Best Cycling Shorts – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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best cycling shortsIf you are passionate about biking, then I am sure that you will pretty much understand the dilemma of looking for the best cycling shorts. While buying the right bike may be the bigger challenge, it is also pertinent that you are wearing the right pair of cycling shorts to enjoy your biking session.

You can also belong to the club that may think what’s so great about the silly jersey and shorts and why do we need to devote so much of column space? Well, the point is without the appropriate clothing, you cannot enjoy your biking session. It is not just about looking presentable or cool. It is about wearing something that is both comfortable as well as trendy.

Cycling shorts are designed in a unique manner. When you are searching for the best cycling shorts, remember the main purpose of these outfits is comfort. Designed especially for cycling, these shorts are appropriately padded for greater comfort and definitive ease of riding the bike. The seams in these shorts are also placed very strategically. They make sure that there is a definite reduction in chaffing, particularly on longer rides that are over 10 miles or sometimes even further.

Normally the best cycling shorts are always made of tight-fitting but flexible materials like Spandex or Lycra. There are two benefits. These cut down the resistance offered by clothing and at the same time gives you the agility to undertake a wide range of motions. There are other technicalities too like fabrics that are more breathable, that absorb the sweat or even cuts down the heat generated. In case you the unable to decide the best option, we have created a ready list of options that sure offer maximum value at the minimum price.

1. SANTIC Cycling Men’s Cycling Shorts – With CoolMax Padded

The SANTIC cycling shorts are undeniably one of the best biking shorts both in terms of the quality of the fabric and the finish. Available for both men and women, these are padded and ideal for long-distance biking. These shorts boast of some of the most premium materials used for sewing it. It is 82% nylon, 18% a combination of spandex and lycra.SANTIC Cycling Men's Shorts Typically they have about 0.9-inch inseam, and the surface of these shorts is quite smooth. So in terms of interference or resistance, riders can be pretty comfortable. Their fluidity of movement remains intact and they are able to ride with agility and ease.

The four-way stretch tricot fabric is sewn in a two-panel construct with the seamless pad. This significantly reduces the scope for any kind of abrasion or injury and also cuts down chances of saddle sores. The padding is rather smooth and comprises of the coolmax microfiber. This is actually laminated to the foam and tricot material. As a result, the overall comfort and ease of use are not compromised in any way.

These shorts are also an extremely hygienic option for extended ride sessions. It is anti-bacterial in composition and remains dry for an extended period. As a result, the chances of sweat induced bacterial infection in the skin are much limited. But that is not all; there are a few more interesting features enhancing user comfort. The silicone leg grippers are not just attractive but functional too. They make sure that the shorts remain in place. However, remember these shorts are primarily made for Asians. So Europeans and Americans need to order a size higher for best fit and comfort.

  • Smooth padding with coolmax microfiber ensure minimum abrasion or saddle sores
  • Anti-bacterial and remains dry for an extended period
  • Silicone leg grippers to keep the shorts in place
  • Available for both men and women
  • The sizes may be a problem if you are a first-time buyer. Better to refer to the size chart carefully.
  • The padding is relatively light compared to many other offerings in the same price range. That can be uncomfortable, especially if you are riding for long distances.

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2. Dinamik Men’s Biking Shorts – UPF 50+

If you are a serious biker doing long stretches on a regular basis, this is one of the best cycling shorts to go for. From the user’s comfort to hygiene, this pair of shorts is a unique and comprehensive package of several positives. They don’t just add to the looks but the comfort and safety of the user.Dinamik Mens Bike Shorts

The Dinamik’s Men’s Bike Shorts are known for the breathable fabric, premium quality moisture wicking and chamois padding. With all these features packed together, it is rather needless to mention that this is one of the most compelling contraptions to light up your bike ride.

This is an extremely lightweight product. The material used is both light and flexible. It comprises of 80% nylon and a 20% Lycra-Spandex combination. The Gel Chamois and multi-level silicone padding adds to the user comfort and creates a better cushioning quality. It makes sitting in the saddle for long distances way more comfortable.

But the best part about these shorts is the UV protection that it offers. These shorts are equipped with UPF 50+. In terms of your good health, this is one of the most important factors. Continued exposure to the sun cannot be a good news for your body. But these shorts with the UPF 50+ protection reduce the risk to a significant degree.

But that is not all. This pair of cycling shorts comes with its standard share of features too like a 9-inch Inseam, moisture wicking ability, and breathable texture. Needless to mention that all these factors make it way more comfortable than normal. It offers optimal cooling features and is made of reflective material that is visible even in low-light conditions. It is stretchy with a non-slip design and comes with a flat-locked stitching through the seams. All of this goes a long way in enhancing the wear-ability of these shorts in a comprehensive manner. That way, you can focus on the ride more than your clothes and bike smoothly with distinct agility.

  • Durable product with no chaffing and strategic placement of seams
  • Breathable material ensures user comfort
  • Superior cushioning aids the biker’s comfort
  • UPF 50+ protection against continuous exposure to the sun.
  • However, some users mentioned that the compression could be relatively better compared to many other products available in a similar price range. Better compression also ensures better protection against abrasion and sores.

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3. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts – 6-Panel Anatomic Design

Next on our list is the Sponeed Men’s cycling shorts. Lightweight, soft breathable, it is practically everything that you are looking for in what comprises the best biking shorts that you can buy. These cycling shorts are a combination of extremely functional elements coupled with a mesh design. sponeed Bicycle Shorts for Men Cycling Compression Shor This is created to introduce a brand new level of user convenience and comfort while riding.

The fabric is also breathable with a superior padded design. The shorts also come with anti-slip silicon band. Each piece that they prepare goes through high-tech sublimation printing. This is important because that is what helps in maintaining a lasting impact and dependable quality. Moreover, they also offer easy movement and fluidity. Ultimately this is what plays the most important role in enabling a smooth feel.

These bicycle shorts with padding not just keep you comfortable but cool too. Wherever, you may be riding the bike, remember you will always be cool, dry and comfortable with these shorts around. Along with the elasticity, the breathability of these shorts is also legendary. The 3D Silicon gel helps in padding in the saddle areas. Sitting on the narrow bike seats can be very painful for an extended period, but the 3D silicon gel surely aids the process.

Most importantly, these are also low maintenance shorts. Whether you wash by hand or in the machine, it does not require a lot of effort. That along with the high octane performance, courtesy the four-way performance stretch and the 6-Panel anatomic design makes it one of the best value buys.

  • Dependable chafe-free reliability for users
  • High tech sublimation paint ensures that it does not fade.
  • Has quick dry, moisture wicking activities
  • Also has antimicrobial properties
  • There are some cases where the durability or fit has been a problem. But this is not a common complaint. So it is possible that this may be case specific. The company has also recommended buying a size up. In case buyers missed out this instruction, it may pose a problem for customers in the long run when they finally get the product.

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4. Beroy Womens Bike Shorts – 3D Gel Padded

The Beroy Womens Bike Shorts are extremely popular. In fact, they are one of the best cycling shorts for women. A soft microfiber top with great fit makes sure your comfort is not compromised at any point. It is stitched in a way that the inseams ensure that you do not have to deal with chafing an abrasion.Beroy Womens Bike Shorts

But that is not all. There are many other features that put these biking shorts in a league of their own. This is an extremely flexible pair of shorts with advanced Bacteriostatic treatment. In simple words, this shorts is geared to ensure that you are not vulnerable to any type of infection or saddle sores.

The cushioning technology brings in a brand new dimension to the overall quality and finish that you get in these shorts. The thickness of the padding also warrants a mention here. It is not a uniform thickness. This is variable and it keeps changing depending wherever you need more support. So when you get down to biking, you do not have to worry about anything else. These shorts become your most appropriate interface. It keeps your body in shape and takes care of your safety and hygiene.

  • Reflective logos ensure proper visibility in low light areas
  • Padding of variable thickness to ensure that appropriate cushioning is provided
  • Flexible, durable and stops bacterial infection
  • The high waist and mesh cutouts improve the overall look and comfort too
  • Good quality shorts that last for a relatively longer period
  • Affordable and quality alternative
  • Be very careful about the size guide to make sure that you do not end up buying a smaller size. This can severely affect the skin and even lead to abrasion. In case you like a loose fit, it needs to be a size bigger.

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5. Eco-daily Men’s 4D Padded Cycling Shorts – 4D Pad Thickness

If you love biking, you cannot say no to Eco-daily. It is particularly striking for the premium professional quality of padding that it offers. Both in terms of comfort and utility, this is one of the best options available.Eco-daily Men's 4D Padded Cycling Shorts

The relentless innovation in providing quality further enhanced the level of satisfaction that is expected. After all who does not like an extra comfortable and better-designed pair of shorts.

Additionally, these shorts protect you from the sun and harmful UV Rays as it has anti-UV properties. Cycling, after all, involves long hours in the open and may result in serious exposure. However, with these shorts, it ceases to be a problem.

This is also a springy material that fits the body. It is lightweight, quick drying and has moisture-wicking abilities. That means it does not let the sweat accumulate and also keeps a check on sweat related bacterial infection.

However, the most important feature of this environmentally conscious bike is undeniably the new upgraded 4D sponge padding that is also known for its elasticity. It is now about 2.5 cm in thickness, and this goes a long way in maintaining user convenience over an extended period of time.

  • Anti-UV and environmental-friendly
  • Lightweight, speed dry and moisture wicking
  • New improved padding which is both thicker and more comfortable.
  • Durable with proper fit
  • Comfortable and affordable shorts that give you a value for money bargain
  • The padded chamois adds to the overall comfort.
  • Some users highlighted that the size chart can be confusing. This is why pay close attention to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure that you go through the measurements and then place the order instead of going for a size blindly. This will enhance the degree of accuracy attached to these shorts

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The Tips for Buying the Best Biking Shorts

So if you are out buying the best cycling shorts, there are many factors that you must pay attention to. Remember your comfort, convenience and care are primary. It needs to be something that does not just look good but also guarantees you maximum comfort while you wear them.

Padding: The padding is what guarantees maximum comfort. But that said, you cannot just have heavily padded shorts either. It has to be a variable infinity thickness type. This will make the thickness variable and dependent on the needs of a specific body type. With proper padding, the durability and functionality of these shorts increase to a large extent.

Fit: Different users have different levels of fit requirements. It is best to go for aerodynamics fit that offers maximum comfort to your body. The best cycling shorts are normally tight fitting and skin hugging. In this way, they maximize the comfort element associated with a specific pair. However, if you are going to be cycling for an extended period, it is best to go for a baggy one with an internal pocket. They guarantee both convenience and comfort.

Number of Panels: The best signs of a well-constructed and one of the best biking shorts is undeniably the panels that are created. In fact, what distinguishes cheap biking shorts from the expensive ones is the number of panels. Normally, more the number of panels, better the fit. Moreover, it offers better protection against any type of chaffing and abrasion. So you can easily ascertain the degree of comfort and performance excellence that you are comfortable with in your shorts.

Inseam Placement: Now this is another crucial element of great looking cycling shorts. Typically if you analyze cycling shorts, the inseam lengths may vary significantly. But the general thumb of rule is that longer inseams last longer and also prevents chafing. It smoothens the whole feel and fit of the shorts that you decide on.


Therefore, when you set out to look for the best biking shorts, a deep understanding of the sewing basics can come in handy. Always pay attention to your personal preferences. If you like baggy more than tight-fitting, it is what you must go for. Remember biking trips are spread out over long distances in a challenging situation. As a result, it is imperative that you stay comfortable at all time. Along with this your health and hygiene are the other essential factors introducing your choice for the best biking shorts.

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