Best Telescoping Fishing Rod – Top Rated For 2020

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Best Telescoping Fishing RodGiven the rising popularity of fishing as an outdoor hobby, there is also a simultaneous increase in the variants and number of accessories that are on offer. Increasingly, the effort is all about how automated can fishing be and how it can be more effective. Enthusiasts in this field realized that the fishing rod plays a very important role. If you want a higher strike rate or a better rate of success, a telescoping fishing rod offers more scope.

But the question then is what is a telescoping fishing rod and how can it make a perceptible difference in the way that you fish. Often, the telescoping rod is known for their greater efficiency and compact shape. But that is not all. Apart from the standard features that you see in a conventional fishing rod, the telescoping rod is also a portable option. It can easily be carried with lots of other products in a handy bag.

Moreover, every telescoping fishing rod is known for a range of other features. On an average, this is extremely lightweight and inevitably travel-friendly option. So if you are casting it for long, it is a way more comfortable option compared to many conventional heavy rods. But at the same time, you need to also keep in mind the type of fish that you are going to angle. That undeniably plays a crucial role in choosing the relative rod weight.

That is why looking for the best telescoping fishing rod is never going to be really simple. But we decided to make the process relatively easy and convenient with our quick reviews. These will not just make the whole process simple but also enhance the relative value for money proposition that each one offers to you.

1. Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Fishing Rod – Ceramic Guides

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

If you are an angler on the go and looking for a lightweight portable fishing rod, the Eagle Claw is amongst the best telescoping fishing rods to opt for. It is a true picture of durable but compact fishing rod that can absolutely transition your fishing experience.Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

The rod is made of durable glass. As a result, this fishing rod is rather sturdy for the trail, trunk or turbo-prop. So don’t go by the mere dimensions of this mean machine. It packs in a lot of power despite the diminutive looks and can deliver meaningful results too. This is the kind of fishing rod that you need to boost your strike level and also improve the overall success rate.

Additionally, this fishing rod also comes with an EVA foam handle and ceramic guides. Needless to mention that these features further enhance the overall angling experience and make you practice targeting with relative expertise. The 1-year warranty further makes the whole deal sweeter and throws in additional security features that no doubt help customers in the long run.

  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Sturdy rod and you can catch fish with ease using this
  • Very affordable and functional fishing rod
  • Material rather fragile
  • Rod quality relative inconsistent

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2. YONGZHI Fishing Pole-Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod – Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Spinning Reels

The Yongzhi fishing pole is amongst the best telescoping fishing rod available in the market today. Overall, this telescoping fishing rod is light, compact and enhances the angling experience. It is, in fact, one of those fishing rods that can assure definitive quality and ease of use.YONGZHI Fishing Pole-Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod

The reel features of this rod deserve particular mention. The spinning reel in this fishing rod is a technologically advanced high strength system. It has a superior gear system, absolutely collapsible handle and smooth gear ratio. As a result, this particular rod is always associated with a superior angling experience.

The material of this rod comprises of high-density carbon. This makes the rod both lightweight as well as a durable one. This rod also has stainless steel hooded reel seats that make it corrosion resistant. This is because these seats are anti-seawater corrosion is actually hidden, and that makes transportation rather simple.

This is an extremely cost effective rod too. As the rod+reel combo helps users get a value deal that no doubt enhances the overall experience and you get a great deal within a limited budget. This rod is appropriate for both freshwater as well saltwater angling. It can cater to a wide range of fishing variety and withstand a varying range of fish weight.

The detailed parameters available with the rod make sure that you can buy the most appropriate one for yourself. The plastic guide in this rod comes with a cover. That means it acts as a protection against potential breakage.

This rod also comes with a 12-month warranty period. That makes the overall deal a value based one too. Moreover, it shows the company’s commitment towards quality and undeniable customer service.

  • The rod is convenient and easy to set-up
  • Compact and lightweight rod that offers a comfortable angling experience
  • Offers equal fishing ability to both young and old
  • Specs of the pole not clearly advertised
  • The durability of the rod is under the scanner though
  • The tip is somewhat fragile and prone to breaking

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3. Shakespeare TSP20 Six-Piece Wonderpole Fishing Rod – Spare Rubber Cap

If you are looking for a sensitive yet stable, a wide-range but durable fishing rod, the Shakespeare TSP20 is one of the best value for money options for you. It is one of the best telescoping fishing rod available with a wide spectrum of features and possibilities.Shakespeare TSP20 Six-Piece Wonderpole Fishing Rod What makes it a rather compelling buy is the relative affordability of the product.

This is an extremely durable but sensitive fishing rod, and it gives you a light-power high-speed fishing experience. This rod is most suitable for 4- to 10-pound rated lines. If your fishing expeditions are more shore-based or restricted to small ponds and lakes, this is one of the best choices thus far.

The portability feature of this rod also deserves special mention. In terms of actual length and collapsible length, this rod is ideal for travel and can be carried quite conveniently for a variety of travel and outdoor trips. The spare rubber cap is a very important an important addition to the overall package. It keeps the whole rod in ship shape and does not interfere with the efficiency of the overall rod.

Its compact shape and lightweight design make it the right option for carrying it just about anywhere. But remember that this is not a high power fishing rod. Don’t get too ambitious with it. While this is ideal for a short weekend outing and a relaxed experience; if you are interested in anything more serious, it is vital that you go for higher specs in terms of rod strength.

  • An extremely sturdy and lightweight fishing rod
  • Collapses to just 4 feet, as a result, it can be easily stored and extremely compact
  • Portable and multi-functional for most users
  • Made of solid fiberglass that adds to the strength and reliability of the fishing rod
  • Convenient for fishing even in the midst of high wind condition
  • The end cap is not as durable as it is projected to be and tend to break off quite easily
  • Repeated negative feedback about the rubber cap quality. The company needs a serious relook in this segment to look for a definitive solution.

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4. Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod – Cross Carbon Fiber Technology

If you are keen about a sturdy, stylish and reliable fishing rod, you have to surely take a look at the Goture Portable Carbon Fiber. This is one of the best telescoping fishing rods that you can buy in the under $50 category. But affordability is not the only strength for this rod.Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod There are many other elements too that makes this one a definitive buy.

It represents superior quality and strength that makes this a must buy. It is made of high-density carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. As a result, you get an ideal combination of strength and durability. This is also an extremely flexible and reliable fishing rod that helps you stand in good stead across multiple fishing opportunities.

The tensile strength of this rod is 10x a steel bar. As a result, it can withstand sufficient weight and also you can go for adequately big fish. But that does not mean you can go out in the sea and angle sharks with it though. This rod has a much lower friction coefficient. This is really useful as it makes sure that the rod does not break that easily and the guide rings stay put at their individual points.

It also comes equipped with an adjustable full metal screw reel seat, flexible adjustment position that can fix the fishing reels rather conveniently. As a result, it is very comfortable to hold and cuts down user fatigue to a large extent for users.

  • Cuts down hand fatigue to a large extent
  • Durable and has 10x tensile strength
  • Huge size so not very compact though this is a telescoping fishing rod
  • The reel is positioned too high on the pole, this can be uncomfortable for users at times
  • The glue for the rings is not a good quality one and comes off rather easily.

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5. JOHNCOO Portable Telescopic Fishing Rods – E-Glass Composite

This is one of the most reliable, versatile and multi-functional fishing rods. No wonder it features very prominently on the list of the best telescoping fish rods.JOHNCOO Telescopic Fishing Rod Spinning Rod Fishing Pole These rods are made of very high carbon fiber and E-glass composite. This is what makes these very strong and a properly balanced fishing rod.

This fishing rod represents great power and a superlative fishing experience. Moreover, it is designed in a way that it cuts down hand fatigue to a large extent. So users can be relatively comfortable while they are using it and can continue fishing for a longer duration.

This is also a very compact fishing rod. It can easily fit into a car trunk or a boat hatch and even in your backpack. That means carrying it is never a problem for the users. The lightweight material along with the strength makes it a very versatile rod. It is useful for both freshwater as well as saltwater fishing. Whether you choose Freshwater Bass Trout Fishing or Saltwater Surf Fishing or even Inshore Fishing, you will never be disappointed with this rod.

  • It is not a very well reviewed product but the average consensus is that this is a value buy for most users
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Well suited for multiple fishing locales
  • Durability is an issue at times

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Tips for Buying Best Telescoping Fishing Rod

So you can understand quite well that a great telescoping rod can significantly enhance your angling experience. But the point is you need to pay attention to multiple factors to ensure that you have a superior product. Often people make the mistake of going for discounted products. But the problem is everything that is discounted may not be great. It is better to spend 20 bucks more now compared to 200 every one year. The incremental cost factor is extremely crucial in this case.

Material of the Rod

This is one of the most distinguishing elements when you are looking for the best telescoping fishing rod. After all, the choice of the appropriate material is crucial in making the rod both portable and lightweight. Most of these rods are made of fiberglass, graphite, and it can even be a mixture of these two together. The material has to offer that unique combination of durability as well as portability. Moreover, it needs to withstand the average weight of the catch too.

Weight of the Rod

When you are looking for the best telescoping fishing rod, these are not heavy. On the contrary, they are very lightweight. As a result, they can be very portable and make it possible to carry it easily from one place to another. But the weight is also dependent on the weight of the material used. That has a direct correlation with the weight of the fishing rod. It is very important that this weight is properly balanced through the length of the rod.


When you are considering the length of the fishing rod, you have to consider two specific lengths. The full length and the compact length of the fishing rod play an equally important role in helping you get the ideal strength and flex required for proper targeting. The compact length of the rod will determine if it is portable. Meanwhile, the full length of the rod determines its compatibility in terms of the range of fish you can angle using this. It affects the distance you can cast over and is directly proportional to the eyelets.

Eyelet Placement

The eyelet placement in the telescoping fishing rod is crucial too. The best ones are those that help users optimize the power of the fishing rod. By eyelet, I am referring to the guiding rings placed on the pole and gives you a fair idea of the length into the pole. But that is not their only function. The eyelets also bear a lot of pressure when you have a fish at the end of the line.

The closer the eyelets are placed, the better the weight is distributed. This makes handling fish a lot simpler at this stage. As the number of eyelets increase, so does the overall balance of the rod. Most telescoping fishing rod averages 5-6 eyelets. This is considered good for general fishing activity.


When you are looking for the best telescoping fishing rod, this is one of the most fundamental factors to consider. The power of the rod essentially refers to the pressure that you need to exert to flex it. The strength that you execute it with will also impact the relative strike rate. The telescoping fishing rods on an average have medium power range. So it makes them versatile and quite appropriate for the most medium range fishing activity. However, these are slightly low on the sensitivity count. The lighter rods are more sensitive, but they are not suitable for a very heavy catch.


Objectivity is crucial for zeroing on the best telescoping fishing rod. Before you go on to buy one, it is extremely important to understand the type of weight and length that you are comfortable with. Most importantly, you also have to be clear about the kind of fish that you will be targeting. Freshwater vs seawater, small vs big, lake vs river, every decision has a bearing on the kind of fishing rod you go for. The best telescoping fishing rod is invariably the one that addresses all your needs at one go.

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