Best Hiking Sunglasses For 2020 – Top 5 Rated

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best hiking sunglassesThe moment you consider a hiking expedition, there are some essentials that you always keep in mind. These include the backpack to store all your stuff, your hiking boots and the plethora of gadgets that accompany you. When it comes to clothing, there is no clear pre-decided requisition. As long as you are comfortable, you can wear just about anything, but there is a serious requirement to protect yourself from the direct glare of the sun; though this is one aspect that many seem to ignore. At the most, many skin conscious hikers may apply some sunscreen lotion, but that is never enough.

What you really need is a pair of good sunglasses that helps to keep the direct sunray away. Whether it is a day-long trip or involves multiple days, this is an absolute necessity. It is very useful in helping filter out all the harmful UV Rays when you are spending a long time outside. It protects your eyes and helps them remain cool and comfortable. This also cuts down the relative stress on the eyes. All of it is extremely important in maintaining proper health of the eyes.

After all, you have only one pair of eyes and taking care of them is very important. But then the question is how you will select the best hiking sunglasses. There are many variants, and different manufacturers offer different features to stand out and make a difference. Your challenge is to identify the most important features and grab a pair that offers you maximum features at the minimum cost.

Well, we decided to make the task a lot simpler for you with our ready review of the most popular and the best hiking sunglasses. You can easily take your pick from amongst these and have a comfortable time through your hike.

1. Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses – Non-Polarized Iridium Lens

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

Oakley is anyway one of the uncrowned monarchs of the world of premium sunglasses. Their products are known for quality, performance, and efficiency. The Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 is no exception to the rule either.Oakley Men's OO9188 Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses In fact, this is one of those unique offerings from Oakley that takes excellence and area expertise to an entirely new high level. It effortlessly combines style and efficiency in a beautiful happy marriage. Needless to mention, this is, therefore, one of the best hiking sunglasses that you can look at buying.

The Flak 2.0 has a standard frame size and significantly enhanced lens coverage. In fact, it is like optimizing every mm space on the lens surface to offer the best visual experience to you. This high definition optics is not just great in terms of visual quality but also an extremely durable one. What makes it an absolutely compelling buy is, of course, the fact that despite all these features, it is an extremely lightweight variant that ensures 100% user satisfaction.

These sunglasses are known for the sharp clarity and secure unobtanium grip that makes the user experience rather satisfying both in terms of the visual experience and also the threat of losing it easily. You can be running, jumping and whatever but the sunglass will mostly hold up all of that and more. In very simple words, it is one of the trademark Oakley offerings reflecting undeniable excellence in every possible way.

  • Great performance and clarity of vision
  • Fits the face quite well and blocks the harsh sunrays rather effectively
  • Lightweight, durable and sturdy piece suitable for all types of hiking and adventure trips
  • There are several online delivery related inconsistencies. The company needs to address this issue with both the seller and the online portal through which it is being sold.

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2. Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket Iridium Sunglasses – Plutonite Polycarbonate Lens

The Oakley Flak Jacket is one of Oakley’s greatest tributes to the faith that athletes from across the world placed in them for years now. No wonder, it is considered one of the best hiking sunglasses that you can depend on.Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses It is one of those iconic sunglasses that enable you to stay ahead of the crowd and also the sun at every possible step.

This is not just about optical excellence; it is about creativity overwhelming concepts. Available in a range of colors, this is an exceptionally feature-packed pair of sunglasses. They boast of the unbeatable Oakley’s High Definition Optics and the clarity guaranteed as a result. It is also one of those glasses that have the perfect fit and users get to choose the nosepad that offers them the best possible comfort.

The Unobtainium makes really increases the overall grip of these sunglasses even in case of heavy perspiration. Moreover, the now popular Oakley’s Three-Point Fit optimizes the overall comfort of the lenses. The precision alignment also enhances the resulting clarity of these glasses.

The lens material also needs a special mention in this context. The pure plutonite is successful in filtering out UV lights almost by 100%. Moreover, these sunglasses also meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards with regards to impact protection. The semi-rimless design also plays a crucial role in this context.

  • Optimizes overall performance with interchangeable lenses
  • Durable, lightweight and stress-resistant
  • Protected by standard Hydrophobic/Oleophobic anti-smudge lens coating
  • Special attention to user comfort
  • The plutonite lens offers protection from 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC light
  • Beware of fake products that are also sold as originals. Make sure you understand the key features that distinguish the original from the fake ones in a comprehensive manner. That is what will help you enjoy the benefits of a superlative product completely.

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3. Suncloud Momentum Polarized Sunglass – Polarized Lens & Temple Pads

When you are looking for stylish and functional sunglasses, the Suncloud Momentum is one of the best hiking sunglasses that you can look to buy. It is an extremely affordable product that promises superlative protection from the sun as well as a better level of comfort.Suncloud Momentum Polarized Sunglass If you are looking for a comfortable cross between comfort and technically advanced features, this is one of the best possible options to go for.

This one comes equipped with a superlative Polarized lens. When you are planning to stay out of doors for an extended period, the relief for your eyes is of utmost importance. As a result, this completely fits the bill. It helps to block the harsh sun rays from your eyes and offer them maximum relief even on a scorching day. The comfort to your eyes also cuts down the relative stress of the whole exercise. As a result, you are able to enjoy your hike in a lot more meaningful way.

Customer convenience is high on the priority list of the Suncloud manufacturers. Along with the superior quality polaroid lenses, this one of is also equipped with a series of features that enhance user comfort. The most important one is the temple pads that ensure better grip and comfort. Nor more worry about the sunglasses hurting the nose bridge or falling down due to force or perspiration. It also comes equipped with a microfiber cleaning cloth and storage bag. This ensures that storage or maintenance of the sunglasses is never too difficult.

  • Lightweight, curvy and stylish
  • An extremely sturdy piece that can withstand particularly harsh conditions
  • Particularly well suited for those with a smaller fit. Your head size may be smaller, or you may have a flat nose, but that’s no longer a problem with the Suncloud sunglasses. It ensures all your basic requirements are met in a conclusive fashion.
  • However, you may have to be careful about avoiding getting duped by fake produce. Per se, there are no elements or pockets of concern about this product, but there is mention of customers being sold fake products. So if the price is exceptionally low, you may just do well to check the authenticity of the seller. Moreover, you must also look for the key signs the help you identify between a fake and an original one. This is what will help you make a value buy.

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4. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses – TAC Polarized Lens

If you are not planning to spend as much as the Oakley costs but at the same time, appreciate the kind of features and comfort that they offer; the Duduma Polarized sunglasses may be the best hiking sunglasses for you.Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Hiking It is stylish, durable, strong and an extremely functional sunglass.

The TAC Polarized Lens is particularly effective in offering 100% protection from UVA&UVB rays. Additionally, it also protects your eyes from the harmful blue light, almost up to 400nm. So it is very useful in cutting down the glare and restoring true color. This, in fact, helps to a large extent in providing adequate relief for the eyes.

The versatility of this lightweight sunglass makes it ideal for biking, driving, running, fishing, practically any type of outdoor activity. The wide range of color combination of the lenses also adds to the style quotient. That apart, this is also an unusually sturdy combination. The polycarbonate lens and frames are scratch resistant, resist impact and are unbreakable. That no doubt adds to their appeal as one of the most convenient pairs of sunglasses that you may pick up for your outdoor adventure.

  • Polarized lenses extremely effective in cutting out the harsh sun rays
  • Extremely affordable and packed with features, overall value for money product
  • Superior grip enhances the security aspect of the lenses
  • Inconsistencies in the overall quality of lens and frame. There are some user reviews that indicate that the frame is rather fragile.
  • The coating on the glass also tends to peel off in certain cases. Therefore quality concerns remain for this particular piece. But overall for the cost that it is available, it is a value buy.

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5. Peppers Cutthroat Polarized Sport Sunglasses – 100% UV Protection-Polarized

The Peppers Cutthroat too features prominently in any list that reviews the best hiking sunglass. Both in terms of looks and functionality, this is a great performer and highlights a superior user experience within a budget.Peppers Cutthroat Polarized Sport Sunglasses Let’s face it, an Oakley may not fit into our budget whenever we want to. But does that mean you compromise with your comfort? Not really! All you have to look for is budget options that offer similar comfort. That is where the Peppers Cutthroat sunglasses feature so prominently.

A secure fit and resistance to slippage are undeniably two of best features of this sunglass. It creates a definitive and superior user experience and also helps you to enjoy your trip without any worry or uncertainty.

The 100% UV protection with the help of the polarized glasses is the other key attractive feature. After all, this is one of the most important reasons for preferring these over many others. The Polarized lens is one of the best options to tackle harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays. But as long as you are wearing these, a lot of it is tackled well. These polarized lenses are a special combination of tri-acetate polarized lens that has 2 acetate lens layer with one polyvinyl acetate layer in between those two. In fact, that is what enhances the comfort element.

  • Excellent clarity coupled with high definition polarized optics
  • Great product at an extremely affordable rate
  • The protective coating tends to peel off in many cases
  • The lifetime warranty program is not as great as it really comes across

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Tips For Buying The Best Hiking Sunglasses

So the most important factor when you are deciding on the best hiking sunglasses is the efficiency of it. The idea is to wear something that can offer maximum protection to your eyes and at the same time look good and stylish. Needless to mention that the affordability is also a factor. But you must remember one thing that it is about protecting your eyes. So it makes sense to create a budget, but don’t compromise on the quality. A few bucks here may become expenses worth hundreds of dollars if your eyes are not in proper shape.

Polarized Lenses

When you are looking for the best hiking sunglasses, this is one of the primary requisites. It is always worthwhile to go for sunglasses with polarized lenses. Sometimes these may be slightly more expensive than the rest, but the kind of comfort that it delivers is worth spending the additional money for it. The advantage of polarized lenses is it protects your eyes from the glare reflecting from rocks, snow, water and even sand. That means it offers a significant amount of relief from the harsh sun rays. This cuts down the strain that you feel in your eyes. You will realize that it also reduces your headache and makes your hike a lot more comfortable.

The Weight of The Frame

Your sunglass may be packed with features, but what if it is so heavy and it hurts to wear it for too long. This is exactly why you must always check the weight of the frame that you are settling for. Lightweight sturdy frames are the best bet for your eyes. They ensure that you are comfortable wearing the sunglass for long and it will offer you maximum protection from the harsh rays of the sun at every step. A lightweight frame will also ensure that you are more active and better engaged in the hike.

User Comfort

This is the primary point, just like your clothing, your sunglass has to be a comfortable one. It is no use wearing an expensive sunglass packed with features if you are not comfortable in it. The moot point is that you have to be comfortable wearing whatever you choose eventually. So always make sure that the sunglass that you decide to wear for your hike is also the most comfortable pair of sunglasses you have. That is what will make it one of the best hiking sunglasses for you at any cost.


Now comes the question of how long your sunglasses will last. Normally when you are looking for the best hiking sunglasses, durability is a given fact. This is because you have already looked for all the possible features in the glass. So, you must look for sunglasses that are durable. Anyway, given the amount that these sunglasses cost, the manufacturer will lose business if they start peddling cheap products.


Therefore, if you are passionate about hiking and believe in good health, it is time to invest in the best hiking sunglasses that you can think of. A great quality hiking sunglass is not just important to look cool during all the posing and the photography that happens through the hike. But, more importantly, it is the crucial factor that helps to make sure that your eyes are not affected by the extended stay, and you can enjoy your trip as best as possible. It is the best insurance for future health and convenience too.

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