Best Instant Tents – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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Best Instant TentsIf you are keen on camping then it goes without saying that you need superb quality tents. Today you have a wide variety of tents with a host of features. Some have wide space within while others may be easy to install. The idea is to go for tents that are easy to carry, easy to install and equally simple to disassemble. As a result, convenience or ease of use is the buzzword in this case. The best instant tents are the ones that can optimize the fun element in any camping trip without compromising on your safety or comfort.

The good news is that today you have a host of manufacturers offering you a great range of instant tents. In fact, consumers are spoilt for choice whether you look at the color, feature or the price range. There is no dearth of options and opportunities in terms of the range or specific elements that you may be looking for. But this can be also a problem in some ways. The range of options invariably confuses you and you may become indecisive as to what to choose and what to leave aside. You may also end up making the wrong choice.

This is exactly why we decided to make the task a lot easier for you. We have curated a list of some of the most compelling options that are available in the market now. These are not just amazing in terms of quality or range of features but also are amongst the top rated ones. That means these are the products that have also won consumer hearts over an extended period and their efficiency and performance speak for themselves. You can decide on the right one for you based on the features that best address your necessity.

1. Coleman Instant Cabin – Patented Welded Floors And Inverted Seams

If you are looking for a convenient and easy to set up option, this is perhaps one of the best instant tents. The Coleman Instant Cabin is a 6-person tent and offers adequate space for two queen size beds. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin That means if you are planning a trip for your family, this is one of the most dependable options to go for.

The extent of the storage area is one of the best features of this instant cabin. There is adequate space to pack in a host of stuff depending on the extent of your travel. Even when you are packing after the end of your trip, this instant tent doubles up as an expandable carrying bag where you can store your stuff till almost your next trip without any worry. But that is not all. There are many other reasons why this can be one of your top choices.

The patented WeatherTec System is also a great advantage. It makes sure whether it is a rainy night or a snowy morning, you are warm, safe and secure in the tent. This patented design also ensures that even in case of flooding you are not sitting on a pool of water.

But for all of these, you do not have to sweat out too much. You can set this tent up rather easily and install it without too much hassle. The pre-assembled poles ensure that you can install the whole tent in a matter of minutes.

There is another interesting reason why you may want to vote for this tent. It is the darkroom technology that this tent specializes in. This means almost 90% of the sunlight is blocked inside the tent. So, it is just bright enough to light the tent but keeps the heat away effectively. So it is cozy and comfortable inside the tent. Check Price.

  • Easy to set up in any type of environment and can be put up by one person single-handedly too
  • Adequately high to be comfortable for tall people as well as short
  • Can withstand a fairly heavy storm
  • Windows not on all sides, so the degree of ventilation is much lesser than lot others
  • Inconsistency with the quality of tent with a select few reporting leakages of the tent

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2. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent – Pre-assembled Poles For Easy Set Up

When you are looking for the best instant tent, this is one of the most compelling options. Though slightly small, it can accommodate only 4-people.Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent But that said, this pop-up tent is extremely functional and ensures that it addresses the user’s interest completely.

This comes with the usual pre-assembled poles that easily bring down installation time to less than five minutes. That anyway makes it a compelling buy and encourages many to go for it. To add to the convenience, the pre-assembled poles are color coded. As a result, setting these up at the requisite points becomes very easy and simple to execute. The taped floor seams is another big advantage. This makes sure you remain dry even when it is completely damp outside. The multi-position rainfly works in tandem with the floor seams in keeping those inside the tent dry and safe from the external vagaries of nature.

Moreover, this instant tent also comes equipped with two large pockets to store your camping gear on the sides and other items of necessities that you may need. The pockets also make locating these relatively simple, and you can access these as per your convenience.

This is not just a convenient tent when it is installed but also when you are packing. It easily folds up flat and that enables you to store this tent is a convenient manner. The storage option also facilitates easy buying of this tent. After all, if you don’t have to worry about how to store it, the buying decision also becomes much simpler. Check Price.

  • An easy to handle and care instant tent.
  • Can camp easily in just about any location
  • Effective designing serves the purpose quite simply
  • Thin and lightweight
  • However there is a huge chemical warning tag and if you are camping with kids, this can be a matter of concern
  • Door zipper is rather flimsy and prone to tearing off quite easily. This makes it rather unreliable, especially in times of heavy wind or snow
  • Though thin and lightweight, it folds up into a 3-inch wide shoulder bag. As a result, this is far better for casual campers compared to backpackers

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3. Coleman 8-Person Tent Instant Family Tent – Large Screened Windows For Ventilation

If you are camping in a really large group and looking for an adequately provided tent, this is one of the best instant tents you can choose.Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent This is a rather spacious tent that can easily accommodate 8 people and 2 queen-sized airbeds quite comfortably. The center height of this tent is close to 6 feet 5 inches and is a comfortable option for very tall trekkers too.

It is quite easy to install and can be in fact set up in three very simple steps. This, therefore, comes forth as an easy to install process that does not involve the complications associated with tents this large a size. Moreover, it is packed in a way that this tent is extremely easy to maneuver and operate in any kind of environment.

But that is not all. There are some other distinct advantages of this tent too. This also comes with the industry accepted benchmark for quality, the patented WeatherTec System. That means you do not have to limit your expeditions to certain months only. You can decide to go out for camping anytime you want and still have a comfortable stay. The patented welded floors and the floor seams ensure that you stay dry within.

Like all Coleman Tents, this one comes with an option of fastpitch, conventional pitch, and 60-seconds instant setup. That means the user convenience and their comfort remains the primary focus at all hours. Check Price.

  • Easy to assemble as well de-assemble the tent depending on your need
  • The height of the tent ensures sufficient elbow room for users even in a crowded condition
  • A large number of screened windows and the door ensure that the airflow is satisfactory
  • The quality of the tent stakes not too great at least 6 guylines are required to maintain the stability of the tent
  • No rainfly severely impairs the waterproof element in this tent

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4. FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent – Double Doors For Better Ventilation

The FiveJoy Instant Popop tent is all about allowing kids to rediscover their childhood enjoy the thrill and excitement of a camping life. This is easy to set-up stress-free installation enabled camping experience.FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent This is a very beautifully designed tent option with openings both on the left and the right side of the tent. The solid nylon flaps don’t just provide adequate exit options but also ensure great quality ventilation and maintain the cool temperature within.

What is particularly striking is that you can easily turn the windows into rainfly making it a functional as well as a chic looking tent. This also adds to the overall versatility of the tent and makes it one of the best instant tents available at the moment. The packaging includes the guylines and the stakes making it a rather self-sufficient and stable set-up to vouch for.

It is durable, sturdy and comes with dependable zippers. This is what makes it ideal for casual camping and weekend getaways at your ease. This is also an extremely easy to package product that does not occupy too much space when stored. Check Price.

  • Easy to install and de-assemble
  • Solid screen panel on the door
  • Well suited for a small group for a weekend
  • Folds into a slightly larger package
  • More of a fair weather tent, not meant for harsh weather

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5. Coleman Waterproof Instant Tent – With WeatherTec System

If you are planning an intimate weekend getaway with your family, this is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to camp. Easily one of the best instant tents, the Coleman Waterproof is known for the quality and the degree of finish associated with it.Coleman NEW Outdoor Camping This tent can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons and is equipped with the most recent innovations in this field.

The WeatherTec System is the key advantage. This is perhaps one of the biggest factors that promise to keep you completely dry and ensures that you can plan a camping trip even when it is raining or snowing around. That is one of the most important pre-conditions if you go out camping rather regularly or for longer stretches.

The interior of this tent is rather spacious with over 150D fabric. The specialty of this fabric is that this is 2x thicker than the regular ones making your tent sturdy and capable of withstanding heavy bouts of rain and storm. Moreover, you do not need to invest in a separate rain fly. This is because this tent is completely taped. That also enhances the overall security of the tent to a large extent. Check Price.

  • Poles pre-attached to the tent helps in easy installation
  • Can be set up with minimum hassle under 5 minutes
  • Satisfactory performance in terms of keeping the wind away
  • Offer a value proposition for most users
  • Scope for improvement in the overall design of the tent
  • Not adequate connection points inside the tent, difficult to hang towels and other accessories

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Tips For Decide The Best Instant Tent

As a result, you can understand that you need a fair bit of research and market study before deciding on the best instant tent for you. As you can imagine from set-up to space and comfort, there are a variety of factors that you have to take into consideration. The primary objective is to ensure your comfort whenever you are on a camping trip irrespective of the locale, and environmental challenges are not compromised in anyway whatsoever. This is why there are some basic features that you must always pay attention to.

Time Required For Setting Up

The moment you think of the best instant tent, it is one of the first conditions that come in mind. After all, the fact that it is instant means, you do not need too much time, but you still have to deal with differences in minutes. There are some that may take 5-10 minutes and some that claim even lesser time. But don’t go by what the company claims. Also, pay attention to user reviews for a more genuine and dependable feedback on the actual time required for it. This will also help you get a realistic idea about the efficiency of a given tent setup.

Sleeping Capacity

Do you go camping in small groups or large? Do you like setting up one big camp or a collection of a few small ones? All of these play a crucial role when you set out to look for the best instant tents. Different tents have different sleeping capacities. Some are spacious and can accommodate up to 8 people while there are many which have room for barely two people. So in that context, you must look for meaningful selection and actively take a call on the total number of people you want to share a particular tent with.


When you are looking for the best instant tents, the seasonality also plays a crucial factor. There are some that are so engineered to withstand the snow and strong winds while there are others that are better geared for fair weather support. The strength and insulation ability decides whether a particular tent is better for summer, winter, rains or for all season. Depending on the season that you choose for camping and the associated challenges involved, you can take a call on what works best for you in that case.


These are extremely important features in a tent when you are looking for the best instant tent, it is extremely important to have adequate doors and windows. But just doors and windows are not sufficient. The design of the windows and the doors should be such that they keep your privacy intact, but at the same time, there should be enough space for complete ventilation. You should not feel too suffocated or too hot inside. That way you will not be comfortable. Similarly, you should not have too large windows either, that way the safety from rains and snow becomes a lot less.


Therefore, it goes without saying that the best instant tents are invariably the ones that can address all your requirements comprehensively. But the term instant can be quite confusing and misleading. Therefore, before anything, you must get down to specifics like how many minutes and more importantly what all elements require what type of time. It is important to also pay attention to other factors like the budget, area and floor quality. The strength and durability of the tent also matter. That together will help you decide on the best instant tent.

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