Best Fishing Pliers – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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fishing pliersIf you love fishing, you cannot underestimate the role of the fish pliers. A good pair of fishing pliers is a necessity at almost every step. Whether you have got a fish using multiple hooks or keen about changing hooks to lure more fish or simply cut the fishing line, it is impossible to conceptualize without the right fishing pliers.

If the pliers are too weak or bend instead of cutting, they will not serve their purpose well. Moreover, it can also undermine the fun factor in your fishing trip to a large extent. But choosing the right fishing pliers can be tricky. Not only are there a plethora of options, but also a difference in the degree of usability. It is all about going for the right match and most optimum use over a longer term. The idea is to choose the best fishing pliers suited for the type of fishing that you prefer. 

We decided to make the task significantly easier for you with this handy guide. This is not just a detailed review of some of the top choices but also gives a clear view of what all features you must look for to ensure that you have the best pair available. It is all about combining convenience and requirement. 

1. Booms H1 Fishing Pliers – Sheath Lanyard

Classic and basic is how we like to call this pair of fishing pliers. Undeniably one of the best in the market, it is great for solving general fishing problems and promises to deliver absolute value at all times.Booms Fishing Pliers But remember this is more of a beginners fishing pliers and not ideal for heavy-duty professional fishing. 

That said, this pair of stainless steel pliers are strong, durable and extremely functional. It can hold objects quite firmly and crimp. It also comes equipped with a split ring leader that helps you to repair your lure as and when required. The spring loaded in its handle offers a much better operational experience and ensures superior performance. 

But remember this is predominantly for freshwater fishing and the stainless steel body necessitates keeping it clean and dry at all times. Check Price.

  • Inexpensive, lightweight and functional pair of pliers
  • Practical tool for freshwater and beginner level anglers
  • Needs to be kept really clean and dry or rusting sets in quite early
  • Not appropriate for saltwater heavy fishing
  • Inconsistency in the quality of the stainless steel body

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2. Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers – Braided Line Cutter

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

This classy looking aluminum offering is not just one of the best fishing pliers but also one of the best looking ones.Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers Made of anodized aluminum, it works well in both saltwater and freshwater conditions without the worry of corrosion. 

Moreover, it is equipped with a tungsten carbide cutter that is replaceable and often the best tool to cut through a braided line. The stainless steel jaws are high on tensile strength and durable. Moreover, the serrated jaw design ensures that you get a secure grip and don’t land up with a potential injury at any time. 

This is not just an easy to use tool but also easy to carry. It can be practically used one-handed, and the nylon holster makes it an easy to reach device too. The comprehensive guarantee from the company makes the deal even more compelling. Check Price.

  • Impressive performance range and quality of efficiency
  • Durable and lasts for a long time
  • Lanyard clip quite effective
  • Sturdy make and smooth to use
  • Value for money buy
  • The line cutter, however, could have been slightly bigger. That would have improved its functionality significantly
  • In terms of security, no way to keep the device closed and secure

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3. Zitrades Fishing Pliers – High-Density Skid Proof Handle

When you are looking for the possible contenders for the best fishing pliers, it goes without saying that this offering from Zitrades scores rather prominently.Zitrades Fishing Pliers Made of special deluxe aluminum, it is effective, lightweight, easy to use and offers absolute quality in terms of functionality. 

Designed especially for fishermen, it has an anti-skid handle. This comes in really handy if you need to use it in a precarious position or amidst a lot of turbulence in the water. Additionally, this pair of pliers is also equipped with a holder and a belt loop. So wherever you may go out for fishing, this is never too far away to reach. 

It offers a relatively tighter and stronger grip when you are removing the fish hook, and the stainless steel jaws enhance the relative durability of these pliers in a meaningful way. Its versatility is another big advantage and helps you remove practically any type of hook. Check Price.

  • Reliable, durable and effective pair of pliers
  • Efficient even during saltwater fishing
  • Well packaged and sturdy build quality
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Handle still slippery compared with many others despite the anti-skid coating. This can be a dangerous proposition many times
  • Room for improvement in terms of the quality of the sheath and cutter
  • Cutter loses its edge quite fast

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4. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers – CNC Cut Handles

If you are keen about a fish plier that can make hook removal cakewalk, then Piscifun Aluminium is one of the best fishing pliers you can opt for.Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers It is lightweight, corrosion resistant and offers an absolute value proposition. It delivers complete protection from rusting but at the same time offers you a durable, sturdy and sharp functional tool to complete your fishing gear

It is very easy to use, and the titanium coating stainless steel body makes it a versatile must have. Removing hooks, splitting rings and what not. You name it, and the Piscifun will deliver in totality. But don’t go by its lightweight looks. It is strong enough to tear through the braided line and cut heavy mono lines as well. 

The nylon sheath makes it a super convenient and safe set of tools as well. Check Price.

  • Multi-functional and reliable.
  • Corrosion resistant in all types of water
  • The lanyard enhances the versatility of the pliers
  • Secure tool and reduces the chance of dropping them in water accidentally
  • Proactive customer service
  • Inconsistency in the quality of the nose strength. For select users, it bent after the very first use. Instances of breaking after using in saltwater are also there.

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5. PLUSINNO Fishing Pliers Coiled Lanyard And Belt Sheath

This multi-functional pliers is no doubt one of the best fishing pliers and absolutely worth the money you are spending for it.PLUSINNO Fishing Pliers Ergonomically designed and lightweight, it is corrosion resistant and offers great performance, irrespective of where and how long you are shipping.

This is a Titanium coated stainless steel fishing pliers with a Tungsten Carbide line cutter. Essentially that combines the goodness and strength of stainless steel, and at the same time, makes it completely corrosion resistant and convenient to use. Despite being lightweight, don’t underestimate its ability to cut any type of fly lines and even the heaviest of mono leaders. 

With a lesser chance of rust and corrosion, this is an ideal buy for the long-term. The 12-month warranty that comes with the product makes the deal even sweeter. It makes it a minimum risk proposition for the user and amplifies the relative return of the product over the longer term. Check Price.

  • Sturdy, lightweight and absolutely easy to use
  • The storage case is quite strong and the lanyard durable
  • Helps you get the job done fast and efficiently
  • Capable of removing just about any type of hook
  • Not very effective for braided lines in salt water
  • Inconsistency in the Titanium coating quality with few reviews about rusting after 2-3 years of use

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How To Decide On The Best Fishing Pliers

Therefore, you can well understand that choosing the right type of fishing pliers is very important. That will essentially impact the degree of success during any fishing trip. Here is a quick low down on the key factors to consider. 

Material: There are many things to consider when you are deciding on the material for your best fishing pliers. Stainless steel and aircraft aluminum are amongst the most common ones. While stainless steel guarantees strength and durability, the aircraft aluminum ones stand out in terms of their practically no rust track record. This is a rather important consideration give continuous exposure to dampness and moisture. Additionally, this type of aluminum pliers is also very efficient and tends to last for a long time in practically any situation. 

Titanium fishing pliers are the third that is quite popular now. Corrosion resistant and high on strength and durability, it is almost a happy marriage of all positive features. Based on your budget and requirement, you can choose amongst any of these. 

Plier Shape: Pliers come in different shapes and dimension, and different anglers have different preferences. But on the whole, you need to have a clear idea of what is most convenient for you. For many the long nose, needle-shaped pliers offer maximum value. Known for their reachability and precise performance, they can be rather handy in many tricky situations, including ones where the fish might have swallowed a hook. In terms of removing hooks, the pistol-shaped ones also count as very effective. But ultimately it is the angler’s preference and what they commonly choose to work with is what matters. 

Functionality: Gone are the days when one tool would only serve one purpose. Multiple functions are the name of the game. From the smallest Swiss knife to the biggest angling gear, it is all about functionality now. It, therefore, goes without saying that if you are looking for the best fishing pliers, make sure it is also an option that is functional and versatile. The more flexible it is, the better its efficiency. Different situations would have different demand, and different geographies offer a completely different fishing experience. It is important that you opt for a pair of fishing pliers that can adapt to any situation. 

Efficiency: This goes without saying. A weak fishing plier can be a really painful addition in your fishing gear. Therefore, look for ones that are effective and helps you get the job done fast. Even if you have to pay a little extra, it makes sense to opt for ones that can last a long time and reviewed by users as effective. That will ensure that your angling success is not affected anyway. If you pliers are not efficient, it can also hamper the relative success while you are out fishing and need to cut the line or change hooks fast. 

Durability: Last but not the east, durability is another factor that you must pay attention too. Remember fishing trips can sometimes extend for more than two or three days and deep in the wilderness. In that situation, if your pliers give in, your fishing experience too might suffer. Therefore, it is extremely important that you decide on a durable option while looking for the best fishing pliers. They need to be effective but at the same time decidedly long lasting for the best results. 


Therefore, when you are looking for the best fishing pliers, remember the devil is in the details. It is all about looking for the right combination within the budget that you have allocated. The pricing is an extremely important element here. This is because fishing is not a particularly easy hobby. It is cost intensive too. Therefore, it becomes all the more important that you go for options that promise to deliver maximum value for the money that you are spending for it. Ease of use and functionality is important. But at the same time also pay attention to the safety aspect. 

In case you are too overwhelmed by the range of options available, simply go through these handy options that we have shortlisted and reviewed for you. We promise that there is something for every type of angler and something that fits every kind of budget.

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