The super-bright light comes with Cree LED and amazing 6000 lumens and is built with three lightning modes of high, medium, and press 2 seconds flashlight.

What about the side floodlights that illuminate far distance and come with three brightness modes, including strong floodlight, medium, and press 2 seconds lights. There are blue and red warning lights.

This spotlight can function effectively for hunters, hikers, sailors, and cave explorers. With a comfortable handlebar and a traction-enabled hand strip, the device is easy to handle and control. Check Price.

  • Adjustable and bendable tripod
  • Hands-free use
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Side floodlights for warning
  • Perfectly durable and portable
  • Strong rechargeable battery
  • Stand is a little weak

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Best Hunting Spotlight Buyer’s Guide


The need for brightness when choosing a handheld spotlight to buy cannot be overemphasized. But here is what most curious: a good spotlight for hunting must come with two modes of brightness. One is the low brightness mode, and the other the high mode.

If the spotlight your seller hands to you lacks these two modes, be wary. You should be able to control by way of increasing the battery runtime of the spotlight. Otherwise, you’ll have to be changing the hunting spotlight every so often.

Essentially, therefore, having the two modes allows you control over the conservation of battery. In that case, you can switch from the brightest to less bright mode on your spotlight. In the same vein, you’ll be able to increase the number of hours the spotlight runs, and at the same time conserve the battery and its lifespan. Even when the battery is running low, having some energy left in your spotlight can save you from night danger.

Bulb Color

Here’s one fact you must know and learn: different animals are hunted with different shades of bulbs. You must use different spotlights with an array of colors when hunting. For instance, you cannot use the same bulb colors for hunting the coyotes and the feral hogs.

Typically, hunters hunting a coyote, for instance, prefer the red-colored spotlight. The same color is perfect for wild hogs, but not for feral hogs. However, if you use such a startling bulb color for some other games, you may hurt and endanger yourself. In that instance, white light may be better.

If you’re hunting feral hogs, a green light is often used. The green bulbs are also good for hunting the coyotes as well as foxes. The reason is that green lights travel longer and faster than white. It is also brighter than the red color. The green light also affords you the luxury of the edge to shoot your prey from the side.

Another color option−and some have classified it as the best color− is infrared. The reason cannot be far-fetched. The infrared is colorless and clearly invisible to the bare human and animal eyes. But the infrared requires you to add some extra night vision tools.

Throw Distance

How far can the beam of your spotlights go? A good flashlight should be able to illuminate something in the region of 150-300 yards away. That is a decent coverage and all of the headlamps we described here have that capacity to hit the maximum distance.

Run time

For hunting in the deep forest that will last all through the night, you wouldn’t want a light that will go dim just after a few hours of your hunting or when you need it most. God forbid, it is at the very time you’re faced with the wildest of your prey.

Your portable spotlight’s battery Li-ion cells must be able to run for several hours and deliver expected light output before it starts to drop or dim. That’s why you need to have a high capacity battery that will guarantee a longer runtime (10-14 hours). Be sure your brightness setting is moderate to accommodate the desired runtime.

Water Resistance

Outdoors spotlight must boast a high IPX rating. You must consider the waterproof feature when thinking of buying a spotlight for hunting. It should be able to sink into the water and bounce back, working perfectly without going dim or losing its entire beam.


What is the best spotlight for deer?

How often have you failed in gunning down a deer when you’re out hunting at night? It can be frustrating when you have to hunt all night without a game (deer) to kill. Having tried to use quite a number of handheld spotlights for deer hunting, hunters are making a lot of amazingly great reviews about the Streamlight 44911 Waypoint spotlight.

With long battery life expectancy, this LED-powered deer-spotting spotlight is the perfect pick when it comes to durability, price affordability, and performance. It will hold down a deer despite deer’s natural instinct for motion and smell. Besides, this lightweight spotlight boasts flotation engineering that makes it capable of floating in the water.

How many lumens make a good spotlight?

Typically, a single good spotlight for hunting often comes with up to 1000 lumens. That’s not absolute as you know that there are varying intensities of beams and light capacities of the different spotlights produced.

But if you’re thinking of a good spotlight, the number of lumens in it shouldn’t be anything less than 1000. If it’s short of that, you’re not likely to find the best and desired brightness you expect in your spotlight. Always find out from your supplier. Don’t forget to read the manual of your spotlight before you purchase.

What is the most powerful spotlight?

If you ask for the umpteen times for the most powerful spotlight from our list, the NoCry Waterproof Spotlight will always come first. Not because it is first on our list, but because of the powerful features it possesses that edge others out in a significant number of ways.

If you choose based on light output, resistance to rain, style and design, battery longevity, and durability, the NoCry Waterproof Spotlight leads the pack. It may not be the brightest handheld spotlight among the equipment on the list but its long battery runtime (20 hours) coupled with its compactness and low pounds features, you can be sure of high value for money.

What is the difference between lumens and candlepower?

There’s a lot of difference between lumens and candlepower. Lumen is a measure of the total amount of visible light that a light source is capable of emitting per unit of time. By that, we mean that lumen is the aggregate quantity of visible light that any source of light creates at a given time.

On the other hand, candlepower is the measure of the intensity of the beam generated by a light source. Although many regard it as an obsolete unit of measurement of the intensity of light, the candlepower is still used to express the levels of light intensity relative to the light given off by a given candle of specific elements and dimensions.

Now, let us think of the two terms this way: while the candlepower is a measure of the light a single candle emits, a lumen is the measure of the area the candle illuminates at a given time. In that case, the two measuring units have different ratios. Hence, we can say that 1 candlepower = 12.57 lumens.

What is the best spotlight for coyote hunting?

Without sounding exaggerated, the Gerber Myth Red and Green Predator Spotlight readily come to mind as the best spotlight for coyote hunting. How does this pistol-style design spotlight make it? It comes as a powerful and easy to carry spotlight, featuring almost a bit of everything you can think of about spotlight.

Call it a jack of all trades; you won’t be wrong. Apart from being able to stand on standard camera tripod comfortably, the Gerber Myth Red and Green Predator Spotlight run completely on a long-lasting rechargeable battery that boasts 600 lumens.

Attached to the Gerber are the green and red lenses that make navigation in the night a lot easier, giving hunters the option to create a low light profile. You don’t have to break the bank before you have the Myth because it is affordable and available.


We have highlighted all you need to know about the best spotlight for hunting in this post. There’s no doubt; these five hunting items remain the top 5 best rechargeable spotlights you can find in the market right now.

No doubt, if you make use of all the guides contained in this post, you will not fall into the wrong hands when it comes to buying the best and brightest handheld spotlight. Why not leverage the opportunity of this one-stop post to own a rechargeable spotlight now!

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