Best Camping Chair With a Footrest – Top 5 For 2020

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Camping Chair With a Footrest When you are planning a camping trip, a camping chair is invariably one of the most important elements to pack. Just like the camping cot, the camping chair is not just about making your travel a lot more comfortable but also less strenuous. When you are picking a chair, remember it is never a one-off affair. It is never about a single trip. You have to choose carefully and go for ones that will last for a relatively long time. The relative comfort in the chair also comes to play. This is exactly why a camping chair with a footrest is always a better option.

The camping terrains are never very hospitable. That is why when you are looking for the best camping chair with a footrest, you have to pay attention to a wide range of factors. Right from the height to the seating comfort to the durability, the list of factors to consider is rather expansive. Most importantly, you have to look at options that cater to your comfort without disturbing your budget. This balance can be often tricky and given the plethora of choices, it can also be a difficult decision.

We, therefore, decided to make the task a lot simpler for you. We have curated a list of some of the most convenient and functional camping chairs that are available. These are not just high on comfort but also value for money propositions that guarantee maximum comfort to the users. We have shortlisted these products on the basis of a wide range of quality and rating parameters. The idea is to look for great quality without disturbing the budget in any way. These options don’t just guarantee quality but also a distinct degree of durability. That appropriately justifies the money you spend looking for the best camping chair with a footrest.

1. Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Ottoman – Folded Foot Ottoman

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

When you are looking for the best camping chair with a footrest, this is undeniably one of the Industry favorites. The Kelsyus Original is exception both in terms of comfort and convenience. SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Ottoman Even on the cost factor aside, it is one of a kind contraption that guarantees ultimate seating alternative without burning a big hold in your pocket.

The portability and the designing excellence in that context is one of the biggest factors you can write home about. This is what makes it an absolutely indispensable camping companion, wherever you may be going. With this canopy chair and Ottoman, your outside trip will always be memorable and exceptional in every possible way. You can easily pack it into a carry bag when you are traveling. This does not just ensure a convenient travel option but hands-free portability as well.

The fold-out footrest is integrated, and this helps you to kick back and relax at your convenience. Whether you are waiting for your game to bite the bait or just relax after a hard trek, this is just the right type of chair to sink in and relax. You can easily push the ottoman under the chair at the click of a button if you don’t need a footrest. That way, this is a flexible chair that also helps in saving space.

Another interesting feature of this camping chair is that this provides 50+ UPF sun protection. Given the fact that you are going to camp in the open, this can be a rather welcome and necessary feature. The mesh seat is breathable, and the ergonomic design ensures that the user’s health is not compromised in any way. This is a particularly sturdy one and can support up to 250 pounds. Check Price.

  • Impressive features with a huge canopy
  • Ottoman provides superlative comfort for your feet
  • Compact design enables easy portability
  • Works well and is extremely sturdy
  • Does not have adequate pockets for beverages or cell phones around the arm and hand rest.
  • Needs additional padding for better and lasting comfort of the users
  • Slightly heavier than most regular chairs

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2. ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair – Adjustable Armrest

If you want to just plonk your chair, sit and relax, the ALPS Mountaineering is one of the best camping chairs with a footrest. ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair Whether you are indoors or outdoors, this is a one of a kind super comfortable and sturdy chair that guarantees complete relaxation.

They call it an Escape Chair for a reason. When you sit in this chair, you are instantly transported to a world of comfort and convenience and can easily be at rest even in the most inhospitable conditions. This will almost remind you of the deep comfort of a recliner back home and helps revive your spirits even after a tiring trek.

Needless to mention, the built-in footrest enhances the overall comfort quotient and ensures that you are always comfortable. The cupholders, the sturdy frame made of powder-coated steel and the overall design make it a clear winner. It is compact, portable and extremely comfortable irrespective of the condition. It easily packs up as a shoulder bag when you are not carrying it and enhances the overall user convenience to the hilt. Moreover, the size is such that whatever be your body type or height, you can still be comfortable sitting on this chair. Check Price.

  • Ergonomically designed to ensure that users get maximum comfort
  • Easy to attach and detach footrest improves user convenience
  • Appropriate for those who are tall and on the bulkier side
  • Durable and sturdy and provides adequate support
  • Not appropriate for those over 6 feet, it tends to become uncomfortable, and one can even develop a backache
  • Inconsistency with the quality of the chair frame and the canvas upholstery. Some reviews indicate these collapsed within a short span of time after buying these.

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3. Rio Beach Chair & Lounger – 5 Position Recline

It is impossible to complete any list of camping chair with a footrest without mentioning the Rio Beach Chair and Lounger. This is undeniably one of the best seating options that you can look at while you are planning a camping trip.Rio Beach Face Opening Sunbed High Seat Beach Chair

The unique layout with the 5-position recline makes it a game changer quite easily. The 5-position recline also ensures that the user’s comfort is not compromised in any way and they are able to experience maximum possible comfort at all times.

It comes equipped with insulated zippered pouches for easy storage and also maximizing user convenience. The 31-inch backrest enhances the support for any user and makes this chair almost indispensable when you are considering outdoor seating.

The foot-rest can be positioned in multiple ways to make sure that the users can easily sit in the most comfortable position. It also has an adjustable carry strap and comes equipped with a locking chair clip. All of these go a long way in ensuring your seating arrangements are not compromised even if you are very far from home. Check Price.

  • Pinch-free recline ensures that users experience 100% comfort
  • Comfortable and sturdy chairs with definitive durability track record
  • Sturdy arms with a cup holder improve the user experience
  • However, it is quite cumbersome and folding it is often difficult
  • Inconsistency in overall build quality

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4. CampLand Reclining Chair With Footrest – Additional Footrest Chair

In the list of the best camping chair with footrest, this is one of the most formidable options to look out for. Both in terms of designing and execution, it is a rather comprehensive creation that truly represents the core concept and quality that CampLand is famous for.CampLand Deluxe Padded Reclining Chair with footrest

This camping chair comes with a convenient reclining option that can be adjusted as per the user’s convenience. There are 3 different positions that you can adjust the chair in depending on your body type and health needs. This chair is made of top-grade steel, and the upholstery is made of breathable textile. The corduroy cotton pad is removable and it can be adjusted as per requirement.

This is also a very versatile chair. It can be comfortably used for both summers and winters and in practically any type of terrain. The footstool though tiny is extremely functional. You can easily rest your foot on it and become more comfortable for a longer period. The handy design also makes it easy to carry around on your camping trips.

The chair covers are removable too. That means you do not have to compromise with the hygiene and the cleanliness aspect in any way. These are also made of environmentally friendly and are non-toxic in nature. Check Price.

  • Strong and comfortable chair
  • Supports weights up to 300lbs
  • The chair is significantly sturdy despite being lightweight
  • Price and comfort well matched in terms of the user experience
  • Great piece for any kind of outdoor seating arrangement
  • Very portable and makes for convenient carrying to various campsites
  • The ottoman is very narrow and can barely support a 2-year old. This can be a great problem as the whole purpose of the footstool or the ottoman is to enhance the relative comfort but that purpose is completely defeated with this existing ottoman design. It is also extremely flimsy in the formation.

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5. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair – UPF50+ Protection

When you are looking for ultimate comfort and a well-designed outdoor chair, this is one of the best bets to depend on. An extremely versatile chair, this is the type that helps you enjoy any outdoor activity with equal comfort and convenience.Sport-Brella Recliner Chair So whether it is a game or a camping rendezvous, you can be very comfortable in this one.

This chair is equipped with a 3-swivel umbrella that will protect you from harsh weather and the rains as well. The canopy is extremely functional too. You can easily attach it any of the sides and no matter how harsh the sun is, you will stay in shade. The footrest too maximizes the overall comfort factor and ensures that the users can sit back and relax in a way they are comfortable. It is detachable and ensures that the user can fix this as per their convenience. This chair is also equipped with an insulated drink pouch and also has bottle openers that are built-in to it. This means, wherever you might be, all you need is a crate of beer and this chair to enjoy. Additionally, there is another zippered pouch that can act as a temporary purse. You can put your valuables and trinkets in this like the wallet or watch or mobile phone.

Lightweight and extremely compact, this chair is made of stainless steel and is built to last for a long time. So whether it is about comfort or durability, there is hardly anything to worry with this one. Check Price.

  • Foot rest’s height and position adjustable. It can also be removed
  • Umbrella too removable and is flexible enough to be launched on any side
  • Has a cup holder, insulated pockets and bottle opener
  • Reclines in two additional positions guaranteeing better comfort
  • Not a very sturdy framework, quite a few instances of the chair breaking down. This also puts a question mark on the actual weight that this chair can actually carry
  • Umbrella moves front or back, can’t adjust if the sun sideways
  • The umbrella of the chair does not protect adequately in case of a storm

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How To Decide On The Best Camping Chair With Footrest

Therefore, it is almost a given that when you go out to buy the best camping chair with footrest, comfort, and convenience are the primary prerogatives. They have to provide the user with the ultimate comfort in inhospitable terrain. That apart, you have to look for practical options that are easy to carry and use. Without that, these chairs would often become a liability for the user. So it is always good to go with the ones that project a superior convenience factor. Last but not least; the budget to is a crucial point.


The price that you are ready to shell out often goes a long way in determining the degree of comfort. Different chairs are priced differently, and they have very different comfort parameters. The idea is to strike the most appropriate balance in a holistic fashion. Whether you have a health condition or just like a comfortable seat, make a careful assessment of what fits your budget best. That way you can ensure maximum comfort without having to stretch your budget in a significant way. The length of time you are going to use the chair also has a bearing on the overall budget.

Frequency Of Usage

As we mentioned that the overall frequency of usage is very important. For example, if you go out camping quite regularly, you will want to buy a chair that is sturdy, reliable and dependable. The frequency of usage is high in this case and needs adequate care in terms of maintenance too. However, if it is just a one-off trip, then you will never care too much and would be just about okay with a basic contraption. Therefore, before you decide on a budget carefully plan out frequency as well as the extent of the usage.


This is where the durability of the product comes to play. When you are shortlisting options, it is extremely essential to test how sturdy the chair is. Remember, you do not want to end up with a broken chair in the middle of nowhere. Check customer reviews, carefully look at all the parts and then take a call. Also, think of the terrain where you are going. It is imperative that you buy a chair that sits comfortably on the surface. Needless to mention, there should be adequate space for the footrest too for extended comfort.

Convenience Features

The best camping chair with a footrest also needs to be high on convenience. Whether you are looking at an adjustable footrest or insulated pockets, the idea is to maximize the user’s comfort in the most holistic fashion. Think of all the challenges that you face sitting on a chair during a camping trip. After all, consider how many of those concerns are being addressed by the chair you are buying in a conclusive fashion. That is what will ensure that the chair helps you enjoy the trip in a proper way without a problem.


To conclude, the best camping chair with a footrest has to be a balanced combination of convenience and comfort. It also needs to fit within the budget that you may have set aside for the same. So it is best that you look at several options before deciding on one. Similarly, it is very important to read up the user reviews for an exact understanding. You have a third option too. Simply go through our list of the best camping chair with a footrest and order online. Our meticulous buyer guide takes everything else into consideration and offers you dependable buying options.

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