Best Hunting Chairs – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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best hunting chairsHunting is very exciting and can be a great way to unwind over the weekend. But it is one of those unique outdoor sports that are deeply dependent on an appropriate hunting chair. The appropriate gear will not just enhance the hunting experience but also make it a lot more comfortable. It will cut down the exhaustion and make you comfortable even in uncomfortable and unfriendly forest surroundings.

But the problem is there are a host of hunting chairs that are available now. But how do you know which is the most comfortable option for you? In fact, searching for the best hunting chair can be rather confusing. Each company highlights one or the other feature that comes across as an important incorporation. The challenge then is which one do you choose and how should you base your choice. After all, the chair that you choose will make sure how comfortable you are out in the world. Often choosing the variety of parameters can be rather overwhelming and you can end up choosing an inappropriate one.

That is why it is always useful to fix a budget and key features that you feel are necessary for you. That will help you zero in on the most appropriate ones for you. We decided to make the task even simpler for you. Here is a quick review of some of the best hunting chairs available currently. They are not just the best brands but also some of the best-crafted ones in terms of quality and comfort. Additionally, we also looked for options that extended a value for money proposition for its users.

1. Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair – Powder Coated Steel Frame

The Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair is a low profile, practical seating option for extended hunting escapades. The stable powder coated steel frame offers a sturdy and comfortable seating option.Browning Camping Strutter Chair The best part is that this chair can be used for a prolonged period without too much worry about maintenance. It is long lasting, durable and robust in make and finish.

This chair comes with a distinct camouflage pattern and RealTree Xtra. This ensures maximum discretion when you are on a hunting mission. Moreover, it does not create any distraction for the game or anyone else in the forest.

The fabric on the chair seat is also equally sturdy. It does not wear out as easily as you would expect a regular cloth one too. This is no doubt another big advantage and adds to the durability and long-lasting features of the chair.

Another big advantage is the rotating feet of the chair. All the four feet are rotating and this enhances the overall comfort of using this to a significantly large extent. It allows easy adjustment on any kind of terrain and the user’s comfort is not compromised in any way.

There are additional features that enhance user convenience like padded shoulder strap for carrying it effortlessly from one place to another. Additionally, there is a carry bag that offers storage while you are out hunting and looking for a quick place to put something away.

It folds into a compact shape beautifully and eases the hassle of carrying from one place to another. So this chair is not just great for hunting but also a large number of outdoor activities where it helps to sit for a while and relax. Given the range of use you can put this chair too, the cost is quite reasonable and can be considered a value for money proposition.

  • Practical and extremely convenient
  • The padded shoulders make carrying the chair an almost effortless activity.
  • Compact design and folds neatly into a single unit
  • Very comfortable and ideal for sitting for an extended period
  • The fabric is very sturdy and dries off quite easily even if it gets wet.
  • This is not a very low seat and provides adequate comfort to users while sitting
  • Some users have raised a few concerns about the packaging of the chair. But there are not too many who have raised the concern. Moreover, the comfort and convenience element overruns this simple irritant for some.

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2. Dead Ringer Hunting Chair – Hammock Style

If hunting interests you, then you must be fairly interested in this hunting chair. This features prominently in the list of the best hunting chair for many reasons.Dead Ringer Camping Chair But convenience and comfort are the most important ones. This hammock style seating arrangement is well suited for the rough terrain and easily provides a comfortable resting zone for you.

The best part is that this camping chair fits into your backpack rather easily. This means there is no extra baggage and you can conveniently pack it in your backpack. It is extremely lightweight too. So, you also do not have to travel with too much luggage while you are out in the wild.

The Dead Ringer Hunting Chair is also very durable and can be washed quite easily. That is a very big consideration given that you are out in the wilderness and it is never spic and span.

This chair is lightweight and portable but the best part is that this is extremely versatile. It is also useful for camping, tailgating, hiking or simply sit back and watch a game when you are not hunting. It is as easy to use as it is to carry these.

The high-end military-grade material also makes it an extremely sturdy option for hunting. It is also available in a wide range of color options and combinations, and that undeniably makes it a value buy that you do not want to miss out on at any cost whatsoever.

  • Versatile an extremely comfortable to use
  • Convenient to set up and carry as well
  • No creaking noise when you are sitting or getting up, so it is unlikely to distract others
  • Extremely lightweight and affordable
  • Can be hung on trees too
  • The plastic shoulder strap, however, seems like an irritant to some hunting regulars. They feel that it makes a lot of noise and it can be distracting when they are trying to attract their games. It can also disturb other animals or insects which are otherwise harmless but get unsettled due to the noise around them.

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3. TravelChair Slacker Hunting Chair – Extra Heavy Tubing

Imagine every feature that you consider as necessary in your hunting chair, and the chances are that the TravelChair Slacker Hunting Chair pretty much incorporates all such elements and a lot more in its design and efficiency.TravelChair Slacker Chair An insignificant looking tripod, it is what power seating is all about. It practically incorporates all such features of comfort and convenience that make a hunting chair a clear winner.

No wonder, it features so prominently in the list of the best hunting chair at the moment. It is versatile on the go seating option for every kind of outdoor activity. But despite being power packed with features, it is quite diminutive in appearance and can be easily considered one of the best options to pack in if you want to travel light.

The duck-billed feet make it extremely useful option in any kind of terrain. Whatever be the ground realities, this chair ensures that you are comfortable wherever you decide to sit down. It also has an adjustable closure strap which helps you adjust your seat comfortably and ensures you are perched properly in your chair.

The fact that it is made of a lightweight material ensures that you will never complain about carrying this chair anywhere. The frame of the chair is made of powder steel and that is what gives it a robust structure and dependable finish. The seat comprises polyester fabric making it both effective and easy to clean. The whole concept of the chair rides on customer convenience primarily.

  • Portable and good for any type of outdoor activity
  • Very sturdy with the duck-billed feet making it comfortable in all types of terrain
  • Attractively priced and offers a value for money deal for most consumers
  • Travel-friendly and appropriate for any kind of outdoor event
  • Placement of the chair is, however, a matter of concern. The lack of back support can be a problem point when you are sitting in the same chair for extended hours for days at a row. Though it is hassle-free, it is not necessarily the most convenient of all options.

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4. Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair – Multiple Pockets

This low profile hunting chair with camouflage print and storage pockets undeniably stands out as a bright spot in the list of options of the best hunting chair.Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair It has a durable steel frame and the seat is made of sturdy polyester to enhance the impact.

The multiple pockets are one of the highlights of the Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair. You have really small pockets to large ones too. As a result, it becomes an ideal gear to not just sit during prolonged hunting sessions but also to store all your gear. These pockets are fairly well provided making it possible to store all that you need in just a few pockets around.

The low profile design works effectively for both comfort and concealment. You are after all in the wilderness and not your living room. So it becomes extremely important to ensure that you are comfortable, but at the same time, you should not be easily visible. The low profile with the camouflage print helps you to blend in rather easily in a comprehensive and seamless manner.

The chair folds completely flat when you close it. It works to your advantage in two ways. First and foremost, it becomes extremely easy to maneuver and carry. So wherever you may be traveling with it, it is never too much of a hassle. The fact that it also folds straight without edges means that you can carry it quite easily like a bag on your shoulders.

  • Extremely sturdy and ideal for common game hunting like Turkey
  • The superior quality of the materials used and the overall make extremely dependable
  • The legs do not sink inside the ground, and the chair stands on its own
  • No annoying noise while you sit or get up
  • However, some users have raised concerns about the noise created when you shift your weight sitting on the chair

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5. Timber Ridge Hunting Chair – High Back Wide Seat

The Timber Ridge Hunting Chair is pretty much everything that you want the best hunting chair to be. It is sturdy, spacious, comfortable, has a wide back seat, padded handles, and multiple pockets.Timber Ridge Folding Quad Padded Chair In short, every element that you can think of is already present in this hunting chair.

The fully padded handles and the cup holder is one of the highlights of this chair. This is a feature that makes it stand apart and hold on its own in a crowd as well. The foam padded seat enhances the user convenience to a great extent. The padded armrest is also detachable and improves the comfort factor to a large extent. The cup holder can swivel. That means the user can adjust and use it as per their convenience.

The chair is also easy to open and store as well. It becomes as simple as a side bag when you fold it. The comfortable and the long handle also helps in carrying this hunting chair quite easily from one point to another and this in many ways adds to the comfort factors that you associate the chair with.

  • The chair is sturdy and comfortable
  • The makers claim that the chair can withstand as much as 300 lbs weight
  • The quality of the frame and the seat is both sturdy and comfortable
  • The padded armrest enhances user comfort especially when they are sitting for long hours
  • Some users have pointed out that this chair does not become as small and compact as the few others in this genre.
  • Quite a few users have mentioned that even in terms of its weight, it is more like a backyard chair; it may be more suited for that than as a hunting chair.

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Tips for Buying the Best Hunting Chair

So that brings us to the key points that you have to consider while buying the best hunting chair. If you look at the above reviews there are many factors, but some surely occupy more predominance than the rest

Comfort: This is the top consideration when you are zeroing on the best hunting chair. Remember the user has to spend long hours in the outdoor waiting for their games. The best chairs are the ones that do not compromise your comfort even after spending a lot of time sitting on them. Go for ergonomic designs and good quality material.

Durability: The good quality material also enhances the durability of the chair. It helps you derive maximum value for every dollar spent. Moreover, these hunting chairs are taken everywhere from difficult and rough forest trails to muddy puddles and sandy beaches. The promise of better durability ensures that it will not break down that easily.

Portability: This goes hand in hand with comfort and durability. After all, you are going to carry these in distant and rough terrain. If it is too bulky, it will add to the travel stress. But in comparison, if this lightweight and convenient to carry, users can easily sling it on your shoulders and move. So always check the weight of the chair before you actually set about buying it. If you are carrying from a physical shop, it makes sense to undertake a trail once before finalizing it.

Affordability: Last but not the least; the cost is an important factor when you are deciding on the best hunting chair. But remember that the most expensive ones may not be the best ones always. Always look for value for money proposition that helps you extract maximum returns from the investment. The best deal is when you invest a smaller amount but manage to get a lot more value from this.


Therefore, you have to be very careful while choosing the best hunting chair. The trick is to go for a convenient set up that gives you maximum comfort, but at the same time, is adequately affordable. There is no need to compromise over the quality of the chair, but you have to carefully compare the cost vs. features.

The best hunting chair has to be comfortable and withstand the reasonable weight. It needs to be durable to withstand a variety of challenging conditions. All of these factors together will help you zero in on the best hunting chair available.

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