Best Mountain Bike Grips – Top 5 For 2020

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Best Mountain Bike GripsIf you are a biking enthusiast, I am sure you are always on a lookout for the best mountain bike grips. After all, these are one of your most important accessories. The mountain terrain is mostly unpredictable. The presence of a quality grip can only help you enhance your overall biking experience. In fact, these bike grip is an essential equipment. Some even refer to it as the most pertinent interface between the biker and the bike.

Therefore, it is imperative to find the right type of bike grips. They don’t just help you bike more smoothly, but also ensure you experience less fatigue. It is almost understood that lesser fatigue means your efficiency is enhanced further. You will be able to bike for longer duration and cover larger stretches. Therefore, the adventurer in you will always look for the most efficient and dependable pair of bike grips.

Ultimately the aim is not to compromise the overall comfort factor. Now the question is that the marketplace is full of various options to explore. How can you decide on the best mountain bike grips? Well, for that it is important to understand the key features that are necessary for a good quality bike grip.

This factor is closely linked to the type of terrain you ride in, your personal fitness levels and the overall degree of preparedness that you have. All of these factors together work towards creating a comfortable combination. But you can say that these factors differ from person to person.

That may be true, but at the same time, there are some basic factors that are constant for most bike grips. So you can use those parameters to decide on the most relevant and the best mountain bike grips for your comfort.

We decided to make the task a lot easier with a review of some of the best mountain bike grips.

1. Ergon GA2 Grips – UV Stable Rubber Element

This is one of the most popular and among the best mountain bike grips.Ergon GA2 Mountain Bike Grips This is a stable and extremely soft bike grip. The UV stable rubber element gives it a relatively superior tactile touch. As a result, whether you are biking in difficult trails or easy one, your comfort and convenience are never compromised. The ergonomic design makes sure that it fits easily into your hand and it fits snugly as per your palm movement. This, no doubt, results in much lesser hand fatigue and more efficient biking experience.

It is extremely lightweight and exhibits a much higher degree of designing excellence. The inward clamps in this bike grip enhance the overall pressure you can exert on the handle. This is an extremely secure product and is carbon bar friendly. This product is exclusively designed in Germany and has an attractively tapered shape. They are a happy mix of comfort and durability in most situations. User reviews indicate, most times these grips provide a relatively superior value for money proposition for users across the board.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • No palm fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Proper fit and minimum amount of discomfort
  • Offers uniform grip through the entire length of the handle
  • It is also very sturdy and lasts a long time
  • Slightly more expensive than other grips with similar features
  • Don’t enable the use of bar-end plugs, the end of the grip needs to be cut.
  • Not suitable for commuter bikes

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2. Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips – Single Lock-On Grip

This is one of the all-time favorites and amongst the best mountain bike grips available today.Race Face Half Nelson Locking Mountain Bike Grip Whatever parameter, you may judge it on, it displays a superlative expertise. Be it the color, comfort or convenience; you see a 4+ rating on all counts. The rubber compound is tacky but not very soft. It is reasonably sturdy and unlikely to give in due to minor wear and tear.

It is particularly suited for the weather variations across the United Kingdom. The raised surface of the internal side of the grip provides for enhanced traction even in wet weather. The topographically strategic moisture channels allow for a proper grip even in very wet weather. That surely improves the functionality of the grip to a large extent.

This is an extremely lightweight product with a single lock-on grip.

It is available in a range of cool colors. So there is something on offer to suit your every need. The lock is easy to install and stays in place for an extended duration of time. The most crucial element is the relatively easy lock and install. They undeniably heighten the convenience fact that is associated with this bike grips.

These grips cushion the bumps in such a way that the user does not feel too much of the impact in their hand. That, no doubt implies a relatively higher degree of comfort when you are using these grips for a sustained period.

  • Lightweight and extremely user-friendly.
  • Absorbs the overall impact of bumps quite efficiently
  • Super thin, creates scope for more efficient grips
  • Superior grip even in high moisture condition
  • Well geared for weather-related variations
  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Fitting concerns with the end plug in certain variants

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3. Ergon GS1 Grips – Superior Tactile Facility

The next one in the list is the Ergon GS1 Grips. This is another top rated and one of the best mountain bike grips.Ergon GS1 Mountain Bike Grips It is made of aircraft aluminum and known for the superior tactile facility and inbuilt durability. This is particularly preferred version for any kind of endurance race and also mountain biking. Needless to mention then that this is a sturdy bike that can weather a wide variety of wear and tear issue for a sustained period.

However, this is not as lightweight as the previous two products we reviewed. Compared to those two, this is significantly heavier. But that is hardly a consideration when you gauge the relative comfort of using these mountain bike grips for a sustained period. They prevent numbness of hand on long rides and reduce instances of hand fatigue or exerting additional pressure on the wrists.

Ergon’s expertise in creating ergonomically superior products and the brilliance of the German technological advancement is well borne out in this model. It provides a relatively higher degree of flexibility and superior support. The better flexibility can also be attributed to the choice of material and the extent of the performance of this model.

These small sized grips are relatively easy to install on any type of bikes that you may decide to buy. The smaller size helps in a more accurate fit and a much better type of tactile precision when it comes to user convenience. For those who are used to regular long distance biking, this is one of the most dependable grips that you can lay your hands on.

Most user reviews indicate that it is an extremely effective grip while riding uphill. However, on the way down, the relative loss of control is a niggling worry when you are using this bike grip. Especially when you are riding in rough terrains, it can become a major concern.

  • Ideal for any kind of uphill riding
  • Easy to install with simple adjustment options
  • Reduces numbness of hands and palm fatigue to a large extent.
  • Gives superb support to the rider.
  • Size variants available as per the size of your palms to provide greater support for an extended period
  • Relatively unsatisfactory performance in the downhill journey
  • Many user testimonials highlighted the apparent loss of control
  • Hardware used to tighten the ends not as satisfactory as the rest of the product quality

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4. ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips Bonus Pack – Aluminum Clamps

These are easy to install perfect-fitting options that are decidedly one the best mountain bike grips.ODI Rogue Lock-On Mountain Bike Grips These are made of aluminum clamps and demonstrate long-lasting performance across different terrain. It is, in many ways, a cross between super hard alternatives and very soft offerings. In other words, this mountain bike grip is not so hard that it is uncomfortable. But at the same time, it isn’t so soft that it easily yields to any type of pressure or force by the users.

Each pack of the ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips Bonus Pack contains 4 2.5 mm bolts. The lock on grip system works beautifully with the lock jaws. Together they enhance the basic support that is extended towards the user. The overall quality of the grip is very tight. But these are particularly useful for me with large palms. If you have found it difficult to adjust to many other grip variants for the same reason, this is the one that can help reduce palm fatigue to a considerable level and over a sustained period.

Durability is one of the biggest advantages of this product. It is particularly long-lasting and offers an undeniable value for money proposition for most users. That said it also offers a healing impact on your hands. You can bid adieu to annoying blisters that often erupt after long stretches of riding. The control and comfort are so beautifully entwined in this product that customer convenience is the only pre-condition.

However, these grips are not lightweight by any standard. In fact, they come across as rather chunky. You may liken them more to a motorcycle grip in this context. It is extremely sticky and soft despite the size. However, this grip is spongy at all. In terms of installation issues and user convenience, this is a sure winner. It is relatively simple to install this product on your bike.

If you are new to grip installation, this product may, however, pose a challenge. The overall product does not come with elaborate installation directives.

  • Very sturdy and higher degree of durability
  • Appropriate for those with larger palms
  • They can be removed quite easily and provides extended comfort.
  • A wide range of colors available for users to choose from
  • These are not very versatile products and cater to the specific type of users.
  • Packaging and product quality an issue for select users

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5. Ergon GE1 Grips– Aluminum Forged Material CNCed Clamp

Ergon has continued to represent great quality, fit and ergonomically designed offerings for a long period now. It will not be wrong to say that that customer convenience and user comfort go hand in hand with any product that comes with the Ergon branding. It continues to be the hallmark of superior quality, build and buyer experience.

The Ergon G1 is made of Aluminum forged material and CNCed clamp. Whether you plan to go for endurance rides, free trails or dirt roads, these grips promise superior comfort and long-lasting quality. Most importantly, the ergonomic design, now a hallmark of Ergon products guarantees minimum possible hand fatigues. It also works towards distributing the pressure quite effectively over a larger surface area. That ensures that users are comfortable in all kinds of rides.

The Ergonomic design also ensures limited swelling of the thumb and the fingers during an extended period of riding with these grips. The other interesting feature is, of course, the zero slippage locks. That, no doubt, enhances the safety associated with this type of mountain bike grips. Weight wise, it is on par with most of the products available in the market currently.

In terms of durability and strength too, this easily features in the list of the best mountain bike grips that are currently available. That also makes it fairly value for money offering from the Ergon stable. This is also a reason why you see continued demand for the product despite several upgraded versions available in the market.

  • Zero slippage of locks provide better security
  • Ergonomic design promises a higher degree of comfort
  • Comfortable, durable and a long lasting product
  • Definitive guarantee of superior product quality most times.
  • Ideal for endurance racing and mountain biking for an extended period.
  • The efficiency of product questionable
  • Durability not at par with other Ergon products

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Buying the Best Mountain Bike Grips

Therefore you will notice that there are many factors to consider when you are looking for the best mountain bike grips, here are some key feature to consider

Comfort: This is decidedly the most important factor to consider. How comfortable are you using a particular bike grip is the biggest deciding factor. At the end of the day, you will not be able to ride a bike smoothly if you are not comfortable. It has to extend the right pressure on your wrist and hand. Moreover, it has to be sufficiently durable, and the installation process also needs to be comfortable.

The Pressure On Hands: The moment you mention comfort in a bike grip, it also points to the pressure that is being exerted on your wrist and hand on the whole. The rule of thumb is of course that it feels comfortable. But that apart, a proper bike grip will help reduce pressure on your wrist to a large extent. That means you can ride relatively long stretches in one go. As a result, this will also reduce the level of fatigue in your hands. It just spreads out the pressure in a wider area.

Ergonomic Construction: Therefore, in short, the best mountain bike grips are the ones that adhere to the appropriate ergonomic features. The overall design and functionality have to conform to the basic ergonomic designs that have a better degree of palm grip. Moreover, it should be able to effectively enhance the ease of use and convenience element on the whole.

Open Ends: Another interesting feature common to most mountain bike grips is the open end. Both the sides are open in this case. As a result, they can easily slide depending on which placement turns out to be most comfortable for you.

Broadly speaking these are some of the most important features to consider while deciding on the best mountain bike grips. Individual brands may offer a lot more features but all in all, these have to be present. Apart from that, you can always consider independent form durability, popularity, and longevity. The specific weather conditions of a state or country too may play an important role in that context.


Therefore if you are looking for the best mountain bike grips, the above list offers the most stunning and reliable alternatives for users. They do not just conform to the basic tenets of buying bike grips but are also some of the best-valued products.

Whether you are undertaking endurance races or on free trails, these ergonomic bike grips have made a name for their quality with a consistent top ranking track record in most markets globally. In many ways that also give you a broad hint of why you must choose from this list of the best mountain bike grips. These are comfortable, affordable and represent absolute value.

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