Best Compound Bow For 2020 – Top 5 Bows Reviewed

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best compound bowChoosing the appropriate compound bow can often be an uphill task. Given the marketing and professional gimmicks, every compound bow that you come across seems to be best suited for you. If you are a relative fresher in the game, the choice can be even more intimidating. You have a host of terminologies clouding your decision and choices.

Therefore, let us first understand what or how can you decide the best compound bow? For that, it is important to understand what a compound bow is. These bows were first developed by Holless Wilbur Allen in 1966. This bow has a complicated levering system using pulleys that helps to bend the limbs and the end of the bow. As a result, archer gets a distinct advantage, and they have to use less force. This also means guaranteed better aim and improved accuracy.

So, in this context, you can say that the compound bow is a distinct improvement on the traditional recurve bows. But, that also means that this bow is most useful for all those who have achieved a certain degree of expertise in archery. This is not really for newcomers who are just considering taking up archery and are unsure how to go about it.

Known for the higher speed, accuracy and perfection that they embody, these compound bows have often been used in several action movies in Hollywood. But that still does not help you in choosing the right one for you. So, we decided to create this handy guide for you that brings a completely new dimension to your compound bow shopping. We have created a ready list of the five best compound bows that are available now. You can make your choice depending on the specific features or advantages that you want to incorporate in the bow of your choice.

1. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit – 100% 30-day Guarantee

Solid and striking, the RAPTOR Compound Hunting bow is one of the best compound bows you can lay your hands on. It is sleek, imposing and embodies a host of features that improve the overall look and feel of the bow. It is known for its smooth pulling and speed shooting abilities.RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit In very simple terms, it is a multi-function versatile bow that guarantees both speed and accuracy. So from target practice to bow fishing to full-fledged hunting, you can pretty much use this bow for a host of activities.

The RAPTOR comes with a fully-adjustable draw length. It has a fairly wide range between 24.5-31 inches. That means that the same compound bow can be used by a wide range of archers across body shape, height and expertise. This compound bow has a draw weight of 30-70 lbs. As a result, this works equally brilliantly with kids and adults both without any problem. It is all about adjustments as per your requirements. Whatever age group you may belong to, you are sure to like this one. The best part is you do not need a bow press to make these adjustments anywhere and anytime.

Often bows in this price range have a plastic element in their cams. Needless to mention that affects the durability to a large extent. But the RAPTOR Compound bow has fully machined aluminum cams. The company claims that there is ZERO plastic in their product.

In terms of specs, this bow has

  • Axle length of 30 inches
  • This has speed settings close to 315 ft per second with a maximum of 350-grain arrow
  • The package comes with 5 pin sight. These are equipped with light and level

One of the biggest advantages of a compound bow is the nearly 75% of the weight of the bow is shifted. As a result, the user has reasonably more resources to add weight to their accuracy and final speed. The split yoke tuning system in this compound bow enables comparatively more precise adjustment. As a result, it enables proper flight of the arrow.

  • The split yoke tuning system enables precise and specific adjustments
  • Solid and dependable compound bow
  • Extremely versatile, works equally well with youth, adults, and kids
  • The accessory package is rather adequate and cuts down on the user’s overhead expenses
  • The durability of the product, however, needs to be looked into. You have more than one user reviews point to design and build quality issues that impacted the overall durability of the arrow.

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2. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow – Max Speed of 270 FPS

If you are looking for the best compound bow that can help you enhance your expertise in archery, the SAS Rage Compound Bow may well be one of your best bets in this case.Wizard Archery 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow With a net weight of 4.4 lbs and a maximum draw length of 30 inches, it gives users a definitive edge to excel. It is a perfect combination of style and science and offers you the best possible efficiency parameters. Using this, you don’t just shoot well, but you shoot fast and with accuracy.

The basic specs of this compound bow include

  • Draw length ranges between 26- 30 inches
  • The draw weight ranges between 55-70 lbs
  • Maximum speed about 270 FPS
  • Axle to axle measurements span 35 inches

This bow comes equipped with compressed ABS limb. This helps in maintaining the strength, weight, and balance. Needless to mention, this also enhances the life of the bow. The layered limb further adds to the strength and durability of the bow. The riser placement and cutouts to add to the level of excellence and strength of the bow. When the string is pulled back on full strength, you can get a maximum speed of 270 feet per second.

  • A well-built bow that is both powerful and solid in structure. This enhances the overall performance to a large extent
  • Shoots straight guaranteeing more hits and a greater degree of accuracy
  • Great entry level bow that works well with both professionals and relatively new users
  • Provides a value for money deal for most users. Given the price for which this is available, it is packed with features
  • The tuning of the bow and the quality of strings need more attention for 100% user satisfaction as also proper efficiency to continue.

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3. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow – Infinite Drawstring

In the list of the best compound bow, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro hits the mark with flying colors. Speed, agility, accuracy and all the other parameters that you may consider, this bow s a clear winner in all fronts.Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package It is packed with features and power and represents a distinctly advanced archery experience.

It is almost likely the company pulled all stops while creating this feature-packed bow. The extended draw length works beautifully for long draw archers. Additionally, the cam system showcases the power of a designing brilliance and addresses the requirement of both old and new style shooters.

The solid back wall of this bow is yet another feather on the Diamond Cap. It gives them a definitive edge in terms of performance and efficiency. The stabilizer further enhances the intrinsic balance of the bow and enhances the level of inbuilt perfection.

Some of the key specs of this bow include

  • 5 inch super lite octane stabilizer
  • Draw length extended to 31 inches
  • Draw weight adjustable in the range of 5-70 lbs
  • Weight-adjusted without having to swab limbs
  • Infinite drawstring to help greater limits
  • Multi-shooter drawstrings enhancing the overall performance and excellence of the final shot
  • All in all, this is a complete package that brilliantly combines traditional and modern features to enhance the degree of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Infinite drawstring enhances the performance level
  • The bow stabilizer is added to improve the degree of precision; however, there are different views on it. Some users are happy and some not so
  • Very effective value for money deal and the bow is still very affordable
  • That said, Diamond has to invest some serious time and money in improving the customer care services and how they plan to address the growing customer requirements in a proper manner.

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4. Genesis Original Compound Bow – Machined T6 Aluminum Riser

If you are looking for the best compound bow, surely this one is considered the official bow of the NASP scores very high in the list. Yes, the Genesis Original Bow is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program.Genesis Original Compund Bow That highlights the distinctly improved level of archery principles, the speed, precision and expertise that this bow represents.

In fact, it is a great bow for starters and also across age groups. The specs of the bow are thus planned that you can easily adjust them to suit any body type, height, and athletic readiness. Especially with kids, this is a type of bow that they will never outgrow. They can continue using it even when they become adults. But the question is will it be durable enough to last that long. This bow also includes a machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser and an aluminum cam and idler wheel. Additionally, it has sturdy composite limbs and extremely high-strength bowstrings. As a result, durability and high resistance go hand in hand with this compound bow.

Well, this bow is built with the popular single-cam technology. This easily cuts down tuning issues, recoil and other safety hazards. As a result, this is ideally suited for beginner level students and starters. It also emanates a lot less noise and comprises of significantly easy operation matrix. Altogether this makes for a compelling package that is also available at a reasonable cost.

  • Well suited for archers who are either right handed or left handed
  • Draw weight adjustable in a wide range, and you can easily fix with a wrench provided by the manufacturers.
  • Targeting quite accurate using this improved and high precision bow
  • One size suits all combination
  • The makers, however, do not provide any other accessories like arrow, quiver etc with this bow. You have to buy all of that separately.

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5. Leader Accessories Compound Bow – Powerful Yet Affordable

Leader is one of the best-known brands in terms of providing a wide range of hunting instruments. They are known for their durability, safety element and a definitive level of precision that is hard to come by. This, as a result, becomes one of the best compound bows that you want to go for.Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow

While the draw length and the draw weight of this compound bow are at par with available options, the speed of this bow gives its owners a definitive edge. It has a speed of a whopping 310 FPS. That is at least 100 FPS more than most other competitors in the market.

Both the draw weight and the draw length can be adjusted as per requirement. As a result individuals irrespective of age group, cast, creed, and race can use this bow with ease and expertise. These bows can also be customized as per your hand orientation as well as eye dominance. This makes this bow extremely versatile.

These bows come with easy direction manual on how to change the draw length and weight as per requirement. The individual’s convenience is the primary objective of the makers of this compound bow.

  • Very affordable and extremely powerful compound bow
  • Extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear due to constant usage
  • It shoots with great accuracy enhancing user confidence
  • However, some bowstrings have snapped quite early on indicating potential manufacturing issues.

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Tips For Buying the Best Compound Bow

That said, the parameters for buying the best compound bow are fairly straightforward. On the one hand, individual preferences will play a role, but at the same time, the degree of some basic measurement basics is important to factor in. Together they guarantee both quality as well as efficiency for the bow users and help them get the maximum output from the compound bow of their choice. Here is a quick rundown on some of the most important factors to keep in mind while you go compound bow hunting.

Affordability: Your budget is primary. The price range when you are looking for the best compound bow is rather wide but don’t go overboard with it. Set your target at a certain price point which you can afford. Look for options in that range. It will help you in two ways; first of all, your choices become lesser. After all, you can now look at an option that fits the pricing. Also, it cuts down the chances of deciding on something beyond your budget.

Speed Of The Bow: When you are looking out for the best compound bow, it is better to go with the ones that have higher IBO speed. The faster bow ensures that the pins on your target are much closer. Speed is important when you are particularly targeting some object from far and perhaps just guessing the distance, the speed can go a long way in enhancing the chances of a proper hit.

Eye Dominance: This is another crucial factor to watch out for when you go out shopping for compound bows. First of all, you have to check and decide which is your dominant eye? Mainly for each one of us, the brain prefers visual input from one eye over another. Check the bows individually and check the one that best addresses this preference. That will surely improve your targeting and bring about better precision.

Hand Orientation: This is normally connected with eye dominance. For most users, the eye and the hand on the same side are dominant. But this can be different too in case of some individuals. Always check the hand orientation and then buy the best compound bow that addresses your hand orientation. Not only will you be able to exercise more power but your targeting is also more precise.

Draw Length: Your draw length is very important to determine your accuracy with the compound bow. Any archery store will help you measure that in quite easily. The appropriate draw length is critical to get a more accurate aim. It also improves your efficiency with the bow. That is what adds merit and boosts the performance from any bow.


Therefore, the choice of the best compound bow can be really tricky. It depends on a number of factors, and your choice is influenced by several parameters. If you want to perfect the art of targeting and archery, the bow is perhaps one of the most important accessories. But you have simple physics at play. As a result, all these factors and measurements are crucial in guaranteeing the best possible outcome. In case you are confused, go through our reviews of the best compound bow. These will help you narrow down your choices to a significant extent.

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