Best Hiking Underwear – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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hiking underwearGoing on a hike generally means making a lot of choices. This typically involves taking into account almost every small and big thing that you are going to carry. Perhaps the biggest priority is for your personal comfort. From the eyewear to the footwear, every detail counts. This is exactly why the best hiking underwear is almost as much of a necessity as the best hiking boots or the navigation gear.

While on a regular day, the choice is primarily about what’s clean and available, the dynamics on a hike is very different. What is comfortable is the most important consideration. Don’t try anything new on a hike. Stick to tried and tested formula and concepts. Go with styles that you are most comfortable. That way, you can be very sure about how you feel.

You should always look for features that enhance your comfort in terms of fit and moisture absorption. But to help you choose with ease here is a quick review of the some of the most popular options. We have also included a list of the most essential features to make sure you know how to choose them in a comprehensive way.

1. David Archy 3 Pack Ultra Soft Hiking Underwear – Soft Mesh Quick Dry Sports Boxer Briefs

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

Available in a variety of colors, this is considered one of the best hiking underwear for the seamless and no scratch experience that it promises.David Archy Hiking Underwear Comfort is the key word here. The mesh is made of spandex combined with polyamide. The rest of the underwear too is a Spandex derivation. This is an absolutely machine washable and fast dry option that can be rather convenient on long hikes.

This comes in three versions, and you can choose as per your convenience. Though a fast drying fabric, it is extremely breathable, and that helps you remain cool and fresh. The 3D pouch design along with the longer legs also enhances the comfort and convenience factor significantly.

The flat-locked stitching too deserves a special mention. It is seamless and gives a scratch free experience for the user. This is particularly useful if you are trekking in rather a difficult terrain or sweaty and hot condition. Check Price.

  • Comfortable even in hot and sweaty conditions
  • Great fast dry feature a big help
  • No binding discomfort, even during long hikes
  • Moisture absorption features not at par in every situation and there is room for improvement
  • Size and fit is also a concern for those who are not largely built

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2. ExOfficio Hiking Underwear – Odor Reducing Antimicrobial Treatment

When you are looking for the best hiking underwear, it is hard not to include the ExOfficio options. These underwear are known for their quick drying technology, breathable mesh, and moisture wicking ability.ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief Typically these are the three main factors that make all the difference in your hiking experience. This is because the outside environment and the heat can often be overwhelming. However, with this type of comfortable innerwear, it is much easier to remain fresh and comfortable from within.

This one has the trademark odor-reducing antimicrobial treatment, and this also improves the fresh feeling while you are wearing the boxer for long. The waistband deserves a special mention. It is created in a way that it can be stretched to fit, but at the same time, it helps to retain shape. This goes a long way in maintaining the durability too. Check Price.

  • A lightweight, easy dry option that ensures you can travel light
  • Odor-reducing feature keeps the underwear fresh for longer time
  • Stretch waistband enhances the durability
  • Value for money proposition
  • Long lasting and comfortable
  • Inconsistency in quality of the relatively newer products both in terms of quality of the material as well as the waistband.

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3. Adidas Performance ClimaCool Boxer – ClimaCool Technology

Adidas is almost synonymous with quality, so it is no surprise that this offering from the company features prominently in the list of the best hiking underwear.adidas Men's Sport Performance ClimaCool Boxer Underwear It is comfortable, innovative, modern, trendy and stylish. Made of a polyester and spandex combination, it offers both comfort and protection. The lightweight and the ultra-soft fabric is good for everyday use as well as workout and special exercise.

The ClimaCool technology deserves special mention. It enhances the overall ventilation and at the same time allows you to stay dry and comfortable. It also gives this underwear the extra edge, compared to other breathable ones. Check Price.

  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable
  • Matches with other Adidas activewear
  • The legs do not ride up and it minimizes chances of scratch
  • Promising fit despite the variation in sizes and option
  • Waistband durable and stretches for the right fit
  • Not adequate room in the front for many of the users and comes across as constricting for them
  • The positioning of the seams too is uncomfortable for some

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4. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Hiking Boxer – Stretchable Waist Band For Fit & Durability

This Spandex, Lycra, and Nylon mix offering from ExOfficio feature prominently in any list of the best hiking underwear predominantly for the comfort and features that it boasts of.ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Whether you consider innovation or convenience, this is no doubt the type of option that you would want to wear on any hiking trip or otherwise too.

These boxer shorts are breathable and also come with the company’s trademark Odor-reducing antimicrobial treatment. Needless to mention, that it enhances the comfort element and makes the underwear feel fresh even after extended use. The moisture-wicking facility also deserves a mention as it too goes a long way in making these boxers comfortable and keeps the airflow intact.

The quick drying fabric is just appropriate when you consider long hiking trips and low and inadequate cleaning facilities. Carrying these means that you do not have to carry extra luggage and wash these quite easily on the go. The durability of these products also needs to be mentioned. Features like a wide waistband that can be stretched to fit improve the overall comfort factor to a large extent. It also helps retain the shape. Check Price.

  • Excellent wicking ability even during sweaty and hot summers
  • Breathable mesh and anti-odor facilities make the boxers comfortable
  • Lightweight options that dry fast and help you travel light
  • Inconsistency in the quality and durability of the waistband a point of concern

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5. Adidas Performance Climalite Hiking Underwear – Double Lined Mesh

This Spandex- Polyester mix from Adidas is no doubt one of the best hiking underwear.adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite 9-Inch Midway Underwear Adidas specializes in a series of sportswear, and this range of underwear further reinstates their supremacy here. These midway boxer briefs come with a logoed elastic band that promises the perfect fit.

The quick-drying performance fabric keeps you comfortable and absorbs sweat all day. That means even when you are hiking out in the wilderness amidst a blazing sun, you needn’t worry about how to keep yourself dry and comfortable. This can be used for both daily wear as well as sportswear. The no ride-up leg construction is another super feature and ensures that you have comfortable experience wearing this underwear. It essentially means that the underwear does not gather and brush against the skin. This also limits the potential of skin rashes and bruises due to this. Check Price.

  • Superior fit, comfort, and function
  • Appropriate for any type of outdoor exercise/activity
  • Innovative leg construction guarantees better comfort
  • Offers equal comfort irrespective of body type, build and size
  • Length of the legs is, however, a point of concern for few of the users
  • Some have complained of chaffing on inner thighs, but it is not clear whether it is due to wrong size or material problem

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How To Decide Best Hiking Underwear

Therefore, it is quite clear that you have to take into account several factors while looking for the best hiking underwear. Your comfort is primary, and ease of travel is crucial. The trick is to look for options that conform to both these factors and also fit into your budget. Normally a hiking trip involves several other expenses, so you have to be careful about what and how much you would want to buy. Here is a quick lowdown on the key features you must look for in underwear.

Quick-dry, Moisture Absorbing Underwear: Hiking means a lot of walking and sweating too. Therefore, it becomes eminently important that you go for breathable underwear with the ability to absorb moisture. That means you have to give pure cotton options a miss and go for polyester and merino wool items. That way, you can remain dry and comfortable wearing the same underwear for a longer duration without any difficulty whatsoever.

Style Of The Underwear: Underwear these days are available in as many different styles as there are colors. The choice of style is purely personal. Some men like boxers while others may prefer briefs but whichever you go for, make sure that you are comfortable wearing those. That is essential. This is because you have to spend a long duration in the wilderness and your comfort is primary in that case. You do not want to end up wearing anything that you are not sure about, including underwear styles. Going with the tested version also means that you will be more at ease.

Comfortable Fit: The fit too is crucial. It is always better to veer towards a slightly loose fit when you go out hiking. Therefore, go for options that comfortably snug in rather than an absolutely tight fit. At the same time, it is never a good idea to go for a very loose fit either. Both ways, you will not just be uncomfortable but also preoccupied with it. This can also result in the fabric bunching up together and resulting in skin rashes or any other skin injury after that.

Look For Features That Add To Comfort: The customer is king today. When you go to the shop to buy that pair of your dream underwear, it is quite possible that you are spoilt with a plethora of options. But are all new things good? Well, if you ask me, I would say innovations are good only when they serve a purpose. So when you are looking for features in underwear, best to go for options that are practical and easy to use. Don’t just be swayed about a new feature; think about how it can help make it easier for you. A flat tagless waistband, therefore, is more welcome than just contrast-colored bands. The innovation needs to justify itself.

Fabric: Last but not the least important, go with fabrics that suit you best. You may have heard your friend rave about the quick-dry ones, but you are more comfortable in pure cotton. It is always best to stick to cotton in that case. Not only does it make for a more comfortable experience but also avoids unnecessary problems like sudden skin rash, allergy or irritation. But you have to also balance the relevant issues of washing and quick dry options. Therefore, the best option is to try a variety of alternatives and then decide on any of them. But make sure you try and test before setting out for the hike. Stick with what is most comfortable when you are out.


Therefore choosing the best hiking underwear can be tricky business. We suggest that hikers should pay maximum attention to their comfort. The underwear may seem very small in the overall scheme of things, but it can impact anyone’s comfort and peace of mind to a large extent. The idea is to be at ease and in control. That is only possible when you go for underwear that is not just cool and trendy but also extremely comfortable and fits snugly to your body. That way, you will be able to concentrate better on the trip and stay ahead of the rest.

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