Best Trolling Motor Battery – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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trolling motorAngling is one of those activities where every single element plays an important part. You are out in the open with limited facilities in an open boat and even if one factor fails, you can be in trouble. So don’t ever underestimate the trolling motor and the battery used to power it. They are essential to ensure that you have a smooth drive and spend quality time fishing and pursuing your favorite hobby.

Therefore, you don’t just need to know how to install a trolling motor, you also need to install the appropriate battery for a trolling motor. But the question is how you choose the best trolling motor battery. Honestly, you can contend that most batteries operate in a similar fashion. After all, it is the same set of performance that is expected from them. But yes, different batteries use different types of elements to boost the overall performance. Now, these are the various distinguishing factors that help you choose one over another. But the question is why go for these trolling batteries over the conventional ones?

The best trolling motor battery has some unique benefits over the conventional marine ones. They are not just more reliable and credible, but they can also be far more dependable when you are there in the water angling all alone. They may last much longer if you can choose a proper option that is meant for fishing. We decided to make the task a lot simpler for you by creating this handy list of the best trolling motor battery available at the moment. They don’ just represent superior quality and great value, they are also cost-efficient and can help you have a more enjoyable angling experience on the whole. Here is a ready list of the top options in this category.

1. Optima Batteries D34M BlueTop Trolling Motor Battery – 15x More Resistant To Vibration

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

When you are looking for the best trolling motor battery, the Optima Batteries D34M is one of the top options to refer to. This is a 12-Volt battery with 750 Cold Cranking Amps. Made of pure stainless steel, this battery comes loaded with optimal starting power.Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery That means there is no problem even in case of bad weather.

This is also an extremely versatile and adaptable battery. It can be mounted in practically any position. It is multi-functional too. It works effectively as a boat battery as well as RV battery. What really adds to the features is that this battery is 15x more resistant to vibration than most of its peers. That means this is an extremely durable piece too.

The battery also has a spectacular reserve capacity of 120 minutes. That means this is an ideal choice for extended angling soirees. You can easily depend on it when most other batteries may give way.

One important reason for this is the use of the SpiralCell Technology. As the name indicates, there are a series of spiral-wound cells right at the center of this battery. It also comprises two pure lead plates coated with lead oxide, but one is positive and the other one negative. This combination makes it significantly more precisely controlled and quite powerful compared to regular AGM batteries. The automated processes are constantly maintained and the battery functions as one multi-functional unit.

  • Relatively lightweight, ideal for fishing
  • Sturdy and durable and performs satisfactorily in initial years
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • The cycle life of the battery is debatable. As per a few users, the battery may not last an entire year.

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2. VMAX857 AGM Trolling Motor Battery – Heavy Duty Grids

If you are keen about a reliable, sturdy and efficient battery, then the VMAX857 AGM is amongst the best trolling motor battery. This battery comes equipped with a series of heavy duty grids and lead-tin alloys. As a result, they offer relatively extra performance margin to the batteries.VMAX857 AGM Battery 12 Volt 35AH Marine Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery These also go a long way in enhancing the life of the battery and enable it to be of service for a significantly longer period.

One of the best features of this battery is the near zero maintenance operation metrics of this device. The float service life of this battery is pretty uneventful. You do not have to check the electrolyte gravity nor do you have to add water to the tanks of this VMAX857. That means this battery does not require any maintenance but continues to perform superlatively through its service life.

So the reliability and strength of this battery can be well credited to the special treatment and manufacturing process these undergo. It also prepares these batteries to perform in an exemplary fashion before their opponents. It clearly exceeds the Pb-Ca plates used in other products that look similar.

The wet lead battery is also able to optimize the resistance to vibrations. This goes a long way in making the battery adaptable to a series of conditions and situations. That indicates that it is an extremely multi-functional device and pretty safe too.

In fact, this battery has been labeled non-spillable and non-hazardous. That is because the tank is properly sealed and it has tightly packed plates that cover the battery making these VMAX tanks extremely sturdy and dependable. What’s even more heartening is that this is a zero maintenance battery and its capability does not slow down much even after repeated discharges.

It runs for a relatively long period of 4-9 hours depending on the rate and power of usage. So it is an ideal option for relatively extended our fishing engagements.

  • Very good value for money proposition.
  • Battery lasts a minimum of 3-4 hours despite constant use
  • Convenient and a lightweight option
  • Consistency seems to be a pocket of concern. Some user reviews indicate that the runtime may not be consistent. For a few, the battery did not last more than 1.5 hours at a stretch.

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3. Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery – Sealed Lead Acid

When you are looking at long life and dependable battery powers, the Sealed Lead Acid AGM batteries may be one of the frontrunners in the list of best-trolling motor battery.Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery This is also a very versatile and extremely multi-functional battery. It runs fairly fast and strong on a wide range of devices.

This is a great device for fishing boats along with many other applications like agriculture, mobility, medical instruments, and lighting. Moreover, this battery is not susceptible to vibration to a large extent. It can be literally mounted at any angle that you prefer and is also cleared for all types of transport. So whether you are planning to carry it by air, rail, water or road, this is a no problem battery.

This product is also optimally priced, and this helps users to extract maximum possible value from these batteries. It is an absolute value buy at a fairly reasonable price point.

  • Genuine quality and strength as promised by manufacturers
  • Easier to carry batteries and charges very fast
  • Lightweight, almost half the weight of many other batteries in this price genre
  • Product solid and reliable and offers a distinct value based service
  • However, for a product this good, the customer service is rather mediocre. As a result, buyers are significantly inconvenienced
  • Not ideal for those looking at high max amp battery options as these fall in the medium to low range
  • Cycle life in case of a few batteries was as small as a year

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4. Optima Batteries BlueTop Marine Battery – Spiracell Technology

If you are looking for one comprehensive battery that addresses all your concerns than the Optima Batteries Blue Top Marine Battery is the ideal option for you. It is one of the best trolling motor battery that pretty much addresses all your requirements in one go.Optima Batteries 8006-006-FFP 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery A starting battery, it also addresses most deep cycle battery issues quite reasonably.

Decidedly known for its strength and ability to provide power at a stretch, this Optima BlueTop battery is a very dependable bet if you want to stay in the water for the longer duration. This too comes with the trademark SPIRALCELL Technology which is a hallmark of most Optima batteries.

What makes the deal even sweeter is that this battery is 15x more resistant to vibrations. That means it is easily a far more durable piece than many others in this genre. It can be recharged a lot faster and in terms of runtime, it is easily double that of conventional marine and TV batteries.

In terms of additional features, this is also a spill proof and no maintenance battery that helps you spend some hassle-free fishing time on the boat. These are also safe, user-friendly and environmentally sensitive. The packaging is really tight and cuts down potential risk of leakage. In fact, it can go as much as a year without the need for a recharge.

  • Durable, safe and user-friendly
  • Environmentally conscious hassle free fishing boat
  • Fast recharge and extended life at a stretch
  • Resistant to vibration adds to the life of the battery
  • Battery cycle life inconsistent. For a few users it lasted more than 2 years but for some, it did not last a year even.

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5. Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Battery – 1-year Warranty

If you are looking for a sturdy reliable battery, the Universal Group 12V is one of the best trolling motor batteries that you may consider investing in. This one is a SLA/AGM battery with average cycle life and reasonable battery performance at a stretch.Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Battery

It comes with the usual features like maintenance free usage, superior packing and spill-proof battery placement. That means this is an absolute no hassle battery. These rechargeable batteries also come with a 1-year warranty and can be mounted in practically any position.

As a result, these are extremely sturdy, durable and adaptable batteries that can be incorporated in multiple functions. Its durability is further reiterated by the fact that this battery has strong resistance to vibration and can withstand vibration at par with most options in this price range.

  • Lasts for a relatively longer duration, even 8 hours at a stretch for few
  • Battery extremely sturdy and is an absolute value buy for its regular users
  • Versatile and can be adapted across a wide range of fishing boats
  • Lightweight trolling motor battery with a huge capacity
  • Some inconsistencies are seen in overall battery performance but it depends on a lot of other factors that have to be analyzed in sync. Maximum users have vouched for the considerably long life of the battery when used as a stretch. But users may as well examine the related factors.

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Tips For Buying Best Trolling Battery

As a result, you have to keep in mind a variety of factors when you are looking for the best trolling motor battery. The cost is one of the most important elements. You surely have to look for options in your budget. But the budget is not the only factor. Within the budget, you will have to look for options that can fit multiple parameters at the same time. But what are these parameters that can help you zero down the best trolling motor battery?

Types of Battery

When you are looking for the best trolling motor battery, it is also important to decide on the type of battery you choose.

  • Flooded Lead Acid – This is one of the most basic types of trolling motor battery. It is used quite extensively and is popular for the favorable cost to efficiency ratio. These are made rather quickly and represent undeniable quality. They are also very dependable in terms of operational efficiency. Normally these batteries are amongst the cheapest options available in the market now.
  • Absorbed Glass Mats – The AGM trolling motor batteries are one of the most predominant varieties available in the market now. The ability to provide a constant charge over an extended period is what makes these the most frequently used batteries in angling. However, they are relatively more expensive than the flooded lead-acid batteries.
  • Gel – As the name indicates these batteries are filled with gel-like fluid. They are generally resistant to vibration and potential discharges. However, they do not have a very big market in terms of demand or efficiency.

Weight of Battery

The weight of the battery is also an important feature when you are deciding on the best trolling motor battery. I am sure you have noticed that many battery companies advertise that it is a lightweight variant. This is because if you go for a very heavy battery, it may slow down your overall efficiencies to a large extent. Most batteries weigh anywhere between 20-50 pounds but the lower the better. Most experienced anglers look for batteries that weigh less than 30 pounds.

Appropriate Amp-Hour Rating

Another factor that you need to consider while deciding on the best trolling motor battery is the Amp-Hour Rating of the battery. In fact, this can be one of the crucial game changers and affects your choice significantly. This is essentially the number of amps that is discharged at any given point of time. So if I have bought a 50 aH trolling motor battery, it means that it can produce 10 amps for 5 hours or 5 amps for 10 hours. Basically, you divide the amp hour rating by the number of hours you need the battery to run at a stretch. Normally, the larger the vehicle, the more strength you need. The strength keeps reducing with time. The older the battery is, the lesser is the efficiency.

Cycle Life

The durability of any battery is crucial. This is what goes on to decide whether a particular trolling motor battery is worth your money and time. This battery lifespan is referred to as cycle life. But you will notice that most companies refuse to divulge the exact cycle life. On the contrary, they are referred to be in the deep cycle. On an average, a battery has a cycle life between 2-4 years. Now, this information is not advertised openly. Most times when you undertake a detailed study of the various reviews, you will understand that these do not last more than 4 years.


So when you are deciding on the best trolling motor battery, it is very important that you look at the comprehensive picture. You need to understand that efficiency is not dependent only on one factor. Durability and credibility are the key triggers to determine a value buy. So if you are keen about deciding on the best trolling motor batteries to improve your angling experience, go through our reviews and list of the top options in this category. This will surely help you in zeroing on the most appropriate variant for yourself.

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