Best Camping Table – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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Best Camping TableIf you camp frequently, I am sure you understand the importance of a camping table. It is not just one convenient option to eat food, but there are many other uses. We are so used to an elevated workspace that often the challenge of a completely on ground set-up can be actually overwhelming. The camping tables that way provide an easy respite from a wide variety of problems. You get a place to put your stuff, eat your food and sometimes even sleep if you don’t like the cold hard ground.

But given the rising popularity of camping, there is a problem of plenty to deal with here as with most other camping gear. As a result, the choice of the best camping table is never as simple as you think it is. Firstly, this is never a permanent set-up, but at the same time, you need to look for something durable and sturdy. After all, it needs to withstand the pressure of the travel, heavy camping gear and at the same time; it has to be compact and lightweight. As a result, there are many factors that you must pay attention to before deciding on the most appropriate option.

But we decided to make your task a lot easier. We have carefully curated this handy list of some of the most popular and sturdy tables to help you decide on the best camping table for your next trip. We have included ratings and listed out the key features to help you take a definitive call on the type of table that you require. After all, different products have different USP and pricing ranges. You have to take a call on what fits into your budget best and crams in the maximum number of features that you have lined out.

1. GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camping Table – Heat-Resistant Aluminum Counter Top

This is everything that you are looking for in the best camping table. It is sleek, portable, lightweight, sturdy and stylish. If you are planning a camping trip, it cannot be complete without the table.GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station In one straight shot, it is almost everything that you need in a perfect table for camping. It is a functional and versatile piece and helps you create a convenient and eating place at the campsite.

This portable folding cook station literally brings both the kitchen and kitchen counter outdoor. There is adequate space not just to cook but also arrange the pots and pans and all the other necessary cookware, spices and serving items. This is primarily a one-piece table with an aluminum countertop and powder-coated steel frame.

There are a total of 4 side tables that can be used quite conveniently once you completely unfold the table. The countertop is heat-resistant and is best suited for keeping the camp stove. The dry storage items can go to the lowest rack, and the middle ones can accommodate a whole lot of utensils and other cooking ingredients.

The side tables are also extremely sturdy. They can easily hold a range of beverages, food, paper towels and many other items of necessity like grilling hooks and garbage bags too. This table is also one of the most portable variants and in fact, folds flat completely. That means it can be easily accommodated in the boot or even the roof of your camping vehicle. In fact, this portability is courtesy of the special slim fold technology pioneered by the company.

The other top most advantage is you can easily set up or de-assemble this table. It can be installed in a matter of minutes, and that means the customer advantage is pronounced. In fact, there are minute details that add to the user convenience. The beverage holders, stem glass holders and hooks all enhance the overall user efficiency and utility value of this table.

  • Convenient to carry, super easy to set-up
  • The frame is sturdy but lightweight adding to user convenience
  • Durable and long-lasting assures guaranteed service
  • Weight bearing capacity of the camping table exceptionally good
  • Inconsistency in the quality of the stand leg. In select cases, users have highlighted that it refused to stand up straight and as a result, it was a huge impediment to ensuring hassle-free cooking for an extended period. There seems to be some problem with product delivery standards in certain cases.

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2. Coleman Outdoor Compact Camping Table – Aluminum Slat Top

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

If compact and convenient are your primary objective then the Coleman Outdoor Compact Camping table can well be one of the best camping tables. Coleman has long been considered one of the leading lights in the camping gear space.Coleman Compact Folding Table They have earned credibility as manufacturers of great quality products with assured benefits and affordable rates. This compact table is no exception to the Coleman creativity either. It reflects a keen understanding of camping conditions and user convenience. No wonder it is such a popular camping table that is known for its superb detailing.

This is primarily an ultra-compact aluminum folding table. You can use this multifunctional table for any type of outdoor activity and cookouts. So whether you are going to the countryside or simply your backyard, it does not matter. This table will deliver value anywhere that you set it up.

The aluminum slat top deserves a special mention. It means there is a special protective covering that enables you to place just about any kind of hot pots or pans on the table without worrying about any damage. Additionally, the steel frame of the table also offers additional support. It also increases the available surface area for working t quite a large extent. This table is ideal for seating 4 people in one go.

  • Functional and a lightweight table that can be carried to any possible campsite
  • Durable and sturdy. The joints hold nicely and do not give in to the pressure
  • An affordable option, given the range of functionality and overall versatility of the table
  • Heat resistant table further eases out challenges while cooking at a campsite
  • Delivery related issues. Users have highlighted that how the table may be full of features, but it was delivered in a damaged state to them.

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3. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables – Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy

You may be planning a picnic or a camp trip but whatever you might be planning, it is hard to do so without a dependable table like this one. The durability and the inbuilt strength make the Trekology one of the bets camping table that you may opt for.Camping : Beach Table with Aluminum Table

It is light, compact and sturdy. When you are back in your camp after a hard day’s work, this is just the most appropriate table you need to plonk your stuff. Whether you want to drop off your gear, cook food or eat it, this is one multi-purpose table that will always offer support.

It is built in a compact size that can be comparable to an outdoor coffee table and deliver optimum value to its users. This is also crafted in a way that it can easily navigate the vagaries of nature. It is weather-resistant, waterproof and absolutely easy to maintain. The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy creates a rugged exterior and extremely sturdy interior for the table. As a result, it enhances its versatility and usefulness.

Setting up this table is absolutely child’s play, and you do not need any tools for the same. What really seals the deal for this one is the fact that it is an extremely lightweight table despite the strength and features that it portrays. So neither is carrying it and nor storing it is a problem. It is the perfect table of convenience whether to eat or store food items when you are cooking outdoors. It is also available in a range of attractive colors to woo the user and add a dash of spark and color in your overall camping gear.

  • Very simple to put together, even a child can do so comfortably
  • Convenient carry bag to store the table when not in use
  • Sturdy aluminum frame complemented by equally durable and heat resistant countertop.
  • Extremely compact and makes it ideal for compact
  • That said the countertop can get scratched quite easily and this can significantly impact the overall look.

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4. Camp Time Roll-A-Table – Seating Capacity For Four

The Camp Time is one of the most convenient options when you are looking for the best camping table. There is absolutely nothing flashy about it, but there is absolutely nothing you can fault it with either.Camp Time Roll-A-Table It is one of those convenient spots where you can easily drop your luggage after a tired day or warm your food.

This is an extremely sturdy table that you can easily set up in a matter of minutes. Despite the lightweight structure, it is rather durable and promises to offer you optimum storage area and working space.

This is also an extremely portable table that almost flattens out and makes for easy travel whether you want to pack it in your car boot or in your RV. In many ways, you can also call this 4-seater table rather compact and extremely versatile.

  • Lasts for a very long time and require zero maintenance from users
  • Extremely stable irrespective of the surface where you place it
  • Easy to set up and very convenient to pack
  • Structure designed for maximum user convenience
  • Portable table
  • This is one of those unique products that do not have any 1 or 2 star rating. The lowest is 3-star. The primary concern is that it is not as lightweight as the expected it. But given the degree of stability it offers, it needs that much weight.

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5. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table – Aluminum X Frame

The Aluminum-frame ALPS Mountaineering is also one of the primary contenders for the best camping table title.ALPS Mountaineering 8351000 Dining Table It is a convenient mix of practical and a useful consumer-oriented product that is primarily focused on providing maximum comfort to its users.

The Aluminum frame ensures maximum stability despite the lightweight body. There are no disturbing side supports in this table and offers the user maximum comfort and leg space. Additionally, the table top and the frame complement the ease of use concept that is the main driving force in the overall construct of the table.

It is rather convenient to set up and quite easy to pack. Given the size, this can easily fit in your car or campervan making it a necessity in practically an outdoor event. The dimension of the table makes it appropriate for all types of group activity. In fact, the sturdy design makes it a convenient option for even regular use in the backyard apart from camping trips.

  • Extremely convenient and a very compact camping table that is very simple to set up as well
  • Sturdy storage bag adds to the convenience of the users
  • Lightweight and portable but durable if used properly
  •  A functional table that serves the purpose of an elevated workspace in a campsite
  • Inconsistencies in the quality of the plastic parts used in this table. There are select user reviews that indicate that these are coming off
  • The Aluminum slats on top do not fit in perfectly.

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Tips For Buying The Best Camping Table

Therefore you can understand that you have to pay attention to a whole lot of factors before you can decide on the best camping table for you. However, the trick to getting the best bargain is in-depth research. That alone can arm you with the necessary know-how which will help you in your decision-making process. Here are some of the most important factors that you must consider before buying any camping table. It always helps to also check with veterans for a better understanding of the ground realities


Portability is one of the biggest requirements when you are deciding on the best camping table. Whether it is folding or circular, it needs to always fold into a compact form to ensure that it easily fits into the car boot or the camper roof. Remember when it comes to choosing the camping gear, it is very important to go for options that can be carried easily across the country wherever you are deciding to camp. This will ensure that the table can be carried practically anywhere. Often this is what makes them the best bets that you want to invest in.


Durability is the middle name for any great quality camping gear. Remember you will be outdoors and dealing with a challenging environment. In that condition, it is very imperative to make sure that you go for options that are sturdy and do not give in too easily. Most times, these tables have to carry a lot of weight in one go. So if you select a weakly constructed table, you may get it cheaper, but at the same time, there is always the risk of it breaking down in the middle of your trip. This can cause a lot of inconvenience to the user.


But durable does not have to be bulky. In fact, if you see the best camping tables are always lightweight. This also goes a long way in making them portable and easy to carry. They will also fold into a compact design a lot easily and help you carry it in a hassle-free manner practically anywhere that you like. Lightweight also means you can allocate this responsibility to anyone in the camping trip. That also helps in uniform distribution of labor.


Last but not the least, when you want to decide on the best camping table, it is crucial to consider the purpose for which you need the camping table. This is because different purposes need tables of different strength. You may need a very lightweight one for just eating. But if you want to store luggage or sleep on it, it has to be sturdier. So when you are deciding on a camping table, pay careful attention to all these factors and then take a call based on these requirements. That will help you narrow down your choices to the most relevant options.


So, we can conclude the best camping table is deeply dependent on the individual requirement and specific objective. If it is only for eating, people may opt for a lightweight one, but if you plan to keep your stuff and make it your temporary working table, it has to be a lot sturdier. It needs to be strong enough to withstand all the loan that you intend to put on it. But the price or the budget that you want to limit your buy within is crucial. That will enable you to make a meaningful investment and buy useful camping gear.

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