Best Mountain Bike Helmet Options for 2021

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best mtb helmetIf mountain biking is your passion, then you need to look for the right type of mountain bike helmet. Just like you have a wide range of bikes to suit a wide range of necessities and specifications, there is also a need to look at different kinds of helmets. After all, the best mountain bike helmet is the one that fits you best and gives you maximum comfort along with protection. Though the primary purpose of the mountain bike helmet is safety, you must understand that the comfort is crucial. The shape of your head, the riding style, personal preferences, everything will have a bearing on the overall ride experience.

Different types of bikers will opt for different variants of biking helmet. It is imperative that you pay attention to the details when you are looking for the best mountain bike helmet. We decided to make the task a lot simpler for you. We have curated a ready list of some of the best options available today. They are not just some of the best-manufactured options but also some of the most affordable ones. We have tried to balance quality and affordability on the same plane.

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1. Troy Lee Designs A2 Decoy Mountain Bike Helmet – X-Static Pure Silver Comfort Liner

When you are looking out for the best mountain bike helmet, it is impossible to make that list without mentioning the Troy Lee designs A2 Decoy bikes. It is particularly known for the huge amount of air intake and the massive exhaust port.Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Decoy Bicycle Helmet The deep internal channels make an efficient cooling system and provide maximum comfort to the user.

This helmet is also equipped with the brand new X-Static pure silver comfort liner. This provides for more comfort and also better performance. This is also known for superior odor protection and quick-dry moisture wicking. That means your head is not just comfortable, but there are no bad odor issues to deal with either after extended periods of use.

This helmet is also a dual-density EPS co-molded variant. So both in terms of construction material and the quality of construction, it promises a superior performance. It guarantees state-of-the-art low speed, high speed, and rotational impact energy management. That means whatever speed that you may be at, you can always look for great quality protection and comfort.

That apart, this helmet has an aerospace filament-reinforced polycarbonate shell, rear stabilizer fit system with flexible slim line arms and adjustable straps for great quality fit. It does not matter whether you are wearing glasses or goggles, this helmet will guarantee great service and comfort in either situation. The breakaway anodized aluminum visor screws enhance the security element and this helmet also comes with a 3-year guarantee that promises to offer better value to your investment.

  • More comfortable as a result of thicker padding
  • Sturdy and durable with definitive crash resistant features
  • However size and fit may be a matter of concern
  • Packaging is a problem point as per a few users

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2. TeamObsidian Mountain Bike Helmet – CPSC Safety Certification

This helmet comes with a perfect fit guarantee and makes it one of the top contenders for the list of the best mountain bike helmet. The TeamObsidian offering is superlative both in terms of style and performance.Airflow Bike Helmet It is an effective and safe option for a superior rise experience for an extended period.

The quality of construction is the biggest advantage of this helmet. The in-molding technique coupled with reinforcements with the skeleton make it a durable and long lasting safety option on your biking trips.

In short, it offers every feature that a biker will look for in a helmet. It has top quality shock absorption technology with superb cooling facilities. The 22 massive air vents ensure great airflow and also a better ability to absorb impact from a potential fall.

This helmet also has a wide array of accessories packed with it. That, no doubt, adds to the user convenience and makes it a great option to invest in. The quick release chin strap and a dial fit at the back ensure that you are never uncomfortable wearing this wherever you may be. Even for those who wear a ponytail, this helmet guarantees 100% comfort and convenience.

Its safety and durability deserve mention at this juncture. That is one of the most important features in making it one of the best.

  • Strong lightweight helmet with greater durability in case of accidents
  • Extremely sturdy helmet
  • Efficient air flow for increased cooling
  • Removable visor for convenience
  • Superior customer service
  • There are inconsistencies with respect to the strap quality. Some users complain about it coming undone
  • User comfort is compromised in certain cases due to inaccurate fit. Need for a customized fit in this case.

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3. Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet – Extra Plush Coolmax Padding

If you are looking for a purely functional and affordable helmet, the Giro Chronicle is one of the best mountain bike helmets of all times. This helmet is entirely a synthetic one with the shell made of polycarbonate material. The in-molded technology with EPS liner adds an additional layer of safety and comfort for this one.

The extra plush Coolmax padding surely gives this primarily functional helmet a definitive edge. It makes it a significantly more comfortable and cool helmet to wear around on the biking soiree. The deep coverage P.O.V. Plus visor adds to the convenience aspect. It makes sure you are as comfortable on a sunny day as a rainy one.

But a helmet can be defined as good or bad on the basis of how comfortable and cool it can keep you. In this context, the 14 wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling surely make it an extremely efficient and smart helmet with an excellent cooling system. It is this cooling system that keeps you cool and comfortable at all times. It helps you concentrate on the ride and stop worrying about the safety. So the workout is undeniably superb and replete with fun.

  • Well designed and properly built helmet
  • Superlative safety features for additional user comfort
  • Lightweight and reasonably priced
  • Great value and fit for users
  • The color description not appropriate in most cases
  • This is not a one-size fit all variant. You have to be careful about choosing the appropriate size.

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4. Leatt DBX 3.0 Mountain Bike Helmet – Fidlock Magnetic Closure System

If you are keen about a lightweight, stylish and colorful bike helmet, the Leatt DBX is one of the best mountain bike helmets to put your money in. Reasonably affordable, this is one of the most attractive collections of smart and safe mountain bike helmet.Leatt DBX 3.0 All Mountain Bicycle Helmet What makes this helmet a definitive winner is the array of features that highlight its convenience and comfort factor in all types of riding experience. Whether it is long stretches or short daily treks, this helmet is extremely handy.

The Fidlock Magnetic Closure System is one of the most striking features of this helmet. In many ways, this is what enhances both the safety and comfort of the helmet to a large extent. It fits in rather snugly on your head giving you a relatively higher degree of ease. A series of user reviews indicate how this technology holds them in good stead in case of emergencies and any type of accidents that one may be involved in.

Needless to mention that the Leatt legacy too plays a crucial role in guaranteeing a superlative degree of user experience.

  • Great lightweight variant for better user comfort
  • Attractive color options for users
  • Great protection for users in case of crash and injury
  • The straps are really short and not appropriate for everybody.
  • Additionally, the strap buckle also needs some improvement as it comes undone rather easily.

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5. Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet – Composite Fusion Technology

When you are looking for the best mountain bike helmet, the Kali Protective figures prominently. A stylish, dynamic and downright gorgeous, this helmet combines style and functionality quite effortlessly.Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet It is a unique amalgam of superior safety and technological brilliance. In fact, that is what makes it distinctly popular product.

The composite fusion technology is one of the most important features of this helmet. Both in terms of the material and the technology used, this is a sturdy helmet. The in-molding technology enhances both the safety and comfort element of the helmet. It merges EPS foam liner and the shell bringing about a greater degree of stability to its performance.

It is also a relatively smaller and lighter helmet making it a more handy option for users. The anti-microbial pads, bug liner, flex moto-style visor, locking buckle & sliders, and 12 vents improve its efficiency in every possible way and make it a very comfortable helmet for long bike rides. In terms of safety too, it has EN 1078, CPSC certification.

  • Sturdy, small form factor helmet
  • Lightweight and fits very well for different kinds of users
  • Comes with a lifetime crash warranty for extended user assistance
  • Very comfortable for users with specific head types
  • Not ideal for really small head types, it is best suited for standard sized heads

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What To Look For In The Best Mountain Bike Helmet

You can, therefore, understand very well that deciding on the best mountain bike helmet is not an easy task. You have to con several factors like the coverage, ride type, and overall stability to get the most value-oriented helmet option. Obviously, the budget is a key consideration when you are looking for the best helmet. But that apart there are several other factors too that need due attention.


When you are looking for the best mountain bike helmet, this is the primary concern. Make sure that you buy an option that meets the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is one of the best-known standards of safety and security globally. Though, some countries have individual standards. But most of these follow a certain pre-determined protocol ensuring maximum user safety in every possible way. The sturdiness of the helmet strap is as crucial as that of the core helmet material for the maximum possible comfort of the user.


The fit of the helmet that you choose is very important. You can get maximum safety only when the helmet sits properly on your head. Therefore, don’t just buy a helmet on the basis of the head size or what fits your partner. All of us have unique head shape, and this has a distinct bearing on the relative degree of safety that you can expect. Look for the adjustment ring system and rear stabilizers and decide on the one that guarantees the best fit.

Material & Construction Quality

It goes without saying that the helmet material has to be durable and sturdy. It should be built in a way that it can withstand the maximum amount of impact without cracking. That is what will offer maximum security and safety to its users. The crushable foam liner along with the tension system and vent orientation makes the helmet crush resistant. Depending on the kind of usage, you will have to decide on the material and construction type. Helmets that have the in molding feature are considered to be one of the best ones in this context.

Ventilation Features

It is very important that you opt for a breathable helmet. The ventilation ports in any biking helmet are extremely strategic. They play a crucial role in maintaining the overall comfort aspect of the helmet. The thickness of the foam liner, as well as the distance and frequency of the ports, impact the overall cooling effect. These also have a bearing on the helmet’s overall ability to absorb shock. Therefore, it makes sense to always go for options that have adequate ventilation and guarantees maximum comfort.


Therefore, if you are deciding on the best mountain bike helmet, remember it is very important that you opt for a breathable helmet. The ventilation ports in any biking helmet are extremely strategic. They play a crucial role in maintaining the overall comfort aspect of the helmet. These also have a bearing on the helmet’s overall ability to absorb shock. Therefore, it makes sense to always go for options that have adequate ventilation and guarantees maximum comfort.

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