Best Smart Water Bottle – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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smart water bottleYou may be on a hike, backpacking or simply at home, but staying hydrated is a necessity wherever you may be. People often think they don’t need to mark their hydration levels. The right level of water does not just help you perform better but also avoids many medical conditions. Proper water intake speeds up the metabolism process in the body and enables you to stay healthy. But the question here is how much is not too much and how little is just right?

What if your water bottle did that job for you and helped you stay fit? Indeed a portable smart water bottle can do exactly that and help you stay fit. It can help you stay healthy, fit and calm and make your skin glow with good health. Often it is possible to customize the bottle as per your daily water requirement and in sync with your level of activity. Your water requirement does not just change with the season, but also your weight, height, and sex, and the bottle keeps a tab of all these individual factors in a holistic fashion.

But the question again is how do you decide which is the best smart water bottle? Here is a quick review of some of the most striking options with a range of customization alternative to help you.

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1. RYRUS Smart Water Bottle – LED Touch Screen

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

If you like a bottle heavy on features, this is one of the best smart water bottles that are available at the moment.PYRUS HoLead-RYRUS Smart Water Bottle Multifunctional and sleek, it is a practical bottle that comes rather handy while you are on the go. The alarm reminder and timing feature keep you hydrated all the time and do not allow you to lose track of your hydration needs. As a result, your mental and physical well-being is accounted for quite easily.

The magnetic charging port is easy to use, and the overall this water bottle embodies user convenience. Whether it is reminders for taking medicine or water, you have it completely covered by this bottle. It has the ability to maintain water temperature for a long time, almost 12 hours. The LCD screen gives instant water temperature and the LED display light changes with the change in temperature so as a result, it keeps you updated on this. Whether you are using it in summers or winters, this bottle has you covered all the time.

With this water bottle, your health is always a priority. The water purity detection feature gives you warning messages and helps you keep up the purity standards at all times. It’s leak-proof design, and antiskid features are a big plus too. Check Price.

  • Bottle design sleek and looks cool
  • Charge lasts for a considerable time
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Inconsistency in the smart features and does not hook up to a phone
  • LED lights dim
  • Inconsistency in display pic and the actual bottle

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2. H2OPal Smart Water Bottle – Automatic Hydration Tracker

One of the best known smart water bottles, this one automatically tracks your hydration level and keeps a watch on your water requirement.H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker It has the ability to adjust this as per the level of workout, and that is a big advantage. It sends smart reminders on its own and ensures that even if you forget after a workout, your water intake levels do not suffer.

The best part about this auto adjustment feature is the number of external factors that it accounts for. Whether it is the weather, your activity levels or even your height and sex, it accounts for every single factor minutely.

The glass bottle adds to the quality of the stored water. It really helps in preserving the natural taste of the water. However, it does not support carbonated water or any other type of drinks apart from water. As a result, this is best for home and office use. However, it is not great for biking and hiking and does not even fit in the cupholder of a car.

However, this smart water bottle can only sync with only the iPhone. It is not compatible with the majority of Android phones. Check Price.

  • Glass bottle preserves the natural taste of water
  • Easily fits next to you in the bed, great for the office and home use
  • Compatible with only iPhone. Does not sync with Android phones
  • Reliability and accuracy of the product needs to be improved
  • Inconsistency in performance of the variety of features
  • Does not fit in car cup-holder
  • Not ideal for biking and hiking
  • Battery recalibration a matter of concern

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3. Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle – Glow Light To Remind User To Drink

If you are keen on making drinking water fun, this will count as one of the best smart water bottles.Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle It is sleek, pretty, and has glow light reminders when you are slipping up on your water intake. The sensor inside automatically tracks your water intake and gives you an adequate warning.

The best part is that this bottle does not need to be charged. It is powered by a battery, and that too lasts for a long time. This cuts down the need to change batteries too often. Check Price.

  • Practical, functional and easy to use bottle
  • Easy to sip even while you are on the go
  • Fill-line on the bottle very helpful
  • Easy to hold and grip is helpful
  • Leak-proof bottle
  • Inconsistency in the painting quality of the bottle
  • Prone to chipping

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4. Accro Xtrem Smart Water Bottle – Unique Fingerprint Pattern

The battery life of this smart water bottle is what makes it one of the best smart water bottles.Accro Xtrem Smart Water Bottle The stylish mirror surface coupled with the smart temperature display makes it a rather stylish option to take around. The unique fingerprint pattern is what makes this bottle stand out. The cup face helps in showing the temperature of the water inside.

The touch screen has three color light indicators in all. It helps you happily store water of any temperature from very hot to very cold. The temperature is maintained also for a fairly long time, almost 6 hours. It has a double layer, this is what maintains the temperature on the whole. It is waterproof and leak-proof and carries a 12-month warranty. That also reduces the risk of buying to a large extent. Check Price.

  • A useful and practical water bottle that can be used to carry tea, apart from water
  • The simplicity of design and digital display are attractive
  • Warns if the water temperature is too high
  • Can maintain temperature for only 6 hours

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5. Ozmo Watertight Bluetooth Smart Water Bottle – Personalized Hydration Goals Via Bluetooth

When you are looking for the best smart water bottle, this one no doubt features prominently.ozmo Active Smart Cup With personalized hydration goals via Bluetooth, it keeps you updated on your fitness goals and the focus intact on your physical and mental wellbeing. It also auto-adjusts your fluid requirement.

The best part of the Ozmo smart water bottle is that it is a complete package in itself. That allows you to work on your wellness goals a lot constructively. It is instrumental in helping you a far greater level of efficiency and achieves your targets a lot more conclusively. It has the ability to record both the water and coffee consumption levels simultaneously. So whether it is a decision about how much to drink after a 2-mile run or the best time for your cold coffee, your smart bottle guides you in a conclusive way. However, this bottle can only sync with Fitbit, Apple Health and Garmin devices. Check Price.

  • Easy to use smart bottle
  • Syncs quite easily with Apple, Garmin
  • Keeps a track of your hydration levels and auto adjusts as per work out
  • Does not sync with Fitbit, just takes data from there
  • Capacity is very low, can carry only 16oz in one go. So if you are on a rigorous workout session, then you may end up filling water continuously.

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How To Decide The Best Smart Water Bottle

Choosing the best smart water bottle isn’t that easy. You have to consider several factors and take into account your own water drinking habits. In case you are looking to gift it, the choice becomes even trickier. The best solution then is to stick to some broad parameters that are always important to consider. That way, you can be sure of conforming to the basic necessities. It also helps you narrow down your list of options to the most important ones only. That goes a long way in ensuring that you are looking at the most relevant options and only consider the ones that conform to certain pre-conditions already.

Purpose: The objective of why you need the bottle is most important. Often this is the most important factor in terms of determining the size and dimension of the bottle. Let’s say you want one for jogging, and I want for my backpacking trip. The size of both will alter greatly. While you know that you will reach home in one hour, I am not sure about where my next departmental store is located. That can go a long way in determining the right size and array of features that you would want in the smart bottle that you choose.

Quality of Material: The quality of the material used for making the bottle is important too. Often the choice is not just between plastic and metal Even in metal bottles, it is important to know whether the bottle has been treated properly to make it food grade. If the metal tends to oxidize, the water inside could abate the process and result in long-term health issues. Therefore, always go for trusted brands with a definitive certification for the metal.

Features: The search for the best smart bottle is quite pointless without the right array of features. But remember that the most important feature needs to be that of maintaining the right hydration level. So go for bottles that give you the most appropriate perspective in context. The ones that can track your water intake, the requisite hydration levels and make adjustments based on specific activities are the best bet. They help maintain the right hydration level in your body and at the same time ensure that you are not too pre-occupied with it. It helps you make adjustment as per season and level of activity too. Therefore, the extent of adaptability of the bottle is an important feature, and you must pay attention to this.

Durability: This goes without saying. You never want to buy a bottle that is fragile or one that can’t be used after a limited period. Therefore, go for options that come across as reliable and sturdy, even if you have to pay a little extra for these. The advantage is that you can always be assured of their sturdiness and their durability is, in many ways, a mark of excellence in construction and the service they offer. Durability also ensures that you can take the bottle just about anywhere but don’t have to worry about whether it can withstand the extreme conditions.

Design: Last but not least, a dash of stylishness always helps. The design of the bottle is important not just because it should look pretty but also because it should aid your convenience. A stylish and well-designed bottle can fit into your bags snugly or rest comfortably in your bike pocket. It does not become bothersome, and you have the freedom to carry it around comfortably wherever you might go.


Therefore, if you are looking for the best smart water bottle, it is a good idea to go with options that promise excellence of service and quality. Features are important but ensure that it is backed by an adequate degree of durability and reliability too. The idea is to go for ones that strike the right balance between style and performance, excellence and form and help the user derive maximum advantage from the features that it boasts of.

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