Best Camping Pillow – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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camping pillowYou may think that a peaceful sleep is a tall ask at a camping trip, but a comfortable pillow can make the task a lot easier. But often the question is, how will you decide on the best camping pillow? There are many factors that influence your choice from build to feel and also the overall comfort factor. When you are out in the woods, it is important to look for options that are easy to carry and convenient to use. The duration and location of your camping trip are also important in helping you decide the right option.

Individual preferences also play a large role in this. Some may prefer options that are easy to carry while others may be keen on comfort more than anything. Versatility can be also a factor to consider. Is the camping pillow that you are buying only good for outdoor trips or does it have other use too? Some may like options that can also be used in the backyard or in the car seat. The relative age of the campers also plays a role in looking at the most useful and value for money options that are available.

We decided to help you in your search for the best camping pillow. Here is a short list of some of the most comfortable ones that are also extremely convenient to carry and affordable. We have taken into consideration a variety of factors like build quality, reliability, texture, and the overall feel. The size and versatility of the camping pillow are also put to test to make sure that we offer you some of the best value buys that last a long time without compromising on either your comfort or convenience. Here is our list of the top 5 options that can well be the best camping pillow.

1. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping – Drawstring & Cord Lock

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

This is an ultra-light washable option that is undeniably one of the best camping pillows. The advantage of this pillow is that it is also an ultra-compressible pillow.Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping That means, it is a super compressible option that can easily make any travel plan significantly lightweight and easy to plan. The compact design also deserves a special mention. This makes it possible to pack it easily in a backpack or a duffle bag or even a suitcase.

The foam filling in this pillow packs down really smooth and small and that makes it an ideal companion for any road-trip, camping or backpacking plans or just airplane trips. The foam-filling in this pillow needs special mention. It can easily expand into a pillow that is almost 4-inch thick. That is a type of dimension that makes it ideal for your neck and back as well as your head. You can easily carry these in your cars and tents and in a matter of minutes, they can be the reason why you have a comfortable trip.

This camping pillow is specially equipped with a drawstring and cord lock. This means, you can keep this pillow secure and comfortable quite easily when not in use. This lock also ensures that the pillow remains compressed without occupying additional space. The brushed polyester fabric also deserves mention. It rubs soft and comfortable against the skin and does not result in any rashes. The sleep quality is also enhanced significantly due to the comfort of the fabric. Check Price.

  • Very comfortable and significantly enhances sleep quality
  • Provides adequate lumbar and back support
  • Extremely compressible and easy to carry on camping or a backpacking trip
  • Versatile and extremely flexible on multiple occasions
  • Packs up into a really small sized parcel
  • Great foam quality that enhances the sleep experience
  • The quality of packaging was inconsistent and there were some complaints about the same
  • The stuffing in the pillow is lumpy in some cases and that can interfere with the comfort element to a large extent.
  • There are inconsistencies in terms of the foam quality as well.
  • The pillows need considerable time to fluff up and that can be a point of concern when you are traveling

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2. WellaX Ultralight Camping Pillow – Neck & Lumbar Support

If comfort, efficiency, and reliability are what you are looking for, The Wellax Ultralight is undeniably one of the best camping pillows. It is versatile and multi-functional.Ultralight Camping Pillow Be it a long drive in the car or a tedious flight or even a camping trip, this is a kind of pillow that you can always count on without fail. This ultra-light pillow is ideal in terms of its dimension and compressibility too. You can easily pack it into a really small packet and tuck it in your backpack without any problem.

This is one of those pillows that are extremely simple to inflate and deflate. It comes equipped with a double-decked air valve and you have to just twist open the top portion. The two-way valve also helps in reducing potential leakage and works towards ensuring a good night’s sleep for you.

The slip-resistant material at the back of this pillow is another big advantage. This makes the pillow relatively stable despite the bed quality. It means that the pillow will not slide unnecessarily through your sleep and you can quite easily keep it at a comfortable position as per your convenience.

This pillow is also ergonomically designed. That means it provides additional support to your back and neck when you are resting against this. It is not just important for guaranteeing better sleep but also avoids unwanted muscle pull and all such types of unwanted travel related painful experiences. Check Price.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry over a long distance
  • Inflating and deflating this does not take up a lot of time or effort
  • Useful for those with arthritic neck and helps them in getting adequate support during long travel periods.
  • Does not take up too much space when you are out on a camping trip
  • Multipurpose and a flexible camping pillow
  • Inconsistency in overall quality. Some of the posts indicate that users could not take advantage of its benefits for a sustainable period. There were quite a few instances of air leakage.
  • Durability is not its best feature and does not last for too long.

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3. Camping and Travel Pillow – Compressible Stuff Sack

These are specially handcrafted memory foam variants that are undeniably one of the best camping pillows available at the moment. This memory foam pillow can be easily carried to just about any backpacking trip or camping expedition.Camping and Travel Pillow The breathable fabric enhances the overall comfort factor to a large extent and makes it a comfortable option in any type of terrain or weather.

This one comes equipped with a compressible stuff sack. This makes sure that you can easily compress the pillow to the desired thickness to ensure that you can pack it as per your convenience and comfort. The compact design of this pillow is further boosted by its durable composition. That helps it maintain a loyal line of users who are constantly on the lookout for value buys in an affordable range.

The top order luxury memory pillow makes it almost as comfortable as your home pillows. This also plays a crucial part in keeping the demand for this pillow buzzing. It is also resistant to dust-mite and hypoallergenic. That makes it a much safer option for those who tend to develop skin rashes and other complications via contact. Check Price.

  • Extremely comfortable that actually offers you home like comfort in a camp
  • Superior build quality creates a much better scope for sustainability and reliability for an extended period
  • Easy to wash and comes with medium-level firmness ideal for a wide variety of usages
  • Not easy to deflate and usually the whole process is relatively time-consuming.
  • Slightly heavy for backpackers as it occupies double the air when fully inflated
  • Relatively expensive compared to many other functional and low-priced quality option

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4. Portable Memory Foam Camping Pillow – Super Soft Velour Cover

When you are looking for the best camping pillow, it is impossible to miss this one. It is lightweight, easy to pack and carry but most importantly, it is known for its memory foam. This pillow is made of medical grade foam that is known to retain the shape as well as provide superior support.Portable Memory Foam Camping You can toss it around as much as you choose to, but this one is unlikely to become flat.

Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust mite-resistant. That means you are fully protected from any type of medical condition that can spread via contact. Also when you are out camping, susceptibility to dust mite is a lot higher. So here is your best bet to protect you against these.

The extra soft Velour Cover is another interesting feature. It is washable and easy to remove or put on. That means access is much easier ensuring much better cleaning and maintenance. It is also breathable and can help wick away perspiration. That means it does enhance your overall comfort factor too.

This is an extremely versatile camping pillow that has decided features that improve the convenience element. Remember, that is an important factor when you are out in the wilderness camping for days together. Check Price.

  • Improved ergonomic design enhances sleep quality to a large extent
  • Compact pillow and travels really well for the different range of users
  • Easy to wash using regular detergent.
  • The memory foam goes a long way in ensuring lasting user satisfaction
  • Versatile and extremely durable in a wide range of scenario
  • The relative resistance is much larger and can be a big problem for light sleepers
  • Does not adapt to the changing head sizes or shapes and therefore makes for poor sleep in some cases
  • Lumbar support at the back is not up to expectation

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5. Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium – Curved Internal Baffles To Cradle Head

Ingenious and innovative are some of the adjectives that you can use to describe the Sea to Summit product. Steeped in a strong legacy of quality products, these are undeniably one of the best camping pillow available at the moment.Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow The brushed polyester is soft and extremely sturdy. The 50D composition translates into a soft and soothing feeling when you go to sleep.

Inflating this camping pillow is not at all a tall ask. You can blow it up in just a few breaths. The multi-functional valve ensures easy inflating and deflating mechanism, and you can set up this pillow in a matter of seconds. The synthetic fill in this pillow needs a particular mention. This enhances the overall comfort and helps in drying the perspiration. So if you are camping in particularly hot weather, this is the type of pillow that will no doubt keep you cool and comfortable despite the heat.

The comfort factor is also boosted as a result of the curved internal baffles. They help create contours that enable easy cradling of the head. As a result, you can comfortably sleep in any position and the pillow adjusts to your position in a jiffy. What makes the deal even sweeter is that you get these two sizes, making it perfect for those who tend to move in their sleep. Check Price.

  • Size adequate for average users across the board
  • Space saving solution making it ideal for most outdoor trips
  • Easy to inflate and deflate the pillow in a matter of few breaths
  • Can adapt to different user profiles rather easily
  • The lining is not too sturdy, and it tends to tear off easily. That can often undermine the overall user experience to a large extent.
  • Inconsistency in quality of the pillow with some users posting instances of leakage

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Tips For Buying The Best Camping Pillow

So you can pretty well understand that there are various parameters involved when you are deciding on the best camping pillow.

  • Size: When you are camping, the size of the pillow is crucial. It cannot be too cumbersome and huge, but at the same time, a very small one will also not serve the purpose. It should not be too small as the head will not be comfortable otherwise. Also more than the actual size, it is important to consider, what size this pillow blows up to. Your ultimate comfort will closely depend on this final size.
  • Design: The design is equally important. This is because the pillow should blow up in a way that it provides appropriate comfort to head, neck and the overall lumbar region. Therefore when you are shopping for the best camping pillow, make sure this is ergonomically designed. That is what will ultimately create the comfort factor and guarantee you a peaceful night’s sleep. The whole sense of feeling rested and waking up completely rejuvenated often depends on how comfortable your sleep was. This is where the design plays a crucial role.
  • Fabric: When you are considering the best camping pillow, the fabric is also very important. That is what will help you extend the benefit of the design to the ultimate user. The material needs to be comfortable on the skin, and at the same time, it needs to be an easy to clean option. The durability is also a matter of concern. After all, I am sure, you do not want to go and buy a new pillow for every trip.

Again on the same lines, you will neither be keen about ending up with one which will result in skin issues. There are many dirt-mite resistant, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic materials that you can choose from for greater comfort and convenience. Brushed polyester is one of the best options in this context, guaranteeing maximum comfort to the users for an extended period.

  • Foam Quality: There are various types of foams available at varying price range. It is very important to choose ones that are reliable and guarantee long-term comfort to the user. Some foams may be significantly cheaper than others but they may not last for long, and you end up replacing them every now and then.
  • Ease Of Travel: It is very important to understand how compressible your camping pillow is. This is because the pillow needs to pack well. You may get the size and dimension of your choice but if the pillow does not fit your camping bag, then it is of no use. Also, the way you can blow up the camping pillow is something worth considering. If you have to carry a heavy pump just to blow a lightweight pillow, it is of no use at all. So the best camping pillow is undeniably the one that is easily compressible and easy to assemble.


In case you are still confused about how to select the best camping pillow, simply go through this list of options that we have created. This is a ready guide on not just some of the top offerings but also gives you a ringside view on the various features that you must consider to ensure a value buy.

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