Best Camping Knife – Top 5 Rated For 2020

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best camping knifeWhen you go out on a camping trip there are some necessities that you have to take care of. The camping knife is one such example. From chopping the veggies for your meal to fixing your tent, knives are essential for a variety of reasons. But camping invariably means traveling light, so it is not possible to carry different knives for different purposes. The best bet is to go for one versatile knife that can pretty much solve any problem for you.

The most important question then is how do you decide on the best camping knife? After all, buying such a multipurpose knife may not be as easy as you think it will be. You will have to take many aspects into consideration and then take a call on the most productive one. Moreover, whatever you decide on must fit into the budget that you set aside for the knife.

So, the bottom line is buying a knife is not just time-consuming but also an ardent uphill task. After all, once you are outdoors, you do not have the luxury to look for another option. You have to make do with whatever is available and work around that. You have to also make sure that it is not a fragile one which can easily break. Essentially you are going to need a well built one which is also high on convenience and versatility and dependable for any need through your camping trip.

We, therefore, decided to help you cut down your effort significantly by creating this list of the top options that you can refer to and decide from. These are not just multifunctional alternatives, but also some of the most value-embedded buys. These will help you optimize the amount you invest in buying it and maximize the service that you get from it.

1. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Camping Knife – Ergonomic Grip Reduces Slippage

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

If you are looking for the best camping knife, it is hard to give a pass to the Gerber Bear Grylls. This half serrated knife made of high carbon stainless steel knife is all about durability, quality, and a superior finish.Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife In fact, it is one of those flagship products that truly highlights Gerber’s genius and ingenuity. This is a clear winner when you challenge boundaries. This is primarily a fixed point, fine edge knife but the additional innovative features make it an absolutely indispensable one when you are outdoors. It also includes a fire starter, a sharpener in the sheath, a pommel and an emergency whistle on lanyard.

Measuring about 10 inches, this is not an extraordinarily heavy knife. The unique design is primarily adapted to help you adjust to any kind of unpleasant and challenging situation on a camping trip. The dependable stainless steel blade and the serrated edge add to its functionality. The military-grade nylon sheath that comes with it adds to the security element of the knife. It is made of a lightweight material and is both functional as well as easy to handle.

It is not just sharp and durable, but also extremely versatile. The blade is 4.75 inches long and features a full-tang construction. Needless to mention, it gives the users an absolute edge over most. The design is crafted for survival and offers users every kind of convenience to the users when they are out in the wilderness. The handle offers a rubberized grip that is extremely important to avoid potential slippage.

The pommel that comes with the handle is also quite useful outdoors. It can be easily deployed for hammering or pounding, and the lanyard cord to helps you in keeping track of the knife. So, all in all, it is all about optimum service and maximum utility. In fact, this knife has been crafted for balanced and pointed use.

  • A solid, dependable knife that can be used over a long period
  • Low-cost functional knife, high on utility aspects
  • Features uniquely designed for maximizing user comfort to the hilt
  • Sharp edge enables efficiency in most situations
  • Sturdy and multi-functional knife
  • Inconsistencies in the quality of the sheath. There are few user reviews that indicate that the inner lining started coming in less than a week

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2. TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Folding Knife – Includes Bottle Opener

The TAC Force TF-705 is a tactical folding knife and amongst the best camping knives, you can lay your hands on. It comes with a sharp 3-millimeter thick half-serrated stainless steel blade and the length when closed is a tad over 4 inches.TAC Force TF-705GY-MC TF-705Gy Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife This is the type of knife that has convenience etched in every point and easily facilitates 1-hand deployment. This knife is high on comfort and convenience and enables a safe and secure operation technique. The advanced liner lock ensures that your safety is not compromised at any point when you are operating this knife.

The handle of this knife is made of aluminum and boasts of sturdy and durable construction. Additionally, this also includes several items of user convenience like a bottle opener, screwdriver, and a glass breaker. So whether you want to break open an emergency window, tighten a loose nut or open a bottle of beer, you don’t have to think too much about how and where to organize gear. Just this knife is sufficient. Additionally, it comes with a safety pocket clip that adds to the convenience and also the security aspect.

  • A sharp pointed and sleek knife that is also very convenient to carry
  • Relatively durable and long lasting knife with a distinct edge
  • Serves an array of purpose like cutting, chipping, camping and a lot more
  • Functional knife but you have to adapt to its ways for best results
  • Easy to open and close and safe to store while traveling and otherwise too
  • Value buy along with an array of additional features that promises to optimize the value of every cent you invest in it
  • However, when you use this knife for an extended period, small problems begin to surface like the lock not closing properly after a year of use

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3. Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife – Dual Sided Thumbstud

If you are keen about a compact, handy and functional survival knife, the Gerber Bear Grylls is surely one of the best camping knives to go for.Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife Along with a proven track record of distinct quality and great performance, this knife comes with the trademark Gerber assurance of quality and efficiency. Not only is this company one of the veterans in carving out high-quality camping knives, but also champions in the sector of affordable, versatile and dependable knives that promise maximum value for money. These are traditionally amongst the best bets when you are face to face with a challenging environment.

This knife has a compact blade that is also foldable. The half serrated high carbon stainless steel blade coupled with the dual-sided thumb stud and the ergonomic textured rubber grip is high on performance, efficiency and low on user risks and slippages. The overall length of the knife is less than 9 inches and about 5 inches when folded and closed.

The folded knife comes safely ensconced in a sheath, and that makes it a portable option with easy storage facility. The dual-sided thumb stud also enhances the ease of operation and makes single hand operation a possibility. The half serrated design is also important and ideal for edge retention.

The knife sheath is made of military-grade nylon and promises much better protection and security. This makes the knife undeniably durable and long lasting and a value buy on the basis of the return-reward ratio. This also enhances the portability element of this lightweight knife and makes it a rather secure option to carry for your camping trips. The lock back features further improves the safety element. This is what locks the blade in place while it’s open. So the chances of slippages are reduced even further.

The handle of this knife is made of aluminum and boasts of sturdy and durable construction. Additionally, this also includes several items of user convenience like a bottle opener, screwdriver, and a glass breaker. So whether you want to break open an emergency window, tighten a loose nut or open a bottle of beer, you don’t have to think too much about how and where to organize gear. Just this knife is sufficient. Additionally, it comes with a safety pocket clip that adds to the convenience and also the security aspect.

  • One of the most functional and durable options
  • The blade is thick but not very bulky and the half serrated design enhances the sharpness
  • A tough, dependable and versatile knife that can be used for practically any type of cutting job at the campsite
  • The nylon sheath superior in terms of build quality and material and offers significantly better protection to the knife and its users
  • The rubberized grip cuts down user fatigue and enhances the efficiency of the knife
  • Inconsistencies are seen in the blade quality with a few users highlighting the effort required to cut even simple cardboard. The user reviews suggest that in certain cases the blade is extremely weak and does not serve the purpose as well as it is supposed to.

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4. MTECH USA MT-086 Series Fixed Blade Camping Knife – Straight Edge Black Stainless Steel Blade

As compared to the previous half serrated options, this is a straight edge blade with a distinctly sharp efficiency rate. Perhaps that is the key reason which makes the MTech USA Fixed Blade Hunting Knife one of the best camping knives you could opt for.MTECH USA MT-086 Fixed Blade Hunting Knife A relatively longer option than most other contenders in this list, this one measures more than 12 inches overall.

However, the length adds to its efficiency more than impeding its sharpness. The ABS handle with its unique wing walk inserts ensures a much stronger grip than you may have expected and ensures proper functioning even in the wettest of conditions. In many ways, this is what makes it such a great camping knife.

The pricing of these knives is crucial too. These are very competitively priced offering users a lot more flexibility in choosing what they are most convinced about. The relative affordability also enhances the charm of this knife. Whether you are in the countryside or a survival training camp, this is an extremely dependable option in every situation.

This fixed blade knife is made of high-grade stainless steel and comes with a secure nylon sheath. Needless to mention that this makes the overall knife relatively simpler to carry and easy to operate in any type of situation that the user may come face to face with.

  • An affordable knife that is packed with features. At the price that you get it, it is hard to find a better option with as many features.
  • The grip and finger grooves work extremely well in preventing slippages. However, you have to get a hang of these initially.
  • One of the largest blade in the low-cost knife segment
  • Durable, lightweight and extremely function and this aids to serve a variety of purpose
  • There are select user reviews that indicate that the blade quality may be subpar and possibly chip when used repeatedly over a point of time. The company may do well in looking into these issues.

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5. Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife – Corrosion Resistant

If you are looking for a perfect balance of style, convenience, performance, and value-oriented service, this is one of the best camping knives that you may go for.Spring Assisted Knife - Pocket Folding Edc Knife The Grand Way Spring Assisted knife is not just about great efficiency or features, but it is also amongst the most affordable knives that come with a 10-year warranty and a 100% money back guarantee. So if you are planning for a value buy, there are very few that measure up to this one.

This is one of those tactical knives that are almost perfect for any type of activity you use it for. So whether it is hiking on your mind or camping, bush crafting or hunting, fishing, cooking the catch of the day or even emergencies like self-defense, this is one of the most reliable options to go with.

But efficiency is not its only strong point. This knife is also one of the safest and securely locked ones. The simple and the reliable liner-lock is dirt resistant and ensures that there is no unexpected closure. The thumb studs facilitate the left and right-hand use to a large degree.

The stainless steel blade coated black also deserves a distinctive mention. It gives you a fine balance between firm support and corrosion resistant features. It provides definitely top-grade sharpness and yet ensures extreme durability and support. The ergonomic handle also goes on to enhance the comfort factor associated with this knife.

  • A secure knife courtesy the pocket clip. This also makes the knife portable
  • Very sharp and with a distinctly durable blade quality
  • Opens up rather fast when you get used to its mechanism thereby making it most appropriate for sudden emergencies
  • Inconsistencies noticed in the overall knife quality
  • Customer service’s response far from satisfactory

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Tips For Buying The Best Camping Knife

You can, therefore, fathom that choosing the best camping knife is no child’s play. You have to simultaneously pay attention to a variety of factors that ensure you get a value buy which is high on both efficiency and safety. Of course, the final objective will be crucial in choosing the key parameters of the knife, but there are some unique features that you need to keep in mind at all times to ensure that the basic functionality and reliability of a camping knife.

Size of the Blade

The size of the blade is crucial in determining the efficiency of the blade. Whether you need it for fine cutting or heavy duty chopping, the varying blade size and the thickness will determine the type of blade that you are most comfortable with. The degree of cutting and depth of the cuts that you need totally defines your perspective in terms of what is the best camping knife.

Extent of Serration

The serration in the knife is the most important decider of the efficiency of the knife. So if you are likely to use it more for cutting fibrous stuff, ropes or a lot of netting products, the level of serration is most important. But in comparison, sharpening the serrated knife is not so simple. But in comparison, a plain edge knife is a much easier option to sharp. This has a typically more versatile knife and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The half serrated ones are more versatile in this regard.


Therefore, the choice of the best camping knife has to be one that beautifully balances out efficiency and versatility. The type of steel blade that the knife is made of also impacts the overall durability of the knife. This, in many ways, determines the reliability of the knife. It needs to be multifunctional and at the same time secure to operate and safe to carry. Portability is a huge consideration whenever you are looking for a great survival knife for your next camping trip.

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