Best Hiking Gloves For 2020 – Top 5 Rated

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best hiking glovesI am sure that somewhere deep within you are wondering what’s the big deal about buying a pair of hiking gloves. How different can one brand be from another? At the most, there may be a difference in color or quality of the material. Some may be soft. Others may be warm!

Well, you may have underestimated the potential of the hiking gloves. If you are serious about hiking, it is important to include some really top grade hiking gloves in your wardrobe. You never know when you need them. The weather, especially when you are hiking, can be quite unpredictable. It can turn chilly suddenly and again become hot and oppressive almost as quickly.

Therefore, it is imperative that you go for outfits that conform to these uncertainties and help you adapt to any type of weather rather fast. The weather that you are hiking in, the material that you prefer, all have a role to play when you are deciding the best hiking gloves. It is primarily about choosing a product that can easily help you the weather conditions that you will be hiking in.

You have to remember that different kinds of gloves have completely different functionalities. Each one serves a specific purpose and can be useful for a specific reason. The challenge is often about identifying the key functionality that you must focus on. It can be the lightweight element or the warmth factor. But we devised a plan to make the task a lot easier. Here is our ready list of the best hiking gloves that you may select from. These are not only functional and top quality stuff but also amongst the most affordable ones that offer a perfect balance between quality and cost. These are also amongst the most popular ones.

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1. SKYDEERE Winter Hiking Glove – Genuine Deerskin Seude

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

When you are looking for the best hiking gloves, this one comes across as a warm, comfortable and stylish pair of gloves. The Skydeere is made of premium deerskin suede and comprises of warm polar fleece and 3M Thinsulate.SKYDEERE Hiking Glove This is essentially insulation cotton that helps in maintaining the warmth within the gloves.

The polar fleece back also adds to the overall functionality of the gloves. Apart from making the gloves warm and comfortable, it also protects the hand from wind bouts. In other words, this is what makes the glove windproof. The best part is that this is an extremely skin-friendly material, so you don’ have to worry about possible rashes and all such problems.

The inner material also has a quick dry element, so no more worries about sweating palms either. Most importantly, this glove works overtime towards keeping your hands sweat-free at all times. This particular glove also has a double shirred elastic wrist. This helps in keeping it close around the wrist and keeping out all the debris and the dirt away along with the chilly wind that can often be really uncomfortable.

This type of gloves is extremely versatile too. They can go with a variety of outfit and occasions. It is just perfect for a casual ride or drive or even a hike. Whether you are shoveling snow on a chilly day or a snowmobile or any such outdoor activity, this is the type of gloves which will always be of great help and keep you comfortable too.

  • Multi-functional pair of gloves that can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities and purpose
  • The gloves have a satisfactory grip enhancing the overall user comfort
  • This is a handy and lightweight pair of gloves that are convenient to carry anywhere you go
  • That said, quite a few users pointed out that this glove is good for mild temperatures only. In case, it is too chilly or windy outside, you may need something heavier and warmer. This lightweight pair is best for casual outings

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2. TrailHeads Elements Hiking Gloves – Contrast Mesh Inset

If you are looking for a stylish way to keep your hands warm while hiking, this is one of the best hiking gloves. The Trailheads hiking gloves is extremely lightweight made of polyester/nylon/spandex material and ensures that your hand stays warm and comfortable even in very cold condition.TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen Hiking Gloves The best part of this glove is its versatility. Whether you are hiking or running, shoveling or working out, this is a suitable option to stay warm.

This comes with unique double layer cuffs that go a long way in keeping the entire fit extremely snug and secure. The design is quite effective in keeping the wind out and making your hands comfortable. But that does not mean that you have to sweat in them during the heavy workout. The mesh insets within these gloves are effective in managing the change in temperature and the sweat accumulation and keeping your hands cool and comfortable. They provide unique ventilation opportunity and help you regulate the body temperature effectively.

But remember, they may not be the best option in very cold condition. At best, they can be the base layer, and you have to back it up with another layer of thick gloves for maximum comfort. These are adequately warm for mild to medium winters. For temperature conditions that are any worse, it is better to go for thicker options in combination with these.

But that isn’t why this is one of the best hiking gloves. This is one unique pair that now comes with the touchscreen technology. So every time you want to change something on your mobile or simply receive a call, you do not have to remove your gloves. You can now take a call, adjust your music preferences and text your friends with the gloves on.

The other big advantage is that this glove comes with a trail-tested guarantee. That means the company is committed to your satisfaction and if you are not happy with what you buy, they will find a replacement or a refund for you at the earliest.

  • Lightweight, good quality material with enhanced comfort features
  • Touchscreen technology enables better handling of the phone with the gloves on
  • Breathable material so allows complete ventilation
  • Guarantee from manufacturers for easy refund/replacement of product if they are not satisfied with it.
  • Can only be a base layer in case of extreme winters.
  • These are not made to last too long either. There were a few comments about the gloves falling apart within a small span of time

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3. Waterproof Winter Hiking Gloves – Touchscreen for Smart Phones

An extremely versatile, one of the best hiking gloves, this waterproof winter gloves are made of 100% breathable material. What makes these extremely sturdy is the fact that they are also windproof and helps you stay comfortable in extreme winters too.Waterproof Hiking Gloves Designed for both men and women, these gloves come with gel grip control that gives you proper grip and total finger protection even in very cold temperature.

If convenience and comfort are the primary concerns for you, this is one of the best options available at the moment. The inner lining of this glove is made a fast dry technology material that instantly dries up all the sweat and lets your hand feel comfortable and cool. So even if you are working out wearing these, there is absolutely nothing to worry. These gloves will help you remain comfortable.

This glove to comes equipped with the touchscreen technology for using SmartPhone conveniently while using it. You can access your smartphone without a problem while using it and make sure that your day to day activities are not hampered because you are wearing gloves.

That apart, this glove also comes with a 12-month worry free guarantee. That goes a long way in ensure customer satisfaction. It also reflects the company’s commitment towards maintaining a certain quality of manufacturing standard.

  • The gloves have an anti-skid and wear-resistant design that enhances comfort
  • The elastic at the wrist prevents the gloves from slipping and allows it to stay in place comfortably
  • The material is warm and breathable and does not lead to rashes
  • The 4-way stretch fabric, in fact, enhances user comfort to a large extent
  • Additional insulation with the help of 3M Thinsulate
  • The size chart consistency is questionable so it makes sense to order a size larger than your actual size
  • These gloves are not waterproof so in case of rain or snow you may face a problem

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4. Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men – YKK Upgraded Zipper

If hiking in the mountains is your favorite hobby, then this is the type of hiking gloves that can make it a comfortable and a fun experience.Mountain Made Cold Weather Hiking Gloves These are multi-purpose and unisex gloves that can be easily worn by anybody. One of the best hiking gloves available now; they are seen in many colors and multiple sizes to fit all types of users.

The versatility of these gloves deserves special mention. They can be used by both men and women. They can be used for hiking, driving, cycling, shooting and practically any activity outdoors. The now common touchscreen technology surely enhances the efficiency and versatility of these gloves. The gloves are no longer an impeding factor in handling your phone outdoors. Instead, they become the enablers of convenience and comfort.

These gloves are extremely warm and comfortable. The fabric used is a combination of polyester, spandex and PVC Rubber. This helps it in being both lightweight and warm. To add to it, these are comfortable too. The new YKK upgraded zipper adds to both the comfort and convenience quotient. It is also a multi-directional stretch material that is ideal for active use and workout. The anti-bacterial treatment helps to eliminate odor and infection threat with relative ease. The anti-slip zipper design helps to keep the gloves in place without the risk of slipping too often.

  • YKK upgraded zipper ensures that the gloves remain in place
  • Anti-bacterial treatment ensures that the threat of odor and infection is dealt with effectively
  • The multi-directional stretch material enhances user comfort
  • A versatile and multi-functional pair of gloves that can be easily worn by both men and women
  • The gloves fit in snugly in your hands without any effort
  • However, the quality of the zipper needs a serious relook. The user reviews indicate that it is not very sturdy and tends to give in rather easily and that can be a major source of disappointment.

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5. JIUSY Touch Screen Outdoor Gloves – Microfiber Hardknuckle

When you are drawing the list of the best hiking gloves, the Jiusy Touch Screen gloves is one of the most flexible lightweight gloves that you could settle for. This is also an extremely slim fit and tactically designed set of gloves.JIUSY Military Shooting Hard Knuckle Hiking Gloves

But that said, this glove retains most of the classic hard knuckle and reinforced palm design. These Hard knuckle tactical gloves are primarily made of a microfiber material which is both durable and lightweight. Additionally, this is the type of material that is built to last for a very long time. It is also a fast drying, wear-resistant and anti-slip material that is built to perform. The durability of the product needs no special mention in this case.

The functionality of the gloves is further enhanced by the easy to implement touchscreen technology. This enables you to operate the smartphones without removing the gloves. The enhanced sensitivity of the gloves allows users to comfortably operate them in very cold condition too. The overall convenience and comfort elements make these tactical fit gloves a definite winner. The range of size options is also quite expansive, so this caters quite satisfactorily to most users looking for it.

  • Ideal for light use
  • Gloves are well made and offer reasonable comfort to the users
  • Fingers fit comfortably inside the glove
  • These gloves are not at all durable in nature and tend to come apart rather simply
  • Not extremely safe and stitching methodology rather haphazard

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Tips for Buying Best Hiking Gloves

Therefore it goes without saying that the best hiking gloves are the ones that cater to a wide range of factors and comfort element. Functionality is a key consideration for any hand glove, but the style quotient is also necessary. Most importantly the material used also needs some attention.


The best hiking glove has to be lightweight, but at the same time, you must make sure that you are choosing a reasonably durable material. That will make sure that you don’t have to look for a new glove in the middle of a trip. Always go for materials that can withstand a lot of pressure at and does not come apart easily.

Protection from Cold

Remember the primary motive of a hiking glove is to protect your fingers and hand from the chill and the cold winds. Therefore, make sure that you select a glove that is high on the comfort factor. This is to make sure that you have adequate protection from the cold. The best protection is from the gloves that offer multiple layer insulation. That offers you maximum benefit.

Compatible with Skin

The best hiking glove is undeniably the one that you are most comfortable in. It goes without saying that the quality of the material matters a lot. It has to be categorically of a material that does not result in skin rashes and any type of allergic reaction. The only way to guarantee this is by making sure that you do not compromise on the ultimate quality of the product that you use.

Fit On Your Hand

When you are selecting the best hiking gloves, it is essential that it fits snugly on your hand. That will make sure that you reduce the scope of this glove slipping from your fingers or for that matter coming out of your hand. Proper fit will also ensure that you get a comfortable grip and you can use your hand without too much of a trouble. That will ensure that you have a comfortable experience with the pair of hiking gloves that you finally decide on.


Therefore, it goes without saying the best hiking gloves are the ones that cater to your comfort best. The hygiene and health issues take precedence over all other factors. It is very important to choose gloves that are made of reliable material so that there is no reaction on your skin. The next is, of course, the grip. The more slip-resistant and wear-resistant it is, the better. This ensures that the user is at maximum comfort and protection. It is needless to mention that when you go out hiking, it is important to choose every gear with care including the best hiking gloves for complete comfort and an uneventful trip.

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