Smallest 4 Stroke Generator to Buy for 2022

Smallest 4-Stroke Generator

The smallest 4 stroke generator is quieter, incredibly durable, and offers a more efficient operation compared to 2 stroke inverter generators. So how do these two engine types differ? What’s the leading 4 stroke inverter generator on the market? Can a 4 stroke really provide a more reliable performance compared to 2 stroke models? The … Read more

Smallest Generator with Electric Start – 2022

Smallest Generator with Electric Start

The smallest generator with electric start is primarily designed for ease of use, features low maintenance needs and offers a lightweight, compact design that makes it easy to transport. These smaller generators may have a more compact design compared to competing models, but many have a higher than average voltage rating and runtime. The smallest … Read more

Will a Portable Generator Work After An EMP Strike or Solar Storm?

Will Portable Generator Work After EMP Strike

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. An EMP can instantly destroy electronic devices by short-circuiting them. An EMP attack can occur from a nuclear strike, without warning. So, what can you do to prepare for this type of attack? Will a portable generator work after an EMP? These generators actually can still function after an EMP attack, … Read more