Best Tent Stakes – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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tent stakeLooking for the best tent stakes is never easy. Though most tents come with their individual pack of stakes, it may not be the best option always. The efficiency of the tent stakes also depends on the quality of the material, design, and the area where the tent is being placed.

So, you can well understand that there are many external factors affecting the performance of the tent stakes. Just going for the best quality options will not help you in a meaningful way. It is also essential to understand where and for how long you want to use it. Different terrains need different structure and design.

We decided to make your search for the best tent stakes a lot simpler. With this handy guide on some of the best options, most meaningful alternatives, and the key features that you must watch out for, we believe it is going to be a much easier search for you. This will help you identify the key features that you need and the ones that you can do without. This also enables you to match features with the type of budget that you have in mind for the best possible experience.

1. Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes – Y Design For Better Grip

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

These are super light, three-sided high strength aluminum tent stakes.Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes Pegs Undeniably one of the best tent stakes, these are about 7 inches long and easily a popular variant. These are long enough to provide adequate support yet not too long. They allow a firm grip and ensure lasting strength.

These are available in the popular Y design making them a rather versatile and flexible option irrespective of the terrain. The aluminum base also enhances the relative utility of these and ensures that these are not very heavy. The aluminum also enhances tensile strength. So when you actually set out to look for your bag of stakes, you don’t end up with rusty, broken or bent ones from last time. They don’t just last long but also in absolutely proper shape and offering the same strength and utility. Check Price.

  • Good looking, versatile stakes that are also packaged well
  • Inexpensive and lightweight
  • Sturdy head with a functional design
  • Inconsistency in overall quality of the stakes
  • The heads are weak and prone to breaking off
  • Not very appropriate for really hard soil, fine for soft ground.
  • Tends to bend easily if force is applied

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2. Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs – Green PVC Stoppers

These corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel pegs are undeniably one of the best tent stakes that you can opt for. These are available in packs of 10 and 20 too.Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stake Set So you can buy them as per your convenience and budget. The stakes are reasonably long to drive them inside the ground with ease.

The PVC stoppers, however, ensure that stringing the rope is no problem and pulling them out of the ground is also relatively simple. The Milled points around the head of these pegs enhance the convenience element too. It also improves the anchoring flexibility that these pegs offer in a comprehensive way.

These stakes are manufactured in a way that they can hold forth in dirt soil, sand as well as rocky terrain. Even in the face of strong winds, they offer reasonable resistance. The secured overhead coverings improve the appeal a notch higher. Check Price.

  • Effective in piercing most type of ground and offering steady support
  • The PVC stopper adds to the versatility of these pegs
  • Eyelet to string in the rope enhance the convenience element
  • Durable tent stakes can withstand strong winds too
  • The plastic breaks quite easily when the pegs are pulled out of the ground

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3. Eurmax Canopy Stakes – Large Head For Mallet Driving

One of the best tent stakes, these are heavy duty corrosion resistant pegs made of galvanized steel.Camping Family Tent Pop Up Canopy Stakes They are sturdy, durable and offer the perfect amount of support when you are putting up the tents. These multi-functional tents come with the perfectly sharpened end that makes them ideal for any kind of tent. The terrain too is not such a big worry if you are using these tent stakes.

These corrosion-resistant stakes also come equipped with tough PVC stoppers. This further enhances the overall convenience and efficiency that you associate with these tent pegs. The hook and the rope stringing eyelets further improve the versatility of these stakes and make them a must-have on any camping trip. Check Price.

  • Very sturdy and versatile, the pegheads bigger than expected adding to the versatility of it
  • Durable and can withstand storm and rain
  • Reliable and dependable when you go out in the wilderness camping
  • Easy to hammer down as well as pull out of the ground
  • However, in case of very strong winds, user reviews indicate that these are not that reliable.

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4. Explomos Camping Tent Stakes – Metal Stopper And Sharp Tip

This is an extremely functional, multipurpose tenting stakes that has you covered whether you are nailing a tent, tarps or canopies.Tent Stakes, Heavy-Duty Steel Solid Tent Stakes Pegs Irrespective of the locale and duration, these long and large stakes ensure that your trip is hassle free and full of excitement. So when you are looking for the perfect stakes for your backpacking trip, these feature as one of the best camping stakes that you could opt for.

These are available in multiple packs of 4, 8 and 10 and you can choose as per your convenience. This is an easy to use option with features that enhance the convenience factor significantly. The metal stopper along with the sharp tip makes it much easier to drive these stakes into the ground. Removing them also becomes a lot simpler.

This is also a phenomenally sturdy stake. The forged steel makes it capable of withstanding strong wind and rough weather as well as improving the overall durability of these stakes. Check Price.

  • Solid and versatile and come packaged in a sturdy case
  • Heavy duty stakes that offer just the right degree of anchor in the ground
  • The eyelet enables easy option to tie the tent rope onto the stakes
  • The solid steel construction also enhances the tensile strength of these stakes
  • The plastic tops are the only negative element in these stakes. A metal top would be much better.

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5. Darkeagle Tent Stakes Heavy Duty – Forged Steel Unbent Tent Pegs

These tent stakes are made of prime forged steel and come across as one of the best value buys. Undeniably one of the best tent stakes, these are corrosion resistant, lightweight and sturdy too.Darkeagle Tent Stakes

The forged steel ensures that you can finally bid adieu to problems of the head bending and snapping off. That said, these stakes are also able to absorb light before use. This fluorescent circular bend around the head adds to its functionality. It makes them more versatile and fairly easy to work with even when you are putting up a tent at night.

These stakes have a large head and a sharp edge. That means it is both simple to hammer into the soil as well as fits inside the ground rather snugly and easily. That is what makes it a such a popular and reliable option. Check Price.

  • The design ensures that the stakes don’t go too deep and at the same time it is easy to remove them
  • Offers strong support for the tent
  • Heavy duty stakes that do not bend or snap easily
  • Rope tensioners enhance the impact
  • The fluorescent rubber rings seem like an unnecessary addition. The quality is inconsistent and has not lighted up as promised for some.

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How To Decide On The Best Tent Stakes

Therefore it goes without saying that looking for the best tent stake is never going to be easy. But more than that, you must keep in mind what to look for. That is, after all, going to decide what comprises a great buy. The objective is simple; the stakes need to be sturdy enough to keep the tent in place. But the surprising fact is that different soil and weather conditions make it necessary to use different types of stakes. Ultimately, it is that choice which will help you derive maximum value for your money in a conclusive manner. Moreover, it will also ensure that you have a comfortable stay camping.

Type Of Stake: Different soil conditions and terrains necessitate the use of different types of camping tent stakes. So when you are looking for the best options, make sure you know the area you will be camping in.

  • Skewer Tent Stakes: These are undeniably one of the most popular types of tent stakes. These are easily available and relatively cheap. The straight shape makes them quite versatile, but if you are looking for really strong support, these may not be the best option.
  • Snow Stakes: As the name indicates, these are specially made for tents in snow covered areas. Both in terms of design and material, the idea is to create a lasting option to tide over the extreme cold condition.
  • Utility Y-shaped Tent Stakes: Again, you can easily make out from the name that this is a rather versatile option. These Y-shaped tent stakes are durable and functional. They fit well in practically any type of soil and can offer you a comfortable camping experience.
  • Nail Stakes: These flat headed tent stakes come with sharp-edged bottom and get the name predominantly because of their slim and beautiful look. But some of these come with plastic tops, and those are considered to be very durable.
  • V-Shaped Stakes: The V-shape makes them one of the best tents for camping on hard ground. It provides grip and strength to keep the tent upright and placing the v-shaped stakes is also simpler on hard ground.

Material: The choice of material is important. Though you have tent stakes available in practically all types of metals and plastic, look for ones with maximum tensile strength. They will yield the best results and offer the required support in a meaningful way. Moreover, the type of material will also have an impact on the cost and the durability of the stakes. The idea is to go for an option that offers a tick on all the boxes yet stays within your budget. Striking this balance is crucial.

Design: The design of the tent stake is crucial. Often the relative strength, ease of use, and the reliability of the stake depend on all these factors. You have now understood that there are different designs with different specializations. You must choose the design based on your requirement. That will offer you the best value.

Durability: This is another important consideration when you are choosing the best tent stakes. It goes without saying that light stakes will not be able to maintain the weight of the tent and sooner or later will give in. So when you set out to buy stakes, this is one of your primary concerns. This will ensure that you don’t face any trouble with these stakes later on.

Corrosion Resistant: The tent stakes are used irrespective of the soil condition. That is why there is an additional need for these stakes to be able to withstand the vagaries of nature well. If these are prone to rust, then you will not be able to use the stakes beyond a certain point. Corrosion impacts on both durability and the tensile strength of the stakes. That will no doubt affect the relative return on investment and the overall value of the product.


Therefore, we can conclude that the best tent stakes may not be the most expensive ones. It is a rather small element from the entire range of stuff that you require for camping yet this is also an important link. In case you do choose well, it has the potential to ruin your trip. The simple solution is to just refer to our list and choose the one that best suits your need.

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