Best Multitool For Camping – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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multitool for campingCamping is exciting, exhilarating and invariably full of adventure. If you like spending time in nature, there are hardly any other activity that can equal the thrill of camping. Camping also means spending more than a day outside and invariably packing for it. Light packing is the buzzword. Whether it is the sleeping gear or the backpack or even your shoes, portable and light is the criterion. So in terms of tools too, the preference is generally for ones that can be multi-purpose marvels. This is exactly why there is the mad rush for the best multitool for camping.

The problem, in this case, is that of plenty. There are way too many options to choose from, and often it becomes difficult to identify the really useful ones from the not so useful options. Moreover, the focus, in this case, is more on identifying the essential functions that you need during your camping trip. Though the terrains in various locales would be different, there are some basic functions that you may require nevertheless.

But there are only a few of the available multitool options that are worth considering. Apart from packing the basics, there are just a handful of additional elements that can add value to your trip. The relative weight of the multitool compared to the distance you are covering and how also a crucial role plays. Ultimately all of these factors will work together to get you the most compelling device.

We decided to make the job a lot simpler for you by shortlisting the best multitool for camping. We have compiled a list of some of the most worthwhile options that don’t just add value to the overall camping experience but also stay within your budget in the most meaningful way.

1. LEATHERMAN Signal Multitool – Nylon Sheath

If you are looking for a versatile, handy and functional multitool, this is one of the best multitools for camping. It does not just let you be prepared, but at the same time, you can execute any job that you undertake with precision. LEATHERMAN - Signal Multitool The latest innovations take you to a brand new height of finesse, preparedness.

It is no doubt an extremely functional device, but this is also a tool that can easily give you an edge over many others. There are a total of 19 tools with which it serves a specific purpose and functionality. That way it serves the purpose of the multitool rather effectively.

As the company’s ad suggests, this is a functional tool that allows you to stay ready for anything unexpected. It is a practical avatar that packs in a range of knife, hammer, pliers, wire cutters, can openers, sharpeners and what not. More importantly, this is a type of variant that can be easily used with just a single hand. Thanks to the brilliant safety features, accessing even those tools that are deep set is not a problem.

The Diamond like coating is one of its most stunning features. This is essentially a carbon-based feature, and it represents many of the natural properties of diamond. Scratch and corrosion resistant, it adds to the advantages and benefits of using this tool. This is also equipped with a ferrocerium fire starter. Needless to mention, that undeniably adds a dose of drama and adventure to the overall planning and execution of your trip. Moreover, if you are lost, you can use this along with the whistle to alert those looking for you.

The diamond coated sharpener is another interesting feature. This is what makes it indispensable to keep your knives in shape. Check Price.

  • The lock feature adds to the efficiency of the individual tools in this multitool
  • Comprehensive tool unit addressing key necessities of a camp life
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for an extended period
  • Functional and a practical tool with lots of innovation
  • The fitting of the ferrocerium fire starter and the whistle seem more of a gimmick and are far less practical. They may not fall off but are surely not fastened strong enough at all joints.
  • The overall quality fails the level of precision that Leatherman is known for

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2. ROSE KULI Portable Multipurpose Multitool – Durable Stainless Steel Axe

When you are looking for the best multitool for camping, the Rose Kuli is one of the most versatile options to choose. You can finally bid adieu to the task of carrying a big tackle box even for a small errand.ROSE KULI 7'' Portable Multipurpose Multitool This is a functional and extremely versatile collection of tools that cover a broad range of objectives.

This is a pure stainless steel multitool with the option to fold it and store it in a pouch specially crafted for it. Whether you need it for odd jobs at home or on a camping or fishing trip, this is one device that will never disappoint you with the range and efficiency of the service that it promises. In fact, it is a useful option for practically any kind of odd job and can be also stored easily at any convenient point.

The most important aspect is that you finally have a multitool that is also equipped with an axe. This is an extremely durable but essentially portable axe that easily addresses your cutting requirement quite effortlessly. It helps you cut branches, set up a campfire and deal with annoying twigs that may be hanging around.

This is also equipped with an emergency hammer that can be your best friend in times of crisis. It is one of the best forms of self-defense and is strong enough even to break a stone while hunting. The designing of this multitool also needs special mention as it plays a crucial role in ensuring that users do not suffer from fatigue and can use it conveniently. Check Price.

  • Solid build guarantees long-lasting quality and efficient performance
  • Great level of performance at every stage
  • Extremely handy and portable
  • Easy to store and carry it as well
  • Slightly heavier than most other options that are available in the market right now in the given price range
  • Quality of the fittings not up to the mark in select cases, instances of the tool falling apart too

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3. Bastex Multitool Knife – 30-day Money Back Guarantee

It is impossible to compile any list of options with regards to the best multitools for camping without taking this Bastex Multitool with Mini Tools into consideration. It is rugged, extremely durable, utterly handy and gives you the option of 14 tools in one go.Bastex Multitool Knife From restringing your guitar to open your beer cans, there is just about nothing that you can’t do using this fantastic tool. Often it can about unleashing your creativity when it comes to devising the different ways you can use this tool to

That in itself highlights the versatility and the flexibility with which you can use this multitool. Apart from fixing stuff, this is also a great tool to cut things. From slicing/dicing veggies to cutting the plastic string, there is just about nothing that cannot be done using this multitool. Be it chopping branches, pruning shrubs and even gathering firewood for the campfire.

What really makes this a standout one is the fact that it is extremely safe and can be easily dealt with for repairs and odd fixing jobs. This is also a dependable tool when it comes to tackling emergencies at any campsite. The locking feature makes it extremely convenient and reliable. Check Price.

  • The locking feature enhances the safety element of the blade
  • A functional low-cost multitool that enhances the range of options for those on a budget
  • Reasonably okay quality given the price range that it is available in
  • Not really cut out for heavy-duty cutting or chopping jobs. Better suited for light jobs
  • Need for gloves or rubberized coating while using it for an extended period of time

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4. Multitool with Mini Tools Knife Pliers – 23-Integrated Components

The Multitool with Mini tools knife pliers is one of the best multitools for camping if you are keen about a versatile option. This one has 23-integrated components and is made for excellence in adversity. Multitool with Mini Tools Knife Pliers So if you are looking to get an edge with a multitool on your next camping trip, this is perhaps a great option to consider. From tactical military operations to do it yourself projects at home, there is just about nothing that you can’t do with this tool.

The bonus is you get this multitool with free sheath and 9 attachable bits. The 440C stainless steel adds to the overall durability of the product and makes it a rather reliable one to have when you are out on trips. The 100% money back guarantee certainly reassures people of the quality and consistency that the company is promising. The 10-year warranty along with that becomes the icing on the cake. Check Price.

  • Solid build and great construction
  • Durable and robust
  • Functional and extremely flexible
  • Versatile and can be used for a wide range of outdoor and indoor activity
  • Inconsistencies with the quality of the case and instances of it breaking down in some cases
  • Some screws are missing as per some reviews

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5. Multitool Pliers For Camping – 420 Precision Steel Clamp

If you are keen about one handy, tough and extremely reliable option, then the Multitool Pliers undeniably comes across as one of the best multitools for camping.Multitool Pliers,18-in-1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Knife Pliers Kit This one is rather easy to handle and features a host of convenient and multi-structural options. The sleek butterfly design is one of its best features, and the stainless steel finish makes it intensely durable too.

This is a pack of 18 different tools and is amongst the most indispensable set of essentials. It is specially designed to excel in adversity and known for never leaving you in the lurch at times of emergency. Overall, this tool breathes of great quality and definitive workmanship. It is a robust but lightweight tool and convenient to carry around.

The biggest benefit is that it is an extremely strong and powerful multitool. Each of the tools is also adequately well cared for and are extremely sturdy in themselves. The 420 precision steel clamp adds to the appeal of this tool. This adds to the safety and efficiency of multitool in a comprehensive fashion.

The Ergonomic design and the folding handle also enhance the user’s experience. Additionally, this also improves the efficiency of the tool to a large extent. Check Price.

  • A comprehensive tool that helps in tackling the various challenges of outdoor travel
  • Practical and effective combination of tools
  • Affordably priced value for money proposition
  • Pliers strong and works effectively
  • Knife and saw blade pointed
  • Not great for camping and fishing as some of the necessities of these external experiences are not addressed very effectively by this multitool
  • Tricky to locate the edge from where the knife rolls out, as a result, the safety of the tool is compromised
  • Can opener relatively slow and ineffective, as a result, the overall efficiency of the multitool gets crimped to a large extent.

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Tips For Deciding Best Multitool For Camping

Therefore, there are many factors that you must consider before deciding on the best multitool for camping. After all, it is not just about functionality but you also need to choose a device that best addresses your necessities. Perhaps that is why it makes sense to create a list of key functions that you absolutely need. The marketplace is full of numbers. 23 in 1 tool, 18 in 1 and so on. But all of these mean nothing if they do not address your core functionality. So if you ask me, it is very important to analyze the details of every feature. That is what will help you zero in on the best options available.

Purpose of the Tool

This is the primary objective when you set out to look for the best multitool for camping. Are you going to use the multitool generally or specifically for camping? This decision will help you zero in on some of the most important features that you want to include in your specific tool. This will also help you get a clearer perspective on the budget that you must set aside for the same. This objectivity can also help you derive better functionality from the multitool.


The amount of money that you are ready to spend on your camping gear is an important consideration. Different types of multitools come laden with a host of features and price tags. The question is to strike the ideal balance between the key instruments that you need and the kind of money that you are ready to spend for it. But at the same time when you are opting for a multitool, remember you are looking at replacing the purpose of a handful of tools with just one so it cannot be of a very inferior quality. You do not want to end up breaking your tool trying to fix a breakdown after all.

Mode Of Travel To The Campsite

When you are deciding on the best multitool for camping, it is important to consider your mode of travel. For example, if you are covering a major part of the journey by car or any other vehicle, you can still go ahead and carry a few heavy items in your luggage including a multitool and some dedicated tools as well. But if you are walking for the better part of the trip with just a backpack, you will have to provide for accordingly. Therefore your choice of the multitool will be directly dependent on this crucial factor.

Type Of Camping

Primarily there are two types of campers. One of the variants is known as glampers or campers who like doing it the glamorous and the luxurious way. Basically, they are the types who go for camping but don’t compromise on the comfort of home. They are the types who believe in packing heavy and perhaps even carry their foot massager to the campsite. The other type is, of course, the survivor variant who exists on a bare minimum. So a multitool for a survivor will be far less provided for compared to that used by the glamper.


So we can conclude that when you are looking for the best multitool for camping, the easiest option is to go through our detailed reviews and choose the most appropriate one for you. Our reviews include rating as well as firsthand experience with the product. That no doubt helps users develop a significantly clearer picture of the various options available and the specific one that you must choose. Remember ultimately you have to survive in the wilderness depending on this tool. It is only obvious that you make sure that you are able to get a reliable tool that will hold you in good stead.

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