Best Hiking Sandals – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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hiking sandalsHiking in good sandals can be a pleasant experience sometimes. There are many treks where sandals can offer you better comfort and protection as compared to shoes. Moreover, the shoes are all covered, and it can be quite exhausting for the feet if you are hiking for a long time. One of the easiest solutions then will be looking for hiking sandals. We all know that without the right footwear, your travel can be quite painful.

The basic principles when looking for the best hiking sandals remain more or less similar to that of looking for a hiking boot. It is all about comfort, safety, and convenience. But the dynamics will keep changing from person to person and area to area. But we decided to make your search for the best hiking sandals a lot easier.

Here is a handy review of some of the best hiking sandal options available. We have also included a detailed list of the key factors that help you decide on the most reliable footwear when you are out in the wilderness. The idea is to provide you with the best possible options and make your experience a pleasant one with our inputs.

1. Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Hiking Sandals – Unifly Midsole & Waxy Leather Upper

These leather, neoprene footwear is decidedly one of the best hiking sandals. Efficient and effective, this sandal is about all-weather performance.Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sandal Whether you are in an area with a lot of rapids and other water bodies or hiking in the wilderness, this sandal will help you have a safe journey.

It is made of waxy, waterproof leather and a stretch lycra material. That along with the unique bungee lacing system makes adjustment rather simple. It also makes the adjustment a lot easier and enhances the overall comfort of walking in them for long stretches.

The Unifly midsole needs special mention. It guarantees all-day comfort and provides cushioned support for the foot even for long stretches. The outsole with 3mm lugs is an additional advantage. It provides a reasonable amount of traction and creates a lasting impact for hikers, even on an extended trip. Check Price.

  • Comfortable footwear that helps you move with ease in both land and water
  • Can withstand shock easily and saves the foot from experiencing the impact
  • Value for money buy with absolute comfort
  • Excellent grip even on a slippery surface
  • Slick wood is, however, a problem point
  • May get blisters on first use

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2. KEEN Newport H2 Sandal – Metatomical EVA Footbed

The metatomical EVA footbed is what goes a long way in making the KEEN Newport one of the best hiking sandals.KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal Comfortable, lightweight with adjustable strap options, it pretty much fits the bill in terms of the basic features but what really sets it apart is the unique footbed. It does offer a secure fit and ensures the footbed adjusts to your foot shape. That is what brings in a more enhances a sense of comfort and grip for the user.

It also comes with natural odor control features and has a breathable mesh lining. The washable polyester webbing is further instrumental in keeping the shoe clean and tidy under any condition. The compression molded EVA midsole with rubber outsole further improves the sense of ease and comfort in a meaningful way. Check Price.

  • Comfortable fit and a great look
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Well ventilated with appropriate protection for the toes
  • Easy to wear and walk in any kind of terrain
  • However, durability is a major concern. The stitches start unraveling in less than three months of use, and the soles to come apart rather fast. That takes away a lot of value from the overall deal.

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3. ODOUK Sport Hiking Sandals – Anti-sole Lugs For Great Grip

These are no doubt one of the best hiking sandals with a durable outer sole made of rubber and the bungee lace system to offer you the right type of fit.ODOUK Mens Sport Hiking Sandals The anti-slip lugs are no doubt the best part of these sandals. Not only do they provide a comfortable grip but also make sure that the fatigue on your foot comes down to a large extent. The cushioned leather footbed maximizes comfort meaningfully.

The versatility of these sandals is worth taking note of. The quick-dry hydrophobic lining makes it an ideal alternative even in damp conditions. Whether you are hiking, strolling on a beach or just stepping out of home, they offer complete support, comfort and maximize your convenience all the way. Check Price.

  • Sole quite strong and absorbs the impact even when you are walking on gravel and stony region
  • Versatile footwear, appropriate for many occasions and can be easily adapted to the situation
  • Comfortable with adequate ventilation for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable straps enhance the fit and the comfort
  • Limited sizes available
  • Inconsistency is seen in terms of durability

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4. Viakix Hiking Sandals for Women – EVA Form Midsole And Ergonomic Arch Support

Trendy, fashionable and stylish, these feature prominently in practically any list of the top hiking sandals.Viakix Hiking Sandals for Women These come with adjustable straps in front allowing better comfort. They can be customized as per requirement offering a greater degree of convenience and comfort. Moreover, these lightweight sandals can be packed quite easily and ergonomic arch support cuts down potential fatigue over a long distance. It can be used both in water and on land without any hassle, and the webbing along with the rubber outsole makes for a very convenient experience wherever you may decide to travel.

The sole quality goes a long way in guaranteeing a superior heel and toe comfort even when you are hiking for an extended period. The 30-day return guarantee also speaks about the quality of the product. Check Price.

  • Versatile, comfortable and lightweight hiking sandals
  • Effective on both land and water, even for extended hikes
  • Offers sustainable toe protection even for those with wider toes
  • Ergonomic support enhances the comfort factor
  • The sole, however, is comparatively harder and noisy too
  • The plastic sole can be an irritant for many who are not used to it

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5. ATIKA Women’s Sports Sandals – Three Layer Front Toe Protection

The three-layer front toe protection is definitely one of the key factors that make this one of the best hiking sandals. Often the biggest motivation for people to wear closed shoes on a hike is predominantly to protect their feet.ATIKA Women's Sports Sandals The threat of small rocky chips, debris, and risk of waterborne organisms harming your toe is just too great. But with this sandal, you can finally bid adieu to this risk. Instead of just a single layer outer sole, there are multiple layers of sole protecting the toe. Essentially made of rubber in the outer layer, hybrid PU in the middle layer and the inner layer comprising of synthetic upper, it is both durable and water resistant.

The other advantage of the synthetic upper material is that it dries quite easily. Imagine having to lug the weight of the heavy hiking boots soaking in water. In comparison, these lightweight sandals are both comfortable and convenient.

The elastic cord lace with adjustable hook also needs a mention. It does not just offer a secure fit but also gives the option to adjust the fit as per convenience. The open strapping system complements this arrangement and makes provision for additional ventilation. Additionally, this sandal also has polyester jacquard webbing and helps in customizing the fit as per the user’s convenience. Check Price.

  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Works in both wet and dry surface with equal efficiency
  • Sturdy and comfortable with excellent support
  • Toe bed angular and can be very claustrophobic for those with slightly wider feet
  • The back strap is not adjustable

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How To Decide The Best Hiking Sandals

Well, by now, it is quite clear that there are many elements that you must consider when deciding on the best hiking sandals. Whether you are looking for men or women’s option, comfort alone cannot win the game for you. Features and factors that help these sandals stand out are very important. Ultimately, that is what will guarantee you an absolutely memorable trip and complete peace of mind through the journey. Here is a quick lowdown on some of the most compelling factors to ensure that you invest your money in the right place.

Terrain: Before you go out shopping for your hiking trip, find out details about the terrain. That alone will help you decide whether you are better off with a hiking sandal or shoes. A clear idea about the terrain will also help you decide on the type of sandals that you will be comfortable wearing. Even in terms of grip and support, knowledge of the terrain can help you decide better. Even the key decision whether you need a sandal or a boot will depend on that.

Comfort: That is a keyword. Wear the sandals and check for yourself. It should be comfortable when you are wearing them for the first time. It is always good to look for sandals with adjustable straps. That will help you loosen or tighten the sandals as per your convenience. Also sometimes you may like wearing them with socks and sometimes without them. Adjustable straps will ensure you can make alterations as per your need.

Fit: Fit is important too. Don’t buy a size smaller expecting the sandal to loosen up and neither should you go for a size bigger just in case your foot swells. Remember, when you are out hiking, a comfortable pair of shoes can be your biggest solace. So don’t compromise with comfort. Always make sure that you get just the right fit and can comfortably run and walk in that pair. That alone will be able to guarantee and peaceful and uneventful hiking sojourn. When it comes to fit, it is also necessary to ensure that you know perfectly how your foot behaves on long hikes. If it does tend to swell up or you experience any type of pain, make sure that you buy footwear that addresses this concern.

Resistance To Shock: This is another major concern when you are deciding on the best hiking sandals. Always look for options that are shock resistant. They could either have foam soles or made of EVA, but at the end of the day should offer a cushioning impact. Without that support, your foot will have to bear the impact of even the smallest shock, and that can often be detrimental for the overall health of your toe and can even cause long-term injuries.

Toe/Ankle Protection: That brings us to the next problem. Protection for your toes and features to safeguard your ankles are a must when you are looking for the best hiking sandals. In case your hike trail is full of debris and rocky, it is always advisable to look for options that can adequately protect your toes in a significant manner. That way, you can rule out chances of possible toe injury during the hike.

Blister Potential: The duration of the hike and the terrain have a bearing on the overall fatigue on your ankles and toes, and in many ways, they also impact the blister potential. You can cut out the chances by reigning in the extent of foot sweating. But that said, it is always better to go with trusted and tested footwear during your hiking trip instead of trying new ones directly.


The choice of best hiking sandals is, of course, an extremely personal one. But these broad parameters will surely help you decide on ones that can promise maximum comfort. It will also help you decide whether you want to choose sandals or shoes. Enclosed boots invariably lead to more sweating and blisters and the sandals, when chosen well, can offer the best possible relief from them. But the key is to make an informed choice and go for the most comfortable option.

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