Best RV Water Pump For 2020 – Top 5 Rated

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rv water pumpIf you are very keen about going around in RV, investing in RV Water Pump is a necessity. Buying bottles of drinking water to last you for the entire trip can be both inconvenient and expensive. Fresh drinking water has its own charm and taste. This is the reason that investing in a reasonably good quality RV water pump is very important in enhancing the complete experience.

The main purpose of the RV water pump is to take water from the RV tank through a pipe system and distribute it through a system of pipes. It enables you to drink the fresh water from the RV tank. The RV pump handles both the water flow and the overall pressure. The average capacity of the RV tank can range between 50 – 200 gallons. But the tank is generally at the base of the RV. So the pump becomes one of the most important links that facilitate the use of this water through bathroom faucets and kitchen.

Normally even the best RV water pump is small in size and can often run even on the RV battery. But it is very important to pay attention to the minor details and technicalities to decide on the most relevant ones. The average capacity of these pumps can be anywhere between 3.5-5.3 gallons per minute.

Now you can feel that paying attention to so many minor details can at times be overwhelming and what if you end up making a mistake. This is exactly the reason why we created a handy list of the best RV water pumps that offer you absolute value for money. They also address all your pumping requirements in RV and at the same time, are amongst the most energy and cost efficient options available.

1. SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump – Built-In Check Valve

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

If you are looking for the best RV water pump, The SHURflo 4008-1-1-E65 deserves a special mention. In fact, if you analyze the whole 12-volt water pump genre for RVs, this is nothing short of a revolution in the entire space. This is a radical 12 VDC water pump with 3 gpm capacity and 55 psi pressure.SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution RV Water Pump

The brilliance of this water pump is primarily on the basis of the unique one-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass. This is, in fact, the most decisive feature of the water pump. This is what guarantees top-notch performance for an extended period. It will not be wrong to term this pump as a mini powerhouse guaranteeing superior performance.

It guarantees about three gallons of water every minute through kitchen sink, toilets, showers and every other watering hole in the RV. The power draw for all this efficiency is rather small at 7.5 Amps. It is quite conveniently mounted in a predetermined position. The state of art technology also ensures reduced noise, vibration and cuts down chances of excessive pump cycling.

This also comes with an easy to install feature and assured guarantee of the product. The 2-year warranty is quite comprehensive and in many ways highlights the commitment that it has towards delivering quality products to its customers. But what is really a big plus is the affordability of this pump despite the plethora of all features which it boats of. So, in many ways, this is a piece that promises to deliver great quality but at the same time, also ensures that it does not make a big hole in your pocket. This is exactly what sets apart this one.

  • This is an easy to install RV water pump that can be conveniently placed in any RV with the required capacity
  • Pressure level at par with the figure advertised
  • Works quietly without causing too much of a disturbance for users
  • Very affordably priced pump for maximum output with minimum effort
  • Repeated complaints about pump not shutting off. This is because the screws on the head need to be tightened properly. The company manual needs to be more detailed about all these specific issues.
  • Inconsistencies in the quality of the pump. While the electrical elements are exceptional, care needs to be taken in terms of improving the pump quality.

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2. Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump – Positive Displacement With 3-Chamber Diaphragm Pump

If you are keen about a value buy that also fits the efficiency profile of a top grade water pump, then the SHURflo 2088-554-144 is undeniably one of the best RV water pumps that you can put your money on. This is one unique offering that promises great performance at a reasonable cost and easy to install facility.Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

The pump, in this case, is a 3-Chamber Diaphragm Pump with Positive Displacement. This means that the pump capacity and function are on par with some of the best options available. As a result, its capacity to generate water and the pressure at which the water flows is also at the requisite level. Most importantly, this is also a 12-volt pump that draws the reasonably low amount of energy from the RV. The RV battery is more than sufficient to offer an adequate amount of power for its smooth functioning.

That apart, this is also a thermally protected water pump. This feature significantly adds to the durability and long lasting quality of the pump. Given the thermal protection quality, this also enhances the safety features that are associated with the water pump.

  • Works smoothly and extremely quietly. This makes it a very good option for more medium ranged RVs requiring about 12-volt water pumps
  • It is a simple and easy to plug device that can also replace any existing pump with reasonable ease and convenience.
  • Water pressure fairly adequate to address the RV requirement and maintain continuous water flow through the faucets and the kitchen sink at all hours till there is water in the main base tank.
  • Inconsistencies in the quality of the product that is delivered
  • The pump works smoothly till it does but once it gives in, this is one of those pumps that is hard to revive or repair

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3. Flojet 03526-144A Triplex Diaphragm Water Pump – Triplex Diaphragm Automatic Pump

This is one of the champions of excellence, power and reliability when you get down to considering the best TV water pump. This is one of the most consistent and talked about water pumps.Flojet 03526-144A Triplex Diaphragm Automatic Water System Pump Whether you are considering the water pressure or the capacity of the pump to generate the requisite amount of water, this is a clear winner in all aspects. This is a pump that promises great performance but at the same time, reasonably priced.

A genuine Flojet product is known for the consistency of the performance and the user convenience that most of its products are champion of. It has the self-priming capacity for up to 9 feet suction lift. This also has the unique dry running capacity. This means that if the pump remains on even when the tank is dry, it will not be harmed in any significant manner. Needless to mention that this makes this pump a lot more durable than otherwise.

Additionally, it emanates soft noise and results in fairly limited pulsation. The snap-in plug also reduces the need for an accumulator tank and maintains a continuous flow of water throughout the RV. This is also made of Corrosion resistant materials, and that adds to the efficiency of this tank over a lot of others in contention. That is what makes them a much better set of performers for an extended period.

  • Great water pressure and instant turn off facility
  • Nice and easy replacement of older pumps in most types of campers
  • Not a very quiet one but does not make loud or disturbing noise
  • Pumps water perfectly and has a reasonable cycling threshold
  • Durability and consistency of quality remain questionable. Some users had to replace it in 5 months while there are many others who have managed to use it for years together.

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4. Remco Aquajet RV Series Water Pump – State Of Art Electronics

The Remco Aquajet is another striking contender for the best RV water pump title. Whether you look at it in terms of convenience, user comfort or performance, this is a winning story in every possible way.Remco 55-AQUAJET ARV Aquajet RV Series Water Pump

The Aquajet is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics that help it to achieve speed variations depending on your requirement. It helps you to control motor speed, and the pump automatically adjusts the speed as per the frequency and speed that you open and close the water faucets

This pump also has a soft start feature. This is another interesting innovation that helps in reducing the rapid cycling in water pumps for RVs. The exclusive 5-valve design is so geared that it can easily deliver twice the flow and pressure that you can expect from any conventional RV water pump. As a result, this is also well geared to deal with potential pressure drop rather easily and effectively. The 5 chambers also make it one of the highest-flow diaphragms pumps available in the market with positive shut-off at 75-85 psi.

  • Variable speed adds to user convenience
  • Smooth pumping of water with limited noise
  • However, you have to match this with your RV’s capacity. It can destroy the plumbing if the RV is not geared to handle that much pressure. This is not appropriate for small trailers.

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5. Arterra PDSI-130-1240E RV Fresh Water Pump – Power Drive Technology

When you are drawing up a list of the potential contenders for the best RV water pump, it is hard to not discuss the Arterra PDSI. One of the foremost Artis Products, this is a fresh water pump for RVs.Arterra PDSI-130-1240E RV Fresh Water Pump It comes equipped with Power Drive Technology that assures better performance and definitive power to excel. In fact, this is often touted as the next idea in fresh water pumps.

In fact, this whole series is exceptional in the way they perform and the pace at which they perform. Most of these pumps are exceptionally quiet and come equipped with by-pass flow control technology. They have a self-priming capacity of up to 6 feet.

But one of the most significant specs is, of course, the amp draw. At 40 psi, this 12-volt pump has the lowest amp draw in its genre. It offers as assured water flow anywhere between 0.5 – 3.0 gpm. So, you can well understand that this is a type of pump that is built for superior performance and great quality. It is a long lasting system that excels in overall performance.

The four-chamber patented design offers additional support to the pump and maintains its efficiency. The by-pass flow control maintains stable water flow even at low amperage. Replacement is not a major concern either for this pump as most of the features of this pump is geared to highlight user convenience and a superior experience.

  • Quiet and an efficient pump with reasonably strong water pumping capacity
  • Volts/amps specs very encouraging for an efficient and stable pumping experience
  • Guarantees a reasonable amount of water flow across the RV
  • Easy to install and does not need extra parts to fit into place
  • Durability, however, seems to be a concern as many users have highlighted problems after 6-8 months of smooth running
  • Though the picture shows a strainer with the pump, you have to buy it separately
  • Match the pressure with your RV requirements. Some users had to deal with much lower pressure

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Tips For Buying The Best RV Water Pump

Therefore, before you go and decide on the best RV water pump, it is extremely important to pay attention to details. The technology and the pumping efficiency have to be checked, and the individual needs have to be matched with the RV owner’s necessities. That alone will offer you the most effective and efficient device. Pumps come in a wide range of options, but it is important that features sync with the cost to offer you the most sustainable option available.

Even Flow of Water

Different RV pump boast of different degree of efficiency and water pumping capacity. But it is important that you choose one option that ensures even flow of water. Jerky water flow can be disturbing; it may lead to intermittent water flow too. This is never desirable. So it is a good idea to always check the water flow and the pace of the flow before you go ahead and take a call on a pump. Irrespective of the features available, the water flow is crucial and most relevant.

Pressure of Water Flow

Now comes the pressure of the water flow. This is another crucial element before you decide on the best RV water pump. Check the exact water pressure that is recommended for the pump that you are considering and your requirements. On an average, the ideal pressure for the 12-volt pump will be around 60-70 psi. So as the capacity and volt requirement change so does the psi. You need to carefully consider the available options and then take a call on the most effective option as per your requirements as well as the need for your pump for it to be effective.

Gallons Per Minute Capacity

The GPM or the gallon per minute capacity of the pump changes as per the pressure. So when you are considering your options to decide on the best RV water pump, also take into consideration the amount of water you can generate. You should always take into consideration the specific gallons per minute your pump needs to put out for your RV in particular. Remember you don’t want to get a pump that is bigger or more powerful than your RV’s requirement. This is because the more powerful the pump is, the more power it draws from your RV. That is not always advisable.


The RV is one unique device that ensures that the maximum features are packed in as small a space as possible. Therefore, note the size of the area allocated for the RV water pump. If it is a very tight compartment, then the chances of fitting in a bigger sized pump are difficult. So pay attention to the current needs and future capacity requirements before you decide on any specific size of the water pump. It is important to take all these factors into consideration before you decide on anything.


Therefore it is never simple deciding on the best RV water pump. After all, water is one of the most important factors for our sustenance. So when you are outdoors, the RV becomes your second home and it is crucial to maintaining the proper undisturbed water supply here. The right choice of a water pump is often the most defining factor that ensures unhindered and adequate water supply. But remember to match the pressure requirements of the RV with your need for the best results and the most cost-effective solutions.

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